Still Second To Charity

The single "Devil in Disguise" is the highest new entry on this weeks UK singles chart at #2. The other "old timer" Tony Christie remains steady at #1. Elvis' previous re-issue single "Return to sender" dropped to #37 from last week's #5. Here is the latest Music Week Chart analysis: Christie's (Is This The Way To) Amarillo single suffered a 49.9% dip in sales to 130,700 but still outsold nearest challenger Elvis Presley's similarly parenthetical (You're The) Devil in Disguise by a margin of almost exactly five to one. Overall, the singles market slipped week-on-week by 29%, to 553,522. Even so, last week was the third biggest week of the year for the format. With only Crying In The Chapel, The Wonder Of You and Way Down to go in the Presley 70th birthday reissue campaign, (You're The) Devil In Disguise - which sold 26,279 copies last week - provides him with a top five debut for the 14th week in a row. When the record topped the chart 42 years ago, it was during a rich vein of chart domination by British artists - out of 28 number ones from the start of 1963 to October 1964, 26 were by homegrown acts, one by an Irish act (the Bachelors) based in the UK, and the other was Devil In Disguise. [...] Summary Singles Sales: Tony Christie: 130,716 Elvis Presley 26,729 Mariah Carey: 21,809 Kylie Minogue: 18,421 Lemar: 13,712
Source: Virgin - UK Top 40 Chart / Updated: Apr 3, 2005 
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Son Of Mark 64 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 6, 2005report abuse
I am amazed that Elvis has reached the top 10 with these rereleases in some cases it has almost been 50 years since they where first released. What do people want they are seling about 25K to 30k cds/records a time not bad for a deceased man. Peter Kay cd is for charity n I am glad its selling well if Elvis was alive today I am sure he would agree. with no air play a no 1 .2,3 and 5 position is great so just listen to the man and enjoy it has never been a better time since his death to be an Elvis fan so sit back and make the most of it all while it lasts
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 5, 2005report abuse
I think it is great Devil In Disguise getting to number 2.
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 5, 2005report abuse
Hi Sean Ryan...i accept and appreciate your apology.No, that is not me on another message board. Hope we can continue to enjoy reading eachothers responses on here.
Mister Cool (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 5, 2005report abuse
First week sales are consitent at around 26 to 28 thousand. So the only single which should have been #1 and wasn't was A Fool Such as I, had there been more copies for sale in the first week.Had a laugh bout Someone saying if you like R'n'R go see Shakin Stevens! I've seen Billy Lee Riley, Babara Pittman already this year. Chuck Berry gig coming up. Plus Wanda Jackson then Hemsby for Janis Martin and Jack Earls. July i'll be seeing the great Sonny Burgess. Fraid i'll have to give ol Shaky a miss... the Sunsets were ok though.. back in the 70's.
Viva (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
Number 2 is really something to be proud of. Remember: The first 6 or so singles SHOULD have got to No1, but due to a combination of abysmal and disgraceful actions by EPE, the media, record stores and BMG(partly) Elvis was robbed of the top slot on a number of occasions. At this point however, we have nothing to complain about- The singles are being beaten hands down, fair and square, by relatively massive sales by good ol' Tony Christie (There is absolutely nothing wrong with "Amarillo"- lighten up people) and others. You can't feel cheated by the fact that Elvis' singles are being out sold by 5 to 1, when your talking about a severely limited edition anyway! Just be proud that in the new millenium the King is still doing the King's things and achieving the unachievable in the British charts, with absolutely no help from anyone, and an entire industry trying to stop it - Now that's why he's the greatest.
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
Elvisgirl: Sorry , but i thought i had you mixed up with someone else who i thought was a MJ fan. She uses the same name as you on another messageboard.
Shaky (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
"I can't understand why DID hasn't made it what with all the hype with Lilo and Stitch couple of years ago". My kids also love DID purely through the scene in Lilo & Stitch - I did wonder if it would of been cheaper to buy that clip from Disnay than EPE's fees ;-)
ElFan (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
Hi CEP, I never thought about the connection between 'Surrender' and the James Bond theme before - but you're right!
