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RCA 100 The Best Of Ann Margret


RCA 100 The Best Of Ann Margret
Released: 2001/08/07 by RCA
This CD, released for RCA's 100th Anniversary, contains two unreleased takes of the duets with Elvis 'Lady Loves Me' (Take 9) and 'You're the Boss'

ElvisNews review

These CD's were released in the RCA 100 series celebrating 100 years of RCA Records. We added the Ann-Margret CD to the review of the Elvis Presley CD since it contains two special tracks with Elvis. The Elvis CD will be available for six months only.


The design of these CD's is part of a series. All CD's in this series have the same setup. The design is not really spectacular, but it has a certain stylish class. The booklet contains biographies on the (musical) careers of the artists. They are short, but too the point. The CD's are black with only the title of the series and the name of the artist on it.


The Elvis Presley CD is a short overview of his career. Starting with his first hit "That's All Right" and ending with his last hit, 'Moody Blue". The songs match the biography inside and cover his entire recording career from the fifties rock and roll, the sixties movie songs and the seventies stage performances. A nice collection, but nothing special.

The Ann-Margret CD is more special, especially to Elvis fans. This release contains two out-takes of the two songs she recorded with Elvis, "You're The Boss", no take given, and "The Lady Loves Me" take 9 (take 10 is the master). Ernst Jorgensen wasn't too happy with the release of these two out-takes in this series:

"I haven't heard the CD. The producer must have gotten back to the session reels, and without permission, just used the outtakes. The reason they sound so good, is that I recently acquired the original 3 track tapes of the two songs, and I'm very annoyed of this abuse. These should have come out on an Elvis CD, and not be used to force collectors into buying an Ann-Margret CD they may not want" (From the "Ask Ernst" section on the "For CD Collectors only Website").

Besides these "Elvis tracks" this CD is not too interesting, but it's nice to have a collection of hits from this lady.

Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on November 12, 2007
Watching her dance in viva las vegas is really a sight to behold, i saw this movie crossing the atlantic on the USS Buckner in 64, the GI were going wild.
Rating: 5 / 5