Third To Nelly And Jennifer Lopez

Elvis Presley's latest single "(Marie's The Name Of) His Latest Flame" has entered the UK singles chart at #3, giving Elvis his 68th Top 10 Hit in the UK singles chart. #3 is the "lowest" new entry of all single releases so far. Elvis'single "Surrender" dropped to #19 from #2. In the UK album charts the romantic compilation "Love, Elvis" dropped to #30. Here is this weeks Top 3: #1 - Nelly ft Tim McGraw - Over And Over. #2 - Jennifer Lopez - Get Right #3 - Elvis Presley - His Latest Flame On the complete Top 75 other listings are: #41 Wooden Heart #47 Are You Lonesome Tonight On the Dutch Mega Top 50 chart "His Latest Flame" is a new entry at #39, "Surrender" drops to #43.
Updated: Feb 27, 2005 

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pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 1, 2005report abuse
sdeahkcid the love Elvis cover was banned in some magazines. But you can still get the banned cover on cd
sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 1, 2005report abuse
Todd, Can you please address my point if you have time, i am genuinely interested if this can be explained , thanks Todd.
sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
I bought the supposably banned cover version of Love Elvis, i thought banned meant not allowed to be sold ?
sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
Todd, if it is a case of retailers not ordering the current single for that week hence leaving them in the wharehouse at BMG then who come there are loads of that single in the shops the following week ?? they are getting to the shops late? can you please explain this one ??
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
'Love Elvis' took the biggest nose-dive on the album charts. This fact does not surprise me.How about you?
John4126 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
Plenty of copies available at Virgin, Taunton and Woolworths, Exeter - all low numbers too!
mtm1a (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
Elvis Aaron Presley is the King of ALL music.Stating the obvious i know,but i had an urge to say it anyway...!
roytcbintheuk (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
Todd if they wasnt a problem in obtaining these singles on the week they were released no one would have to blame anyone for anything and i am one of the fortunate few who preordered mine on 4th dec 04 so i have not had any problems but i can understand the frustration of fans week after week still not being able to purchase they copies off the counter and keeping elvis off the top spot and yes i would have stood outside woollies and purchased all elvis releases when he was alive but i was only 10 years old when he died but i have made up for it since and i now own everything he as done (officially) and are still collecting!! I just think the whole thing as been handled badly from the lack of availability to the lack of promotion from the TV companies and EPE. absolutely appalling!
ElFan (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
I think that the stock situation has greatly improved over the last 2 weeks. There were several singles available in my local HMV today (in both formats) including 'Rock a Hula Baby'. It seems that distribution is now only a problem in a few areas. We shouldn't knock Todd - he has been doing a fantastic job at the OEPFC for many years and is continuing to do so. Todd is just as frustrated as we are that the singles were not in plentiful supply for everyone and he has been doing his best to put that right - hence all the extra pressings from Sony/Bmg. I am convinced that all parties involved were taken aback by the demand for this set and have been struggling to make up lost ground. Of course initially the e-bayers didn't help the situation - but that bubble has burst now.
Nobody should really worry that they cannot complete their collections - way back in December the OEPFC made it clear that all the singles would be available from them at the end of the campaign. They are also available from HMV online NOW.
We must remember that the only reason these singles are enjoying such success is due to the media hype and the fact that they were a limited edition. Had they just been issued in unlimited numbers week after week I doubt that very many of them would have entered the charts at all! At the outset we would all have been pleased if they all managed to hit the charts in any position. I am sure there are still one or two more #1's to come.
volvo (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
I've stopped listening to the charts on Sunday, If Elvis gets to No.1 again, that's great but if not, it's not the end of the world. They can't stop us from enjoying the music!
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
Nice to see His Latest Flame at no 3. But I would not worry about it to much because they are going to bring in the downloads from the internet week beginning 10th April. Pity they could not have waited until after all the Elvis singles were released.So I think we all better make the most of it because it will all be coming to an end soon. What ashame
mort (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
Sometimes stores will not order vast amounts of a title due to the fact that if they don't sell they can't return them. No single is sale or return hence stores will only order what they know they will sell out of. It's still a fantastic thing for Elvis to achieve No. 3.
