ext_mnx (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 15, 2007report abuse
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 StarsIs great. The tv show was horrible. The cd all in all a well worth buying double cd set.
Gan (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 1, 2007report abuse
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 StarsAt least BMG offers us an unreleased concert in superb sound in disc 2 this time. I opine that this CD is a must for collectors.
Jumpin Jehosaphat (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 22, 2007report abuse
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 StarsBuy your copy at walmart around 20 dollars US
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2007report abuse
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 StarsWith a (mostly) unreleased '69 concert included in the two-CD version, it was a no-brainer to pick this one up. Sure, I have all of Disc One (and the "hook" of including the "Viva" title track is still a bit gimmicky to long-time fans), but it's hard to pass up unreleased Elvis material.

No doubt it's exploiting the catalog but they've managed to put some of Elvis' later tracks into a compilation, which probably hasn't happened enough. I saw a commericial tonight for this CD during TV Land's cable broadcast of "Aloha From Hawaii" and have to say it comes off really well. No "Hound Dog" or "Don't Be Cruel" is heard in the commercial but instead things like "Polk Salad Annie" and "I Just Can't Help Believin'," etc. On top of that, with the still photos and the TWWII footage, it's yet another blow for rehabilitating Elvis' 70's "jumpsuit" era...

Long-time fans and non-completists can safely skip this one (assuming they have the masters on disc one) and it's agreed that there is a sound-a-like aspect to the '69 shows, but many who visit a site like this one won't be disappointed by this release.
pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2007report abuse
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Starsi got my copy today from the 'offical elvis presley fan club'(thanks guys0..i was very surprised at the UNRELEASED show,21st august 1969!-i was very happy that it was a brand new concert and NOT released..all in all a well worth buying double cd set.
pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 22, 2007report abuse
3 Stars3 Stars3 Starsi have already pre-ordred my copy as a cd fan and elvis collector!-just see if the so called unreleased concert from 1969 is actualy "unreleased"? appears to me that it will already have been released by rca/bmg previously on the 2001 box set "live in las vegas"(4 cd set)..this 4 cd set from 2001 had the 24th august 1969 show released here for the first time1..this new rca/bmg double cd set appears to releasing the very same show from the 24th august all over again?(are we fools?)
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 28, 2007report abuse
3 Stars3 Stars3 StarsI won't buy it either way.
Tony D. (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 25, 2007report abuse
3 Stars3 Stars3 StarsI'll only buy this latest in a long line of "genre" releases if it has the extra disc of the "unreleased" 1969 show with it.