Tickle Me - Movie Soundtrack Reissue (Sort Of)

The upcoming Follow That Dream release "Tickle Me" is basically a CD release of a vinyl album that Sanctuary Records released recently (see cover art). FTD has added another 5 songs, interesting background information, and new photos to this 7” package. As with the other soundtracks, this is a single disc release. There are NO previously unreleased recordings on this, but Follow That Dream has deemed it a charming addition to your collection. As most fans know, the soundtrack for the low-budget 1965 film Tickle Me was comprised of previously released material. There was no soundtrack album issued in conjunction with the release of the film. I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever Recorded March 19, 1962 Slowly But Surely Recorded May 27,1963 Night Rider Recorded October 15, 1961 Put The Blame On Me Recorded March 12, 1961 Dirty, Dirty Feeling Recorded April 3, 1960 It Feels So Right -Recorded March 20, 1960 (Such An) Easy Question Recorded March 18, 1962 (It’s A) Long Lonely Highway (single master) Recorded May 27, 1963 I’m Yours (undubbed single master) Recorded June 25, 1961 Something Blue Recorded March 18, 1962 Make Me Know It Recorded March 20, 1960 Just For Old Time Sake Recorded March 18, 1962 Gonna Get Back Home Somehow Recorded March 18, 1962 There’s Always Me Recorded March 12, 1961 Allied Artists’ Radio Trailer (version 1) Slowly But Surely (take 1) Recorded May 27,1963 It Feels So Right (take 2) Recorded March 20, 1960 I’m Yours (LP master) Recorded June 25, 1961 (It’s A) Long Lonely Highway (LP master) Recorded May 27, 1963 I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever (take 3) Recorded March 19, 1962 Night Rider (take 5) Recorded March 18, 1962 Dirty, Dirty Feeling (take 1) Recorded April 3, 1960 Put The Blame On Me (take 1 & 2) Recorded March 12, 1961 (Such An) Easy Question Recorded March 18, 1962 Allied Artists’ Radio Trailer (version 2)
Updated: Jun 23, 2005 

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CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 25, 2005report abuse
I want this and I'm definately am going to buy this. Infact I can't wait to add this cd to my FTD 7" Soundtrack collection. Ernst Jorgensen More please, thank you in advance.
dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 24, 2005report abuse
I've always kinda liked "Tickle Me" and saw it as a perfectly acceptable follow-up to the previous film, "Girl Happy." As far as the low-budget soundtrack issue, I've often wondered why they didn't use some of the unreleased material from the vaults that was readily available to Elvis & the Colonel (see the Summer '65 release of "Elvis For Everyone," the "Tell Me Why"/"Blue River" single, later soundtrack LP "bonus songs," etc.). Releasing much of the "E for Everyone" material, along with some of the other vault items, as a "Tickle Me" soundtrack album certainly would have made sounder commercial sense -- Elvis' soundtracks regularly outsold his studio LPs in the sixties. Remember "E for E" was specifically promoted as a non-soundtrack LP, and was his poorest selling LP up until that time. All that being said, I fondly remember the two singles and single ep that were released as "Tickle Me" spin-offs, and I think they'll hang together very well as an album on their own. I look forward to this new FTD release!
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 24, 2005report abuse
People complain too much. While "Elvis Is Back" and "Tickle Me" are somewhat off from the original mission of FTD (repeating tracks) recall that this is all "gravy." I won't pick up Tickle Me" right away (I'm too busy getting earlier FTD's I missed) but, god love it, they are trying. A lot of us are very grateful. I think the soundboards and authentic presentation of all the FTDs put to shame all the bootlegs, their pioneering not withstanding. Frankly, as the kids say, "it's all good." Bring it on!
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 24, 2005report abuse
1. I think it's great to be getting this "soundtrack" in the great 7 inch packaging. I hope we get them ALL this way.
2. I read somewhere after this release was announced that the additional
songs that are included were originally suggested for use in the film and that's why they are included here. I'll just think of them as "bonus" songs. Most of the soundtrack albums had them.
3. I'm NOT a newbie. I have all the DF cds.
4. Yes, it still boils down to "If you don't want it, skip it. Nobody is holding a gun to your head.
5. Ernst, I love the deluxe 7 inch packaging. Keep 'em comming. I'll buy all of them.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 24, 2005report abuse
I still fail to see the reasoning behind adding songs from the same era that were not in the film.
Santa Claus (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 24, 2005report abuse
Whow..nothing new on this ..but well, it's charming. At least I get a little "charm" for 23,50 Euro. That's what I always was wishing for when I heard there would be an Elvis Label for "Collectors". More and more products are released by FTD which are totally uninteresting for the serious collectors. FTD became a way to release re-issues of old material mixed with officially unusable soundboards. In the 80s, we had re-issues for 5 Euro. Now we have them for 23,50 Euro. I don't wanna make FTD down. I'm amazed by any new material brought to me in such a fine way. But the old "filling-stuff" is more and more getting it's hand on the FTD label. So Ernst: If you don't have anything left to sell..leave it. And you newbies: Grab yourself a Double Feature CD on Ebay for 3 Dollar. And please guys: No more dumb "If you don't want it, don't buy it" sh.t. This is sucked out. Start to read and think.

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