E.J.F... (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
Todd, to a certain point I can sympathize with the retailer's reluctance for not stocking too much when this campaign started. Probably they never dreamed there would be such a huge demand. Yet, ironically, the first 2 singles managed to get to the top spot. What I fail to understand is that now that they know how big the demand for each release has been why do they still insist in keeping orders from BMG to a minimum. It's a mystery to me.
Elvos (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
Send to todd has a point there!
lonesome cowboy (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
I know this is stating the obvious but, the product is just not available to everyone in the shops. In Exeter my HMV store were promised extra copies and have taken an order from me but I am still waiting on the last 2 releases and am not holding out much hope for this one. Not HMV's fault buy Sony/BMG.
SendToTodd (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
I will say this again, even if you don't believe me it is fact.I have been told this morning that BMG wholesale still have copies of "His Latest Flame", and the current "Rock A Hula Baby" in stock at their warehouse. They are sitting there because they have not all been ordered at this time by retailers. They are not being "held back" by BMG to allow Nelly and his friend Jenny Lopez to make number one and two, and anyway these acts are on different labels not associated with BMG so what would be the point. However, so dishonest is the record business (and it always has been), it might be possible that other record labels could have bribed retailers not to stock many Elvis singles, so that their acts have an unfair chance of making it. Of course I am not suggested for one moment that Universal and Epic would resort to such tactics. Wow that's put the cat amongst the pigeons. Let's see who we can hate next - we thrive on it. Perhaps you might think that drivers who work for DHL who deliver for BMG are being bribed by the other record company giants to throw copies out of the back of their vans, so that they never get to the shops. Who knows what dasterdly deeds are under way to harm Elvis' chances. Come on, who else can we blame?
During his lifetime Elvis released 100 singles and they were all wonderful, but during his lifetime only 16 made it to number one, so why weren't you queing outside of Woolies then at 7.00am on Monday morning waiting for the store to open. So Elvis is number three - well done everyone who bought a copy and thank you for your continued suppport.
ranger (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
Did Lopez really shift enough product to inch past Elvis?
As all these singles have a shelf-life of about 48 seconds, what made this one so different? I find it a bit ironic, but curiously heartening, that the great His Latest Flame / Little Sister single should be the one NOT to make the Top Two. That says so much about 2005; and its music. Anyway I didn't know that Auntie Nellie was still making records!
Tina S (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
So Elvis didnt get to 1 hes in the top 3 thats fantastic isnt it
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
Regarding comments about the non-showing of any footage of Elvis singing "His Latest Flame" to promote the single, one slight stumbling block could be that none is known to exist. I expect similar complaints will be forwarded to EPE when the TV companies do not show either "Rock-A-Hula Baby" or "Can't Help Falling In Love" this week, ignoring the fact that they do not own the rights to "Blue Hawaii", a Paramount movie. Never let the facts get in the way of a good moan.
whitehaven (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
i think sony/bmg should forget for the moment about bringing out extra copies of recent releases and concentrate on the present release and future releases if we are to get another number one. i am amazed that such a large company can not get it right. also i would like to know what their sales people who are responsible for getting product into the shops are doing about it.
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
Looking back on the last few weeks I think it was a mistake to release the singles every week. I think it would have been more prudent to issue the singles over a two week interval say. There is obviously a distribution time lag where every new single is playing 'catch up' with the previously released singles. I know that Elvis had six singles in the top forty a couple of weeks ago (which underlines my point), but we are looking for no.1's here. There is obviously a log jam of records and it is obvious to me that there is less opportunity for a new single
release to do well because of this. There is a glut of previously released singles now being marketed at the expense of the latest release and this will continue. The marketing of these singles was done very quickly over a period of weeks not months and I think BMG got the equation wrong in terms of demand and the timing each release. As far as record shops not retailing the product I don't think there is any conspiracy to deliberately withold sales. I just think it's a case of BMG not caring too much. They got it wrong from the start and they are continuing to get it wrong. Ther is a huge advertising budget which BMG could have utilised for this campaign and you don't have to be an Elvis fan to realise that other than the initial concept being given newspaper space, each weekly single is left to drown. I am appalled by the way this venture has been handled commercially but I wll still forever love Elvis.
