U.K. 'Silver Cover' 2nd To None Confirmed

BMG U.K. confirmed the "silver cover" for the upcoming "Elvis 2nd To None" compilation. So there are two countries with this different cover, Canada and the United Kingdom.
Source: The Elvis Express / Updated: Sep 8, 2003 

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bajo (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 9, 2003report abuse
I must admit that I go for the Canadian and UK cover, if that's what they go for! It holds a natural link to the first one. Then we'd go for the bronze on the third one!?
dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 9, 2003report abuse
I much prefer the black lettering/silver-gray background cover, and I wish it was the one being used in the U.S. as well. I think it's much more in keeping with the idea that "2nd to None" is the official follow-up to the hugely successful "30 #1 Hits" compilation. I'm so sure of its superiority to the "half-face/half-#2" design that I fully expect the new disc to do better sales- and chart-wise in the countries where its used. The cover being used in America won't matter to diehard fans like me -- I'm going to pick it up whether I like the cover or not -- but casual Elvis fans and curious pop/rockers contributed greatly to the success of "30 #1 Hits." Replicating the original cover in black and platinum/silver gray would more likely pique their interest again. People/collectors tend to want a complete set. The half-face cover isn't nearly as likely to regain the casual buyer's interest.
J. (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 8, 2003report abuse
Well as I'm from Germany I'll try to get the UK Edition than I hate that other cover :(
gary (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 8, 2003report abuse
I am so glad they are useing this cover and not the one with elvis' face split down the middle.

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