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The King: The Complete Singles Collection


The King: The Complete Singles Collection
Released: 2007/12/11 by SONY / BMG UK

Each of the 18 singles in this box comes as a ‘mini-vinyl’ replica card sleeves with an outer and inner bag. The outer bag features the original U.S. picture sleeve artwork, while the inner bag replicates a generic U.K. RCA single from the time of the original U.K. release. Rather than have the standard silver finish on the ‘playing’ side of the disc, each CD rear comes with a black finish, again to replicate a miniaturised version and the look of the original vinyl re

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stanton wrote on January 26, 2008
I have already bought your "just released and soon comming" item a few weeks ago, at media market for 5 Euro and some Eurocents. To make somebody a present. That is what I have to say to: "Just released and comming soon"! By the way - this is not the first product that is advertised on your page as "new" and I already have it in my shelf gathering dust since weeks.
Rating: 4 / 5
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on March 28, 2008
I have all these singles in my elvis collection as original 45 rpms with the covers, who needs these its just a false sence of gratification to somebody who need to give money to BMG for nothing New.
Rating: 1 / 5