ttwiise (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
Hold on to your hats it`s gonna get worse, As I predicted. Stores simply are not displaying the singles properly + the new issue is never available on saturday but is held over till the following monday, BMG see to that!
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2005report abuse
HIS LATEST FLAME/Little Sister at only No.3??? what an injustice. This is an insult to ELVIS Presley and HIS Fans. This is THE BEST double-A-side single. You can all forget about ELVIS ever getting another No.1 with the rest of the singles. His company BMG don't want that to happen anymore. EPE don't want ELVIS to be seen on British TV.What a shame and bloody disgrace.
Mister Cool (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 27, 2005report abuse
I get my singles reserved each week at my local independent record shop,no problem.However i've never seen a new release on sale the same week.HMV has lots of previous releases.Woolworths has a notice saying due to ltd run they only get a few in.Thats rubbish for a start.Distribution aside,why wasn't the vinyl in 7" format?Anyone know?Then they could have had original picture sleeves as well.I'm sure that would have boosted sales.
Miss Clawdy (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 27, 2005report abuse
Do you get Elvis film material on the TOTP shows now?
Do you still ask about it (it's importent, not do give in!)
Do your shops get the right amound of copys on time?
Keep writing to EPE with your complaints. Make sure, they hear you. No matter, who is the bady in this story it's EPEs responcebility to work out the best for Elvis. This story of desaster is not THE BEST FOR ELVIS!! Yes, I'm glad, Elvis made it to #3, but it looks like he's been ripped off good style for the real chart positions! Is it money, that prevents Elvis from the #1 positions? Such an easy question....
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 27, 2005report abuse
man nelly and jlo stink how can they even surpass elvis is beyond me. there music stinks. nelly all he does is sing the same lyrics over and over again, jlo she cant sing she stinks. all she does it shake her butt. elvis could do it all. now if he was getting music video exposure he would knock them all dead.
old shep (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 27, 2005report abuse
HMV and Virgin seem to be falling over copies of One Night and Jailhouse Rock at the moment(all without numbers,by the way)Unfortunately His Latest Flame was knowhere to be seen at my nearbye Manchester HMV. If this trend has been echoed all around the UK, is it any wonder that His Latest Flame, did'nt make the top slot?
shakyelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 27, 2005report abuse
I think this was still a good result, if slightly disappointing. It seems that retailers are not putting all their copies on the shelves so people assume that no copies are available. Please ensure you ask at the counter. Foreign fans please buy online as this will help the UK chart positions. RCA must be doing something right as every single since ALLC has gone Top 5. Let's keep buying - as a least one more single could go to #1 - I reckon ALLC. Long Live The King!
2001 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 27, 2005report abuse
hedgehog You are right,The charts are definitely being rigged.
hedgehog (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 27, 2005report abuse
told you the charts are being rigged
scarlet o hara (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 27, 2005report abuse
Once again Elvis has got into the top 3, but I am so disappointed, this could have been such a success it would have gone down in history. When it's the turn of "The Wonder of You", and "Way Down", they both have to get to number 1 if they don't then I will know that this whole set up has been a fix!
sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 27, 2005report abuse
Such a shame ! Todd do you still think BMG is supplying us with enough singles at the right time ? I went into HMV Belfast on Saturday . loads of cds of all the singles, even "A fool such as i" which was very hard to get. hundreds of vinyl of all the singles, all the singles except one ofcourse, the current one "His latest flame! I questioned the manager and with a big smile he said "At the end of august theyr releasing the box set in full" ... he just didnt get it.

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