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Elvis By The Presleys


Elvis By The Presleys
3.7 / 5
Released: 2005/05/17 by BMG Heritage
On 2 DVDs on Elvis by his family with unhindered access into the archives of the estate, coupled with extensive interviews with both Priscilla and Lisa Marie plus rare performance footage of the King.

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pasa-ryu wrote on May 26, 2005
i had good expectations about the tv documentry,thinking priscilla would tell more open and honest things about elvis..but i found it all the same as before!..smalsty and smoochy is the word that comes to mind,ok,their was some excellant home movie footage but has been released before on various dvds and home videos over the last 15 years or so,still you cant knock cilla for her passion for positive promotion of elvis and his image.even if its with wearing rose cloured classes,i was half expecting the 'whole footage' of "the new gladiator" karate footage which was supposed to be 90 minuets long..but they only shown 2 mins more than what was releasedf in 1981's 'this is elvis'..very,very disapointing to say the least..i mean,we know that essential elvis uk in 2001 almost managed to release the entire 90 minute project with wayne carmen on a dvd for £27.50..but saddley graceland lawers stepped and put a stop to its release..i bet andrew hearn felt a dope after demanding 1000's of membersto pay up-front for dvd release in 2001..the amount of members that must have been disapointed is mind-blowing for essential elvis..yet they still claim to be the best magazine aruond!.dont make laugh!:ha ha...anyway,glad to see the dvdv,cdand book has sold well and entered the uk charts..well done elvis..pity cilla couldnt release more footage of elvis,especially elvis in concert and mayebe one-day the new gladiator karate footage will be released in its full 90 minuete entirerity??..time will tell-for god sakes man,elvis filmed the karate footage for a reason..to show his love of martial arts and the various styles..pasa ryu,kempo,tae kwon do,etc,etc..if elvis wanted it released then graceland should polity oblige and do what elvis really wanted in the the first place..tom parker was the man who put a stop to the footage and project being released in 1974 but is now dead..graceland got no excuse why not to relase the entire footage..simple asa that.
Rating: 3 / 5
Only Elvis wrote on June 16, 2005
I watched the TV special Elvis by the Presley's and was quite disappointed. I thought it was disjointed and not very well edited and only gave you snippets of what was promised. Then I got the DVD and watched it and realized that the TV special was really nothing more than a teaser trailer! The DVD was much much better than the TV special was. It flowed better and wasn't cut to pieces like the special. The DVD runs for over 4 hours but is so absorbing that it seems to be over too quick! I really enjoyed the DVD, and the book. The cd is good too, but basically is a repeat of any other cd except for the very few tracks on disc 2 that were previously unreleased. All in all I would recommend this DVD (and the book and cd which go with it) as it does contain a few new insights and above all some gorgeous pictures of ELVIS!!!!! (which makes it all worthwhile! ;) :)
Rating: 4 / 5
Iron Man wrote on August 16, 2007
A nice documentary made in a positive way. In my opinion Jerry Schiling is one of the nicest guys from the MM and I enjoyed listening to his stories. More candid footage in a bonus section maybe would have been a nice idea. Unfortunately, they didn't use this possibility. Still this is a fine package and I trully enjoyed it.
Rating: 4 / 5