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Boy From Tupelo


Boy From Tupelo
Released: 2005/05/17 by Hear Music, BMG
Starbucks Hear Music Compilation of 15 Elvis Presley songs.
Greg Nolan wrote on May 27, 2005
Actually, "Boy From Tupelo" came out in the USA at Starbuck's franchises last year, that is, 2004. It's possible they've printed up a new batch. It's a beautiful-looking package, but also repetitive in covering familiar RCA 1956 territory. The new notes by Peter Guralnick are a nice touch. I can't vouch for the sound: I passed on it when I first saw it. Completists and '50s diehards will like this one. It's quite attractive and,for a change, is an Elvis repackaging that's dead-on in being a record you can be proud of seeing in the racks.
Rating: 5 / 5