Today - FTD Edition Available For Pre-order

The Folow That Dream Edition 7 inch 2CD editon of Elvis' "Today" album is available for pre-order at several on-line stores. Use the shoplink for the details. Track listing: CD 1 - Original Album: T-R-O-U-B-L-E - And I Love You So - Susan When She Tried - Woman Without Love - Shake A Hand - Pieces Of My Life - Fairytale - I Can Help - Bringin’ It Back - Green, Green Grass Of Home Outtakes: Tiger Man - And I Love You So (Take 2) - Pieces Of My Life – (Take 1) - Fairytale - (Takes 1, 2) - Bringin’ It Back - (Take 1) - Green, Green Grass Of Home - t(Take 1) - Shake A Hand - (Take 1) - Susan When She Tried - (Take 3) - Pieces Of My Life - (Takes 2, 3) - And I Love You So - (Take 3) CD 2 - Original Session Mixes: Fairytale - Green, Green Grass Of Home - I Can Help - And I Love You So - Susan When She Tried - T-R-O-U-B-L-E - Woman Without Love - Shake A Hand - Bringin’ It Back - Pieces Of My Life 6363 Sunset Material: Green, Green Grass Of Home - (Takes 2, 3) - Susan When She Tried - (Takes 1, 2) -And I Love You So - (Take 1) -Bringin’ It Back - (Takes 2, 3) T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Take 1)- Shake A Hand - (Take 2)
Updated: May 28, 2005 

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Cameron (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2005report abuse
Have I missed something ... Has the FTD Elvis Today come out yet ??
Danny B (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 6, 2005report abuse
JerryNodak: great man! Even a rough mix I can help! Can't wait to hear it. Thank you so much for the answere's.. I'll hope the is better than Today tomorrow and for ever. It was very flat and there was a light distortion on Take 1 of "pieces of my life" and Elvis's voice was very up front. So let's hope the FTD team will mix this one good.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 6, 2005report abuse
Danny B: They removed Duke Bardwell's bass parts because Elvis wasn't happy with them and asked that they be replaced. RCA rush released T-r-o-u-b-l-e as a single. So there wasn't time to replace Duke's part on that song. Original session mixes means rough mixes, yes. We'll also be getting the original album mixes with overdubs and Duke's bass part intact on T-r-o-u-b-l-e.
Danny B (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 6, 2005report abuse
O great! Why did they remove Duke Bardwell's basslines?? So If I'm right, we'll get outtakes AND raw-mixes????
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 6, 2005report abuse
Danny B: I believe original session mixes means as Elvis recorded them in studio before overdubs were added. And BEFORE Duke Bardwell's bass parts were removed and replaced on all songs except T-r-o-u-b-l-e.
Danny B (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 6, 2005report abuse
Dear friends, can anybody explain to me what the "Original Session Mixes" exactly means? Are they different from the "Original Album" mixes???
pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 3, 2005report abuse
real looking foward to listening to the outtakes on this cd when its out!-especially 'pieces of my life'..a very powerful and moving song from elvis..he sopposed to have listened to the track over 30 times before recording it and deciding on the best take to be its better than the 2001's "6363 sunset"?,which was ok,but the sound failed to impress and they failed to include any outtakes of seperate ways or pieces of my life..why,i dont know??..still,i'm hoping 'elvis today' f.t.d. release will be pleasing??..fingers crossed!.
RonBaker (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 3, 2005report abuse
The "Guitar Man" sessions are already out on FTD and they are wonderful! It's called "Too Much Monkey Business". I highly recommend it!
Eduardo (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2005report abuse
Maurice, Henrik, Hubert, Lindes, Rex, Lex, Pacer - take notice here friends. Yes this is great material but: BMG should bring out Guitar Man sessions, also Country sessions (various) and also the LLetters+Now plus the GTimes+Fool sessions, Do you all agree? Still want to remind you that in professional marketing terms, BMGs Elvis Love songs should be re-called fromn the shelves and replaced by another. double CD for general public carrying great romantic movie songs (that are hits for fans worldwide) but not necessarily known by the huge crowd out there. Itshould be mixed with the movie hits that made it to Billboards' Top 100 like: Angel-They reminded me-Could I fall in loove-Am I ready-Kismet-Please don't stop loving me-Wooden heart-Can't help fallin in love-Because of love-Anyone-Tenderfeeling-Your time hasn't come yet baby etc etc another 150 songs to go for future releases in 2005/06/07 OK fellows ??!! Let's mention this in all elvis magazines and publications so that a lot more than 3,400 fans can read this and hopefully write to Bob Sillerman, Ernst, Roger,Jan, Henrik,ChrisGiles,HubertVindevogel, Lindes, Paul, Kathy and many others that carry a publication...also SeanShaver and Joe Esposito and the Beaulieus...why not: if they write books they should listen to what the public wants!! Mr Sillerman, CKXE Co., Mad Ave, NY NY remember elvisNEVERleftthebuilding
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 1, 2005report abuse
Really waiting for this one. Another outtake of "Pieces Of My Life"...great.

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