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5.8 million tuned in to see ITV1's documentary, "Elvis By The Presleys", earlier in the evening. The hour-long programme, which featured unseen footage of the singer's former wife Priscilla and daughter Lisa-Marie at the family home Graceland, scooped a 26% share of the audience in its 9pm slot. Biggest audiences for the night: #1: Coronation Street (soap) ITV1 7.30PM-8PM= 10.2 million viewers 52% audience share #2: Emmerdale (soap) ITV1 7PM-7.30PM = 8.4 million viewers 46% audience share #3: EBTP ITV1 9PM-10PM = 5.8 million viewers 26% audience share Winner of the 9-10PM Hour: #1: EBTP ITV1 9PM-10PM = 5.8 million viewers 26% audience share #2: Crimewatch BBC1 9PM = 4.6 million viewers 21% audience share #3: CSI: Miami Five 9PM = 2.1 million viewers 9% audience share Winner Access Pime Time: "Coronation Street" ITV1 Winner PrimeTime: "Elvis by the Presleys" ITV1
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Rooster (profilecontact) wrote on May 21, 2005report abuse
When you watch the DVD you realise just how 'cut up' the ITV version was. I've only watched the first few chapters of the DVD so far but already it feels like a different documentary. Much of the subtle detail which gives a real insight into the private Elvis was missing from the UK broadcast. It would have been nice to see the full version broadcast as a series over a few weeks but I guess that's too much to expect. Still, it was good to see a balanced Elvis documentary broadcast at prime time!
cathyreno (profilecontact) wrote on May 21, 2005report abuse
It did feel abit rushed or badly edited, as if Priscilla moved straight into graceland at christmas '61 instead of mid year 1962 then she was getting married,having Lisamarie ,divorcing I'll just wait for the dvd
Steve Grayson (profilecontact) wrote on May 21, 2005report abuse
The ITV 1 program of EBTP wasrushed to fit the time slot,I feel. Most countries gota 2 hr. slot and in England we got 1 hr. whats going on - Even some countries had te 68 Come back re-edited version and Aloha re -edited versions . We only got - 68 Comeback Special, which was advertised as a repeat ..Whats going on .- im going to purchase the new 4.5 hr, dvd next week when its released and I will be watching this new dvd .- i hope we fans do not have to wait too long for the Elvis on Tour dvd and many other new dvds of Elvis .-its beena while now since the 68 and Aloha sets have been released - .i hope the suppliers and distributors and E.P.E. do not take too long in releasing more DVDS of Elvis.-i sure will get all they have released in future as an avid fan of Elvis .. keep a look out on my review of this new dvd soon .
EPE (profilecontact) wrote on May 20, 2005report abuse
The EBTP TV special is two hours long in most or all other countries. Unfortunately, ITV in the UK said their programming schedule was very tight and asked if they could edit the show down to one hour. If the program felt rushed, that's why. We're sorry.
emjel (profilecontact) wrote on May 20, 2005report abuse
It was great to see the show at Prime Time. My only criticism was that it appeared quite rushed. I know collectors will buy the 4.5hr DVD, but to try and squeeze Elvis' story with Priscilla into 48 minutes didn't really work for me. But good viewing figures. It was also good to get to the book signing at Waterstones and meet Priscilla-albeit quite briefly.

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