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The fourth Elvis detective by Daniel Klein, "Such Vicious Minds" A Murder Mystery Featuring Elvis Presley (ISBN: 0312319401) is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The content: "The King of Rock'n'Roll is back in the building for his fourth turn as sleuth in this highly acclaimed mystery series It's Memphis, 1965. An increasingly withdrawn Elvis passes his evenings at the Memphian movie house, endlessly watching Stanley Kubrick's "Dr. Stranglelove." His friends and hangers-on are starting to worry, and so is his famously hucksterish manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Things only get worse when the King finds out that someone has been disguising himself as Elvis in order to seduce his teenage fans, and that Colonel Tom's been paying off their parents to keep the scandal out of the press. When a photographer who claims to have documented these seductions is murdered ... and Colonel Tom is arrested for that murder ... the stakes becomes life and death."
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Tigerman-GB (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 3, 2004report abuse
Sounds great.

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