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He Touched Me

4.6 / 5

Words & Music: Bill Gaither

Shackled by a heavy burden
Need the Lord again and shame
Then the hand of Jesus touched me
And now I am no longer the same

For He touched me, He touched me
He touched me and what a wonderful joy
What wonderful joy that foods my soul
Something happened and now I know
He touched me and made me whole

Oh since I met this blessed Savior
And since he cleaned and me me whole
Oh I never cease, never cease to prise Him
I'll shout it while eternity rolls

Oh He touched me, oh He touched me
And oh what a joy that floods my soul
Something happened and now I know
He touched me and made me whole

Recordingdate: 1971/05/18, first released on: single (album)


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dgirl wrote on June 18, 2009
Very good performance on this song but it suffers from poor production. When I bought this LP in 1972, I thought a 5 year old was behind the mixing board. Awful sound on good songs.
JLpResLey wrote on August 19, 2009
I love it, one of Elvis´ greatest gospel songs. Both Elvis and The Imperials sounds great. As for the album, I think it´s a bit overlooked. To me, it´s as good as the phenomenal How Great Thou Art album
Elvis Rimes wrote on August 19, 2009
Superb vocals but production lets it down. It is truly inspirational though, Elvis' vocals are sublime.
pasa-ryu wrote on August 19, 2009
awsome gospel song from Elvis!-sung from the heart,(nobody can or still cant sing gospel music quite like he did)..this album in 1972 won a grammy award and deseverd to do so,a classic album and a must have for those who believe in the Lord Jesus.(as Elvis did)..you really 'feel' his emotion in the performance of the song and it is obviously sung with real 'convinction' and he meant every word that he sung in the song..i also think this album is underrated and compared the the 'He Touched Me' album is as good as the HGTA 1967 album..maybe not 'better' but just as good?-it was a gospel album that was 'ahead of his time' and practicaly invented what is now known as "contempary christian music",as this album das a mix of both black gopel and white southern gospel with a blend of pop and country.(Elvis also happens to be the only artist in history to be inducted in the both the gospel music hall of fame,the country music hall of fame and the pop music hall of fame-aswell as won 'awards' for each of these various music styles)..An amazing echeivement from Elvis!!!(funny how he never won any grammy awards for his po/rock music)
derekd wrote on August 19, 2009
Another great gospel recording from Elvis. When Elvis went into the recording studios to record any of his gospel songs he really gave it 100%. Great to relax on a Sunday morning and listen to any of the tracks from He Touch Me, His Hand In Mine, How Great Thou Art etc.
Deano1 wrote on April 15, 2010
Beautifully sung gospel number with Elvis and The Imperials combining their voices perfectly. The production on this album is a little off for some reason (a little garbled sounding) and it is puzzling. Other songs recorded in '71 that appeared on singles and albums ("Elvis Now" and "The Wonderful World Of Christmas" in particular) have a good crisp sound.
Monster wrote on April 15, 2010
One of my favourite gospel songs from the king. Wonderful ruch voices in the chorus and heartbreakingly plaintive singing in the verses and stunning big notes at the end - everything you want in a seventies Elvis song! :) Simply beautiful. I don't think I've ever listened to this without getting caught up in it and singing along.
shoesuedeblues wrote on April 15, 2010
Excellent song, Elvis sang these gospel songs so well.
Steve V wrote on January 20, 2011
Great song, poor production. Felton what happened with these sessions?
yankee1104 wrote on January 20, 2011
Absolutely love this song! He is one of the great gospel singers of all time and I think this song proves it. Would have loved to seen what he could have done on a gospel tour which was rumored to have happen.
efan4ever wrote on July 08, 2012
This is a awesome gospel song. I too think Elvis wanted to do an all Gospel tour. He wanted JD to stop by because he wanted to talk about something important. However JD want able to make it before Jesus called Elvis Home.
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 28, 2012
This is such a beautiful gospel song and Elvis' rendition of it was spectacular. The best gospel music will definitely always be Elvis' gospel music. Also, no one will ever be able to sing gospel songs as well as Elvis sang them.
Gorse wrote on December 28, 2012
A gospel number that really engulfed Elvis as seen by the passion and soul he emitted when singing it. Other than the odd one or two he always knew how to deliver on gospel songs.
sugartummy wrote on March 11, 2013
Too bad his Christian believe could not save him. A great song, sung with pure conviction.
bk wrote on April 25, 2017
This song is great encouragement and Sung wonderful by E.P.. His Christian belief definitely Saved him !
Cruiser621 wrote on April 25, 2017
Dynamic performance. One of my favorite gospel numbers by Mr. Presley. Some of the songs on the actual album lack for lack of a better word as to performance, but this one is great.
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