CEP (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
Hey Jim, good to hear from you,and by golly I agree with everything you said.What a 3 months, who'd have thought this would happen in the late 80s! How on earth can we improve on this?As an aside have you noticed that the rythym line in Surrender is very like the James Bond theme.A remixed Surrender as the title tune to a Bond theme - great title for the movie too ! Hey SCSA, Elvis Girl and Emu have a good evening and thanks for the opinions.
Garydt (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
I'm totally sick of Amarillo but I'm not an Elvis fanatic! I just think it's a cheesy and irritating song. I'd much rather "Shiver" be No.1 as I like it! Anyway, stop bickering and do something constructive. Pester radio stations to play Crying in the Chapel as very apt this week regarding certain events and CITC will knock Amarillo off! Think of the headlins!
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
Yes Jim, we should applaud Elvis
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
CEP - I'm still here alive and well !
I like everyone consider myself to be a big Elvis fan, but I don't wear Elvis rose tinted glasses. I thought certain things were brilliant, Aloha and 68 Special DVDs and I think other areas are not (mainly EPE who have zero interest in developing Elvis in the UK / Europe, where his biggest fan base is). This is a forum and its my right to express my opinion, whether people agree with it or not.
This re-release campaign has been a massive success generally, and with no radio play, footage etc but what is frustrating is when Elvis fans continually knock other artistes. The Peter Kay / Tony Christie song / video is excellent and had raised thousands for charity. If somebody dares mention the words ''The Beatles'' in a sentence, we will have about 50 messages saying how much Elvis was better etc etc. Its these little things that make non-Elvis fans think we are all on another planet. As Elvis said himself, there is room for everybody, I get as much enjoyment listening to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Barbara Streisand, The Kinks, The Beach Boys, The Carpenters, Joe Longthorne, Abba etc etc as I do listening to Elvis, so lets all try and look at the bigger picture folks. For 20 odd thousand people a week to buy Elvis's records, nearly 30 years after he died, and also sell out on worldwide Elvis The Concert tours, is something quite amazing and we should applaud it.
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
Thanks emu for your kind words. i do have an open mind about other artists and music, so CEP i will NOT do as you say and stop contributing to the site, we all have the right to have our say!
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
Hello there CEP,rearrange these words-a out making of molehill a mountain! Saying we don`t like Amarillo doesn`t make people narrow-minded and doesn`t harm Elvis` image. People really need to get a grip of themselves,and stop throwing their toys out of the pram when they disagree with something. No-one said there should be an Elvis only chart,and yes we(i) am aware of Elvis` quote. Please people, pour yourselves a nice cooling drink, get off of your high chairs/high horses-whichever, and calm down. This song, through EVERYONE on this site,is causing far more discussions than it is actually worth. As for `nutty` Elvis fans,and `narrow minded fanatics`,i really must chuckle(haha)at drama queen reactions! Please guys,get a grip.If not liking Amarillo,and actually saying it(oh my god,shock,horror,i must be a loon) makes me the reason that Elvis doesn`t get played on the radio then maybe i should find another site...actually, nah, can`t do that, you`ll have to put up with this fanatic for a while longer-sorry!!!
CEP (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
ah well I guess it was too much to ask. Everyone of course is entitled to their opinion but it might be good to think it through before contributing it.(Show me the way to Ammarillo stupid !) . As mentioned before it is a huge problem for Elvis's credibility if a section of Elvis fans are generally viewed as narrow minded fanatics.This is the reason Elvis finds it so difficult to get airplay or the respect he deserves within the industry. There is a real stigma still prevailing about being seen to be siding with some of those nutty elvis fans. It is a big problem and I agree totally with Todd on this.The only way for Elvis to really get the credit he deserves is for the media to start to communicate with a different type of Elvis fan than they have before.So how you put across your opinion is of great importance to the whole Elvis brand.Some of the posts on this site recently have been very worrying almost as if as fans we have regressed 10 years.EPE and Sony/BMG are trying very hard to update the Elvis image and make it relevant for the 21st century - the onus is on the fans to do the same. I thought I'd never say this but come back Jim Semple !
