The King # 20

From Finland we received "The King" magazine volume 20. The front flap is the seasons greeting from Finland. The first article matches that by showing a lot of Elvis Christmas cards. Just like the French My Happiness magazine the Finnish magazine makes a side step, to solitary man Neil Diamond (plenty of links to our men too here). Besides several reviews this magazine continues with articles on Elvis in 1959, the history of "When my Blue Moon Turns Gold Again", the latest news and Elvis concert from April 10, 1972. All that, and more, on sixty fully packed pages. For subscription details use the link below.
Source: Magazines: The King / Updated: Dec 18, 2004 

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I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 19, 2004report abuse
There is very little point in including the message "For subscription details use the link below" if it does not actually do this! The same applies to "My Happiness" French magazine. If you guys want the English speaking world to subscribe to your magazines then give us a clue how to do it. The same applies to the German "Graceland" magazine, & I can speak French & German!! Don't be so insular.

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