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Tickle Me


Tickle Me
4.5 / 5
Released: 2005/07/01 by FTD
The soundtrack for "Tickle Me" in the special 7" package with booklet.

ElvisNews review

A CD in the FTD “original soundtrack series” that we expected at the very end of the series saw the light of day recently.


We don’t have the original EP, so can’t really compare this “art” work with it, but on first sight it looks like BMG only had a wrinkled version too, of which they had to make this one.. The booklet (also with a very strange form of art on the front) itself is fun, with memorabilia and too tiny pictures of Jocelyn Lane.


Although the movie had a pretty strong soundtrack for an Elvis movie and a co-star that was worth looking at, this CD wasn’t the one we expected at this stage of the series. First it is very short, but okay, FTD already promoted EPs to successful CDs, but at least those brought some outtakes we didn’t have officially. Secondly, the soundtrack was strong because only “old” studio recordings were used. So this CD release has nearly nothing new to offer, since most studio outtakes are released by now on the main label (Essential Elvis) or FTD (the Nashville-series).

Still, we have to admit, the CD offers a nice compilation, only disturbed by two radio trailers (why don’t put both of them at the end of the CD?).


Unnecessary may be too strong if we want a complete soundtrack series, but too early is the least we can say.


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CD King wrote on May 29, 2005
Really wonderful to have this legendary RCA Vinyl EP on CD Format at last. And in 7" Gatefold Format with Booklet etc this is most welcome.Superb idea, Thanks Ernst & FTD, ...MORE please
Rating: 5 / 5
pasa-ryu wrote on June 02, 2005
its about time they released this on cd,this soundtrack is one of his best and sringest..pity about the movie though!(ha ha)..na,i love the movie aswell..hope they release the film on dvdv soon??..including 'charro'..which should be released properly on dvdv and video.
Lex wrote on June 11, 2005
Will buy it for the package, but it is music wise an unnecessary one.
Rating: 3 / 5
JerryNodak wrote on June 12, 2005
Lex: What do you mean musically it's not necessary? The only place I have "I'm Yours"(undubbed single version) is on a scratchy old 45 I bought back in '65 when it was originally released. This release is VERY necerssary.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on June 28, 2005
these songs can be found on the complete 60s masters 5cd box,there`s never a soundtrack of tickle me released [thank god]most songs are from efe and potluck,complete bonus songs...el is back...what ever....the release of this product is cruel...milkcowbluesboogie...
JerryNodak wrote on July 01, 2005
elpete: There's nothing new in your post. Anyone with any knowledge of the "Movie Years" already knows that the "Tickle Me" soundtrack is composed of previously recorded songs. AND that they are available elsewhere. BUT, here we get them all together in one place in the deluxe 7 inch packaging complete w/pictures and booklet. Can't beat a deal like that! As for the bonus songs: they were originally suggusted for use as part of the original soundtrack. Hence their inclusion here. I have no problem with that. No, there never was a "Tickle Me" soundtrack released. Until NOW!! Thanks, FTD. The release of of this product isn't cruel. It's wonderful.
luckyjackson85 wrote on July 09, 2005
Well, it's nice to see that FTD has decided to release another movie soundtrack. Why "Tickle Me" though? Whatever happened to "Clambake"? The Cd it's self i'm going to wait and pick it up at one of the shops in Graceland. Then I'll give my review.
Rating: 4 / 5
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on July 12, 2005
the next soundboard will be good..II`L hope,I know for sure
jb4elvis wrote on July 13, 2005
I congratulate FTD for this release. To be sure, there was no officialy soundtrack album from the Tickle Me movie. BUT, what a collection of songs! ANd to have them with different takes will be fun. I for one can't wait to get my hands on this release. FTD has been very creative with this release and I say "Thank You" for that!
Rating: 5 / 5
JerryNodak wrote on July 17, 2005
elpete: soundboards suck. 1 star. "Tockle Me" rules. 5 stars.
pasa-ryu wrote on August 06, 2005
still waiting for my copy! looking foward to it though,ok,theirs nothing new but the radio trailers sound intresting. still, worth buying, as you'd never be able to get this in shops! part of elvis history in the movies and famous for saving the studio from bankrupcey! if it wasn't for 'tickle me' the studio would have gone bust. well done elvis for saving the day!!.
Axeman517 wrote on August 06, 2005
Okay, sure this is a better than average soundtrack, but damn, didn't we JUST GET some of this on the "Elvis is Back" FTD? They're not even hesitating with the repackage these days. But then this is kind of a "filler" package anyway so I won't get into that. I think the only new thing on this is take 2 of Easy Question. I remember that the single master of Long Lonely Highway on the FTD release of the same name was not up to par with the rest of the CD, sonically. I have not played them back to back but there doesn't seem to be an improvement on this release. I'd much rather have Speedway, Clambake or Kissin Cousins outtakes than Tickle Me, but I suppose it's better to get this one out (and out of the way). Let's hope the next soundtrack is a little more exciting. How about a Charro/Change of Habit double feature?
Rating: 5 / 5
pasa-ryu wrote on August 26, 2005
got mine..pleasently surprised at the sound quality and enjoyed all the outtakes and radio trailers!..still,betteer releases out there!
JerryNodak wrote on November 06, 2005
My most played FTD. Thanks, FTD team.
Mystery Rider wrote on April 01, 2007
this is a must have, i cant say enough about this super super super
Rating: 5 / 5