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Almost In Love


Almost In Love
4.0 / 5
Released: 2006/04/26 by BMG Special Products
Re-release of classic Camden album.

ElvisNews review

In a continues series of re-releases BMG decided to re-release the Camden release “Almost In Love”. Did they stick to the original?


The cover has a big sticker claiming “original artwork”. When we compared it to our vinyl copy of this album we saw a different back cover. To keep it original, BMG could have decided to use the original cover, including the advertisement of other Camden releases for other artists, on the back side of the booklet to keep as close as possible to the original release. The same could be said for the inside of the booklet, in stead of two empty pages, why not print the original inner sleeve of the album with an overview of Elvis’ catalogue (at that time)?


The Camden releases always were a strange series. The song selection was very much different from the RCA (re) releases and an album would sometimes it contained a different take.

Occasionally something went wrong. This album has "Stay Away Joe" listed as track 10, but the actual song on the CD is ''Stay Away''. That was a mistake in the old days and later issues of the Camden LP actually corrected this by including "Stay Away", and so does this CD. How could this happen, why not have the people in charge of the Elvis catalogue check this? Let’s just say SONY / BMG decided to keep close to the original release for the cover :-)

As for the songs themselves, this compilation is actually a nice mixed bag with one with some good tracks. It contains the originals of the remix hits “Rubberneckin’” and “A Little Less Conversation” and the up-beat “Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)”. But it also contains more theatrical songs line “Edge Of Reality” and “Charro”. These songs have a totally different sound and feel. Add to this a ballad like “Almost In Love” and the bluesy “Clean Up Your Own Back Yard” and the mixed bag is complete.

The audio on this CD is very good. All tracks have been remastered (according to the sticker on the front), but since there are no liner notes we don’t know which technique was used.


Finally this original album release is available for all fans who want to complete Elvis original catalogue. A nice mixed bag to play again.


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moody blue wrote on May 05, 2007
brings back Fond memories of long off days of the 70s.The second elvis album i ever owned.Two points on the negative side though:Should of used uk cover and should of used stay away joe instead of stay away.That said ,had to have a cd version.
Rating: 4 / 5
Iron Man wrote on June 07, 2007
I preffer music over new covers, so I'll skip it BUT according to Ernst's book A Life In Music take 17 of Stay Away Joe was used on this album by mistake. A live take of the song, not the version where Elvis laid his vocal on the pre-recorded track. From this review I learn that there was never Stay Away Joe on this album back in those days. Who's right?
Rating: 3 / 5
JerryNodak wrote on July 22, 2007
Lots of fond memories on this album for me, too. One of the best of the Camden albums. The songs may not all be great, but they're certainly all listenable. I'm fine with "Stay Away" instead of "Stay Away, Joe."
Rating: 4 / 5
kingcreole4 wrote on November 28, 2008
I Loved this album when i was little as you couldn't find most of the songs on any other album. I've obviously got all the songs on cd now on other albums but couldn't help myself from buying this on cd. Great cd.
Rating: 5 / 5