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The Hits (Golden Records 2 - 50.000.000 Fans Can't Be Wrong)


The Hits (Golden Records 2 - 50.000.000 Fans Can't Be Wrong)
Released: 2005/08/23 by BMG
Limited Edition re-release with collector's slipcase of the original album.

ElvisNews review

Limited Edition re-release with collector's slipcase of the original album.


Released in the “The Hits” series by SONY (BMG) this classic album, with next to his first release perhaps the second most classic Elvis cover, gets a small make-over to fit the design of the series. With the original still in tact, this modern look may attract some of the newer fans.


After listening to some crappy audience recordings (life is hard for an ElvisNews editor) this re-release of Elvis' second greatest hits compilation is a real pleasure. Great songs in great sound… what Elvis does a fan need? The liner notes on the back describe it well “from the sexy R&B (ed. which was still real music back in those days) cuts “One Night” and “A Big Hunk O’ Love” to the gospel flavored ballad “My Whish Came True” and the country classic “A Fool Such As I”, to the pure pop sound of “I Need Your Love Tonight” and “Don’t””. Personally we don’t really like the last one, but even with that song included this CD was a real joy to listen to again. Unfortunately the fun is over way to fast… fortunately we have a repeat!

The “The Hits” compilation is supposed to be remastered, but the booklet, only a double printed piece of paper, does not mention it. It simply sounds great. To be honest, we can’t hear all the small improvements we simply enjoy the clear sound.


Even RCA can’t go wrong with this compilation… They can still improve it though; we’re just waiting for the FTD re-release and we can stop buying this title.

Greg Nolan wrote on November 24, 2005
It's great to have this classic album back in print even as part of a budget series. Note: it's without the bonus tracks of the still superior '97 reissue. Still, this original line-up was fine for decades, too. Also: "The Hits" is a name on the slipcover as part of the series that Sony uses for all the various artists ("Kansas," etc.) that get the slipcover. The actual title hasn't changed.
ext_mnx wrote on March 07, 2007
so beautiful !!!
Rating: 5 / 5
Mystery Rider wrote on April 07, 2007
repeat. why? i dont know why, now who. who? whos on first why is on 2nd and i dont know is on third and because well because i'm not buying repeats.
Rating: 1 / 5
Greg Nolan wrote on October 17, 2007
Mystery - is it really all just about *you* and what you might buy again or as a repeat?This is a classic rock'n'roll album , let alone one of Elvis' best gems. Hats off the Sony/BMG for re-issuing this volume (as well as the FTD 2-CD deluxe version) as well as Golden Records Volumes 3 and 4 which followed in newly-remastered form in 2007. Hallelujah for any effort that keeps Elvis' classic albums in print and in stores!