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Having Fun With Elvis on Stage


Having Fun With Elvis on Stage
2.3 / 5
Released: 2004/02/23 by Elvis Unlimited
Elvis talking on stage.

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Mystery Rider wrote on April 04, 2007
how do u say zero in every languare under the sun.? right off the boxcar enterprises by the colonel to RCA to the chumps .
Rating: 1 / 5
Greg Nolan wrote on October 17, 2007
If you can get this turkey on original LP and get into the feeling that some of us had when we bought it in the '70s, you'll have an authentic experience. It's got an oddball appeal, but it's a true Colonel Parker atrocity of sorts. Having it on CD would be truly a sick (that is, cool) find.
Rating: 5 / 5
Sandman wrote on February 01, 2010
Does not contain any actual songs. Elvis' monologues collected. Unlistenable!
Rating: 1 / 5