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Early Morning Rain

4.5 / 5

Words & Music: Gordon Lightfoot

In the early mornin' rain
With a dollar in my hand
And an aching in my heart
And my -pockets full of sand
I'm a long ways from home
And I missed my loved one so
In the early mornin' rain
With no place to go

Out on runway number nine
Big 707 set to go
Well I’m out here on the grass
Where the pavement never grows
Where the liquor tasted good
And the women all were fast
There she goes my friend
She's rolling out at last

Hear the mighty engines roar
See the silver wing on high
She's away and westward bound
For above the clouds she flies
Where the mornin' rain don't fall
And the sun always shines
She'll be flying over my home
In about three hours time

This ol' airport’s got me down
It's no earthly good to me
'Cause I’m stuck here on the ground
Cold and drunk as I might be
Can't jump a jet plane
Like you can a freight train
So I best be on my way
In the early mornin' rain
So I best be on my way
In the early mornin' rain
So I best be on my way
In the early mornin' rain

Recordingdate: 1971/03/15, first released on: Elvis Now (album)


Musicians who contributed to the first recording of Early Morning Rain:




*Orchestra, overdubs


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ElvisDayByDay wrote on April 26, 2008
This "John Wilkinson" signature song is one of the better country songs Elvis recorded, it has that "country feeling".
old shep wrote on May 30, 2008
Canadian folk legend Gordon Lightfoot, has written some brilliant songs and this is one of his finest.Elvis changed the song somewhat to make it sound more mello, more infact of a country song, which is good as it works well.
My boy, my boy wrote on June 14, 2008
Great Canadian artist and songwriter. Elvis's version is a lot different from Gordon's although I like'em both. I wish Elvis could have also recorded Gordon's song "If you could read my mind" which is by far one of the most beautiful melody ever...
Natha wrote on June 14, 2008
One of those country songs that I appreciated more and more as time progressed. While listening you get the feeling to be there and share the emotion, as it almost seems like it is casually recorded 'out there on the grass'.
Steve Morse wrote on June 14, 2008
I like the studio version but on both that, and in the live recordings (which I'm not too keen on), Elvis sang the song in too low a key and is unable to properly sing the lowest notes. This has always puzzled me and the same applies to And I Love You So.
marty wrote on June 14, 2008
A folk/country song by Gordon Lightfoot, one of the best songwriters of the time. He also wrote '(That's What You Get) For Loving Me' that Elvis recorded at the same session in '71. Elvis recorded a few folk oriented songs during that period ('70-'72) and he does a good job with them. He always changes them enough to make them unmistakably his, but they still have a folk 'feel'. It's a pity that Elvis never did record concept albums, a folk album would have been a good idea and 'Early Morning Rain' would be one of the highlights!
Rob Wanders wrote on June 14, 2008
great song, also loved by my not-Elvis-minded friends. A pity that the live-versions are a bit short though.
OtisBlue22 wrote on June 14, 2008
The Elvis In Concert (1977) version is beautiful. Just Elvis and Wilkinson's rhythm guitar. So intimate, it transcends the packed arena setting.
Steve V wrote on June 14, 2008
Nice version. Lightfoot is one of my all time favorites. Wish Elvis would have recorded more of his songs & folk music in general and stayed away from things like My Way, Padre, etc..
bajo wrote on June 14, 2008
It's pity Elvis didn't go all the way through with a "Rythm & Folk" album back in '71. When you hear the approach he took to Early Morning Rain and Don't Think Twice it's a pity a complete album was never achieved! The version on the recent I Sing All Kinds is also a beautiful rendition of this song! An album filled with real versions of Don't Think Twice, I Shall Be Released added to For Lovin' Me, Early Morning Rain including like Help Me Make It Through The Night and more recordings in the same vein might have proven a great follow up to the previous studio albums of 1970. He was in good voice in the above mentioned.
Clambake67 wrote on June 14, 2008
great version by Elvis and always reminds me of boarding the "Lisa Marie" airplane at Graceland because they play this in the boarding area.
PRESYER wrote on June 14, 2008
One of my great favorites ever!
theoldscudder wrote on June 15, 2008
A fine version of this nice song.
Elvisonmymind wrote on July 24, 2008
Elvis and John Wilkinson at their best!
JerryNodak wrote on September 21, 2008
A great track on an okay album. A single that wasn't, but should have been. Love this song!
shoesuedeblues wrote on January 14, 2010
A gem of a song, may have been a good choice for a single had Elvis recorded it in the 1960s
Deano1 wrote on March 05, 2010
One of the better tunes from the "Elvis Now" LP. If the album had continued in the vein of this song, it would have been much better (who picked out the line-up of songs? was a dartboard used?) An album with this song, "For Lovin' Me", "Don't Think Twice", "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" added to five more songs that are on the album "We Can Make The Morning" "Until It's Time For You To Go", "Put Your Hand In The Hand", "Fools Rush In" and "Help Me Make It Through The Night", make this LP have more direction. Add in the ballads from '71 with Elvis at the piano ("It's Still Here", "I Will Be True" and "I'll Take You Home, Kathleen") and you have a real "Elvis Now" album.
Gorse wrote on November 30, 2012
A recording that seems to float along while driving with the sunroof down on a warm summer day. Yet another song that leaves one feeling in good spirits.
sugartummy wrote on March 02, 2013
The 1971 version is better then the Aloha version, but both are very good. The Lightfoot version is bad. Don't know where Elvis took his version from. Probably Peter, Paul & Mary.
Cruiser621 wrote on January 23, 2019
Ah yes, a 5-star song, which unfortunately is included on a real garbage album "Elvis Now". Too bad. The song itself is excellent; 5-stars for sure!
Milky White Way wrote on January 23, 2020
One of my all time favourite tracks by our boy. The studio 71 version is best but I like the 76-77 live versions due to Wilkinson’s incredibly beautiful guitar playing that gives the song some oomph! 5 stars
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