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Live From Las Vegas


Live From Las Vegas
Released: 2005/05/10 by Capitol
Las Vegas live collection in the Centennial Series featuring a line of "Las Vegas" artists.


buyep01 wrote on July 28, 2005
Well the cover is good, the CD is very good sound quality not the best but good. I read on the cd the songs were taken from 15 different performances, what they failed to say is those performances are from the same couple concerts. A lot of things from Elvis on stage 1970 (alblum) it would be really good for a casual fan, other than that sadly BMG has packaged the same 15 songs we already have gave it a fancy title series I bought it because I buy everything Elvis just about that comes out. If you are not a collector and have Elvis on stage 1970 and are only interested in hearing new music you will be dissappointed. Well What can I say I have to give it five stars because the King is in top form audio and sound are great. Elvis cant help that they release the same things again and again. Honestly if things dont change with BMG I will buy just their special packages and buy the rest on lets say import labels that sound sometime better than the original and darn-it at least there is something new on them. However it is an excellent Cd judging just on the things you would judge a single cd on as far as sound quality packaging, has a little flip open booklet I am 28yrs old and I had to get my glasses (reading I mean) and a couple decent pictures of our man inside. Just got done listening to it so take care my friends and have agood night from Chris Hattaway in the USA.
Rating: 5 / 5