The Movie Soundtracks

The Movie Soundtracks (cover)
Released: 2014/01/04 by Sony
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20 CD box with soundtracks


English Kev (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 1, 2014report abuse
4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 StarsLove the concept of this collection and yes I agree it would have been nice to have included Love Me Tender, Easy Come Easy Go and I would have liked Charro, Change of Habit etc etc. The sound is also excellent and a big improvement on what I already had in most cases.

What disappoints me most though is the lack of attention to detail. The rear sleeve of Loving You being the reissue with bonus tracks that aren't on this particular CD and even more annoying was the Double Trouble cover - surely there must be some quality control to prevent errors like this. For those who haven't bought it, the Double Trouble cover has the FTD track listing on the back.

I recently bought the Beatles US Albums box set - that's how a box set should be done. I only wish that Sony/RCA paid as much respect to Elvis' music as EMI have to the Beatles.

Still, all in all this is a great set and it's really good to have Speedway and Kissin' Cousins in the original LP covers.
TheMemphisFan (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2013report abuse
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 StarsI have one more bone to pick with this new Movie Soundtrack set focusing on CD 5...
Why include 2 versions of "A Whistling Tune" ?!

Follow That Dream - What A Wonderful Life - I'm Not The Marrying Kind - A Whistling Tune - Sound Advice - Angel
King Of The Whole Wide World - This Is Living - Riding The Rainbow - Home Is Where The Heart Is - I Got Lucky - A Whistling Tune
Flaming Star - Summer Kisses, Winter Tears

* The version of "A Whistling Tune" recorded for Follow That Dream shouldn't have been included in this set.
Not only was it not on the original EP... it also wasn't in the movie.

* As for "Sound Advice", even though it wasn't on the original EP, at least it was in the movie.

* The opposite holds true for "Summer Kisses, Winter Tears".
It was included on the original 1961 Elvis By Request-Flaming Star EP, but wasn't in the movie.

* Therefore, I said all that to say this - The song "Cane and a High Starched Collar" should have been included as the last track on CD 5.
No, it wasn't included on the '61 Flaming Star EP, but it certainly was included in the movie.
TheMemphisFan (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 13, 2013report abuse
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 StarsI feel that SONY should've included the soundtrack EPs of Love Me Tender & Easy Come, Easy Go to make the set more complete.
The 4 songs of Love Me Tender could've been added to the Loving You CD as a bonus, and the 6 songs of Easy Come, Easy Go could've been added to the Double Trouble disc as a bonus.
TheMemphisFan (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 13, 2013report abuse
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 StarsAn updated photo (on a particular shopping website) of The Movie Soundtracks box now shows the corrected cover of Jailhouse Rock and the corrected cover for the Follow That Dream/Kid Galahad/Flaming Star cd (it's not the duplicated Double Features cover).