cockney_bill (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
I'm just so pleased to see Elvis constantly in the Top 10 for the last few months. Of course Amarillo is there because of its charity connections, but so what? Would we complain if an Elvis single was used for charity and sold so much? P.S I'm going to see Shaky at his one off gig in Hammersmith on Wednesday!!!
shakyelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
It is just me or was it Elvis himself who said that there was room for all kinds of music on the charts. I personally am enjoying 'Amarillo' - especially as Shakin' Stevens is in the video. CITC is a great song, and I think we could see first week sales of over 30,000. Finally, if there are any rock 'n' roll fans out there, I would urge you buy the new Shaky CD out nesxt week - 11th. Long Live The King!
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
Good one ranger, the one i also like, with no play on words is Suspicious Minds heehee. By the way, thanks for the words emu. TCB
ranger (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
Good job they didn't choose 'Way Down (In The Opinion Polls)'. or 'Crying In The Cabinet'.. or 'Return To Opposition'.. or 'It's....Never'. OK, I'll stop now.
emu (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
Elvisgirl and scsa, pay no attention - I look forward to reading something from one of you when I next log on! Come on CITC. By the way people, in case you are interested, the Conservative party campaign song is going to be A Little Less Conversation
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
CEP; Why should we stop commenting? Perhaps people need to grow up a bit! Re-read the title of the topic we are commenting on,then re-read our comments,then tell us why disliking a particular song is winding Elvis fans up!
Tell me why Elvis` credibility suffers due to MY not liking Amarillo! Do i like U2, Oasis, Abba, Eagles-yeah. Do i like the current NO.1-NO. Is this current topic about being `still second to charity`-yes. Does it imply we can comment on our NO.2 and the charity NO.1-again, yes! I think there are too many people who don`t have a backbone in this world(generalisation, not intended as a slur on any particular person by the way) Me? if i don`t like something i say i don`t like it, full stop. If it comes down to a charting week(current topic and sticking to the point) then i`ll want Elvis to be NO.1 against whoever else is out.
ranger (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
GeorgeM, The point is that the Christie single is another 'tie-in', much beloved of the record industry, that appears the only way a single actually sells real figures these days. If it doesn't have a 'tie-in', be it film, sporting event (ALLC, let's be honest) or charity it will sell zip. How many copies did U2 and the Manic Street Preachers sell of their singles this year? It was about 30,000 and 13,000 respectively, wasn't it? Collectively, that's 9,000 less than Newcastle United got on Saturday.
No one thought two months ago (incidentally the original sketch is now two years old), 'I know what my record collection needs.. a Tony Christie CD'! And charity singles with that kind of publicity DO ALWAYS sell. It's old, it's kitsch, it's on the telly all the time; therefore, it sells. I'm pleased it's getting better Bernard; thanks to Todd for getting the singles into the shops, I haven't had too many problems since INON.
emu (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
CEP, maybe YOU should give this sight a rest. Elvisgirl and scsa have as much right as anyone to voice their opinions, whatever they are. Just because they have the chance to make more postings than you isn't their problems. They are also not stopping anyone else from sharing their own opinions, unlike you are trying to do. We all share he sentiment of wanting crying in the chapel and every other Elvis single to do as well as possible, so I do not see how you can ask for anyone to not contribute their opinions.
CEP (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
Scsa and Elvisgirl are you trying to wind everyone up or what? Good for Tony Christie , good for Elvis. Both good songs and a very funny video for Amarillo especially Ronnie Corbett. Great beating little Kylie and Maria Carey.
Can we get back to some sensible debates and reactions on this site - maybe you can stop contributing SCSA and Elvisgirl for a while, just let us have a little rest .... please. Remember that Elvis's credibility rests on the image that his fans portray of him - as mentioned before can we be a bit more open minded and appreciative of other talents.
