The Legendary (King) Collection

We saw different covers, guess it has to do with region. Either the King Collection or Legendary Collection will be released by 20th Century Fox on Apil 9. It is a 7 DVD box containing:

- Love Me Tender
- Flaming Star
- Wild In The Country
- Follow That Dream
- Kid Galahad
- Frankie And Johnny
- Clambake

Source: Various / Updated: Mar 25, 2014 
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circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2014report abuse
Loving You .. in widescreen .. on blu ray ... is a must!
Lou A (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2014report abuse
If I'm not mistaken , Warner Brothers owns all of the MGM films . Mgm , last I heard , still owned the United Artist Film , Frankie And Johnny , Clambake , Follow that Dream, Kid Gallahad. But it looks like Fox now controls those films plus the 3 Fox films as shown in this new box set. It's confusing sometimes , the way these film catalogs are bought and sold . In any case the Paramount films except Loving You now belong to WB. They are in the process of re-releasing all of them individually , and also as the Lights Camera Action Blue Suede box set. They also have two multi disc sets due for this Spring combining MGM and Paramount films . You can get details at Interestingly one set combines King Creole , Jailhouse Rock, GI Blues , and Viva las Vegas , arguably 4 of Elvis best films .
I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 30, 2014report abuse
Good info Lou. So how many MGM films do Warner Bros also now own – is it all of them? This is quite a minefield! For instance I've got a "MGM Movie Legends" 4 DVD set which also has a 20th century Fox logo on the back & is distributed by them! But it looks like Warner are the people to petition. 'Loving You' with it's much larger Vistavision negative area would look brilliant on Blu-Ray. We can but hope..
Lou A (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 29, 2014report abuse
Some may not be aware that Warner Brothers nows owns 8 of Elvis's Paramount films ( all except Loving You). So they could effectively put out a 25 Bluray (and DVD) box set . They've already released a 17 movie box set. WB has 2 releases coming out shortly that will combine MGM and Paramount films . Unfortunately they are on DVD only so far. But who knows maybe we'll see an Elvis Mega box set on Bluray .
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 28, 2014report abuse
When VHS and DVDs came out the first catalogues to be exploited were Presleys and Eastwoods. Eastwoods movies have only recently started to trickle out on Blu Ray (excluding the box set) and Elvis' have barely been touched. Its a mystery indeed.
Lou A (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 28, 2014report abuse
I think they need to go back to the original film elements for Clambake ,and Falming Star and remaster from there. Clambake in particular looks washed out, and soft .Lets hope they spend the time and money to properly preserve these films when they prepare them eventually for Bluray
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 27, 2014report abuse
These films, desperately need to be upgraded in picture and sound. "Flaming Star" & "Clambake", from day one, have been poor picture & sound transfers. The films deserve the same "Tender Loving Care" that "Love Me Tender" (thankfully) recently received on Blu Ray and in general release. Better Technology in our TVs, DVD players, and sound systems, make these upgrades, essential. We, the loyal fans keep buying the same old poor transfers, and its time to stop buying, until the film companies, like 20th Century Fox, go back and remaster and treat these films, and the fans, with respect.
I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 27, 2014report abuse
Beyond "Love Me Tender", not one of these films have been released on BluRay. What exactly are the film companies waiting for? I think we now have 4 Elvis films out of 33 available on BluRay, which is a quite ridiculous situation. "Love Me Tender" is an excellent transfer, no idea if it has sold well, but hopefully we may get "Flaming Star" & "Wild in the Country" from 20th Century Fox. But for the moment the situation is frankly puzzling & frustrating. Anyone out there got any up to date info on possible further releases? What do we need to do to get these films released on BluRay?

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