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Christmas Remixes


Christmas Remixes
Released: 2009/11 by Everness

The CD contains ten Elvis Presley's Christmas tracks carefully remixed by Agostino Carollo aka Spankox, producer of 'Re:Versions' and 'Re:Mixes', the only Elvis Presley Enterprises officially approved Elvis Presley's remix albums in history.

The songs feature new arrangements carefully orchestrated and played with huge respect for Elvis: all the tracks gain a 'new life' in these new versions, and Elvis's unique voice shines with a new and wonderful light. The sound of the newly remixed Elvis's tracks is phenomenal and absolutely 'state of the art' and has been praised also by Mike Stoller, the original Elvis Presley's producer and composer for Elvis of songs like 'Santa Claus Is Back In Town' and many others: 'It sounds great! - said Mike Stoller - I love the remix of 'Santa Claus Is Back In Town'. It's just right'.

'I'm a big Elvis fan since I was 5 years old - said Spankox - and I made this record first of all to honour Elvis as one of the greatest cultural influences of all time'.

All we can say is Santa will decide if Spankox has been good or bad :-)

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JimmyCool wrote on December 10, 2009
I just heard this CD... Spankox, please, PLEASE, leave it to he pro's...
Rating: 1 / 5