Tickle Me Cover Change

The cover of the Follow That Dream release of "Tickle Me" changed slightly looking at the image on the shop section of the official Elvis Presley site. The title is gone and the "advertisement" at the bottom of the cover changed from "Coming Soon ! Special Elvis "Today" Deluxe Edition!" to "Coming Soon! Special Elvis Anniversary LP Album". This FTD release is due for release on July 1, but Ernst Jorgensen is still working on it.
Updated: Jun 7, 2005 

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emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 8, 2005report abuse
I'm sure they're going to sort out the sleeve title. I've just found out that the extra tracks ie There's Always Me. Make Me Know It etc were chosen by the Colonel for possible inclusion in the movie, hence the reason they have been put on this CD. As for changing the title of this release, well that really is crazy. You might as well re-title most of Elvis' movies to Girl Happy Part 1, Girl Happy Part 2 etc - They were all happy films with plenty of girls in them. And I think that Tickle Me as a film was really quite amusing even though it had some terrible back drops for certain scenes.
E.J.F... (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 8, 2005report abuse
I think the omission of the "Tickle Me" title is only a graphic error and that eventually it will be included. It would be madness if not. As for change of title as suggested by Mofoca22, while it is true that the "Tickle Me" was misleading and a better one should have been used, that's the way it was and that's the way it should be left now.
Jeoliverm (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 8, 2005report abuse
I don't mind for the bottom advertisement, maybe it's better the new one because it's more related with the original "Tickle Me" EP back in the 60's. But I absolutely dislike the omission of the title "Tickle Me" since it's supposed that these FTD Special editions are (almost) facsimile of the original cover arts. Hope the title will come back!
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 7, 2005report abuse
they should re-name the movie too. tickle me dont even have anything to do with the movie nor the songs. the movie could be renamed the dude ranch mystery or long lonely highway or even night rider wouldve made more sense
Neckywoudje (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 7, 2005report abuse
I sure hope he's still working on it, the title 'tickle me' is gone!

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