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
Michael Who? Michael `i won`t come on stage unless you announce me as The King Of Pop`! His name is not fit for these pages,or to be associated with the Presley name(another topic altogether!) Anyway, i`ve just collected my copy of CITC-from reserve of course as there`s none on display-of course!!! TCB
SendToTodd (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
While we squabble amongst ourselves, let's not miss the bigger picture! Elvis eclipsed both Mariah Carey and Kylie Minogue on their first week of sales, which, only six months ago would have been unheard of, and they both enjoyed massive TV promotion, and I enjoyed seeing them perform, gagging to beat Elvis, but they lost he he! We Elvis fans have done well to ensure Elvis' chart placings in recent weeks, and I bet BMG-SONY are taking note of our power!
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
I agree with KingofWesternBop that being an Elvis fan these does cause a lot of ridicule in may people, the ammount of people who say to me when realising that i am 100% Elvis fan is....`Well, He's dead!`....that makes me so what if he is, that doesn't mean he isn't the greatest entertainer that ever drew a breath. And yes, Sean Ryan my opinion is that the song Ammarillo is daft and yes that is up to me....we all are entitled to our opinions, surely that is what elvisnews is about!!!! And lastly i would NEVER buy anything to do with Michael Jackson..i have never liked him.
Shaky (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2005report abuse
All though I don't wish to connect these issues I do find it strange that in a week of Global mourning for the Passing of the Pope our next single issue is 'Crying In The Chapel'
King Of Western Bop (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
After the fuss of the latest No.1 has died down Tony Christie will sink back into obscurity. As for being regarded as idiots by the general public, well we already are. The public's (or a large part of it) perception of Elvis is breathtaking in its ignorance. Try telling them about his influnce on music and they'll come up with some rubbish about "well you're an Elvis fan so you would say that". I find most people these days are rather ignorant about past events, be they Elvis related or not - and these are the same people who regard us as idiots. No surprise really. A throwaway society who care little about how the present has been influenced by the past. We truly are breeding a future race of morons, influenced by the shallow, banal and immoral. My god, morals! Still, I'm just one of those unfashionable types who still believes in them.
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
Hi, okee doke, fair enough, My basic meaning is it`s a song which is charity targeted/ video promoted/ heavily plugged/ novelty value etc etc versus `we know about it and nobody else does`, that`s all really!!! TCB
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
scsa, sorry but gonna have to disagree with you about Amarillo. The reason it got to NO.1 is cause it Features Peter Kay and has a great video. Very rare these days to watch a video and laugh your head off. Its a fun video. The single features the video when you buy it. Not many charity songs do well these days cause there is so many of them released so Amarillo doing well is not because its a charity song at all. Its a novelty song.
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
Hello MrBrown. how are we? Regarding my opinion of not having to like a charity record just because it`s charity, well that`s true we don`t have to like it. Regarding my wanting Elvis to be NO.1 every week because I think they`re all good, well that`s true also, i do like all of them and think they should get to NO.1. It`s called loyalty, in my opinion! Whether it`s a classic or a `filler` the voice is always great-in my opinion! Anyway, regarding Amarillo i have to disagree with you-for a change! it`s getting publicity BECAUSE it`s charity, therefore, again in my own opinion, it IS charity in the main that has goten it to NO.1. I believe charity-less it got to about NO.18 all those years ago?!
shaneleebrown (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
Amarillo was actually written by one of the greatest writers of pop music we have ever seen: Neil Sedaka - who also wrote Solitaire which, of course, Elvis recorded. It's not a bad song by any means, but cheesy - but hey so are many late Elvis films! I think it's right to say that publicity rather than charity has got it to number one.
scsa - aha! we meet again! I see you commenting that it's not true that we must like singles just because they are for charity. Isn't that similar to saying that just because it's an Elvis single it should be number one because it's a "good" song in your opinion? Again, as last week everybody should make up their own minds about what they buy.
As for Crying In The Chapel, I'm sorry folks but there is little chance for that next week. And I really don't think the passing of the Pope is going to make any difference on that one. The only way Crying in the chapel will get to number 1 or 2 is if the competition is particularly poor. Yes, it a good song and perfectly performed, but it's very subdued and there is no hook to catch the general public's attention at all - unlike the stop-start feel of Devil In Disguise.
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
I think its great that DID has got to number 2. Also great news that the Amerillo song is still this weeks chart topper. Like Todd said, its a great song, great video and making loads for charity. If Elvisgirl thinks its stupid then thats her opinion. At least there is no chance of Michael Jackson being seen in the charts any more. Who would buy anything that he records now? LOL
Garydt (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
I think we should pester all radio stations to play Crying in the Chapel to make the public aware of this wonderfully sung religious song throughout the week!
GeorgeM (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
Do we need the same comment on each though about why each should be number 1 and sell more, bore bore bore..... Simple maths over the last few weeks alone will tell you that each number 1 has sold approximately twice the number of sales that each Elvis single has. Each Elvis single does extremely well to sell £28000 or so. This second placing is not a reflection of which single is better or which artist, so why argue that point e.g some fan said Tony Christie's song is crap or words to thsat effect, It is not crap, a lot of the general public are buying It because they haven't got it and they like it, not simply because It is a charity single. That comment was absurd about TC's single only selling as It's a charity single. The charity aspect has brought it to the public's attention, the quality of the song and Peter Kay's comic talent on the great video has done the rest. I am one of Elviis biggest fans but I do look at things a little more realistically than some others on these pages. People opinions are important. My query was perhaps the posting areas need reviewing so the web site isn't full or regurgitation and silly arguments (including mine)!!!
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
GeorgeM...hmm,i do believe the comments you don`t like reading are always appearing because,incase you hadn`t realised,there are singles being released 18 weeks in a row,thus leading to chart positions,thus leading to sales figures,thus leading to fan comments about what we think about them! TCB
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
Don't read it then!!
GeorgeM (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
Maybe Elvisnews should review the areas people can make contributions as much of what is written seems to get a little bit silly and not worthy of reading in the first place!!?? How many times do we need to read about other fans who feel every one of the singles should be Number 1 and why etce tc. Which single BMG should release next and why It will get to number 1 etc etc. Bah Humbug! Number 2 is great by the way, really.
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
Well said scsa!! TCB
ranger (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
I'm also a bit confused by Todd's reaction. The original sketch on Peter Kay's TV show ('Phoenix Nights', already two years old) was funny, but it was funny because of the ridiculous idea that two supposedly tough Northern bouncers would find Tony Christie hip. That's the joke. If it makes money for charity, OK, but do you understand why it was a joke in the first place? The pop chart is itself ridiculous and, trust me, Tony Christie is no Bob Dylan! How can you be 'thrilled' it's still at No.1? Charity records will always sell. Great though Peter Kay (the comedian) is, this record has very little to do with him other than through association, and is just another naff chart go with the other 99.9%!
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
I really don`t understand why it bugs so many people when some of us don`t like particular songs that are above The King in the charts? As regards some of us being seen as `idiots`,well if there are people out there who don`t have the bottle to stick up for The King,and who think we MUST like a particular song because it`s for charity then i don`t think it`s `us` who are idiots! TCB
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
Whatever is up with Todd?....i cannot possibly see how Lilo and Stitch was scary, kids loved it and it certainly promoted Elvis in a good way again with his music....And if CITC does get to number 1 because people will feel more for a religious song this week after what has happenend this weekend then i don't think it is at all disgusting!
SendToTodd (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
Why is it that when is doing so brill chart-wise some Elvis fans have to spoil it. I'm thrilled for Tony Christie and his track Amarillo being number 1 in the charts, because it's a well sung song, an ace video and its making mega-bucks for charity. And as for "Crying in the Chapel" being linked-in with the Holy Father's death - well thats just obscene even to suggest it. There has to be a degree of tollerance within the Elvis community otherwise we will all be considered as idiots by the public at large. Because Elvis' music was included in "Lilo & Stitch" it doesn't mean an automatic passport to number 1. It was a dreadful film, that scared to death most young viewers.
I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
Great news. This is the first single where the stocks have actually been adequate in this part of the world & it has obviously helped sales. (Having said that, HMV Yeovil still only has pre-orders, there are none for sale in the shop, & never have been with any of the current singles, so there is still room for improvement. Nevertheless, let's see if we can do this again with Crying In The Chapel!!
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
Oh yeah i forgot about that! Shame they weren`t released at the same time-definitely would`ve been NO.1 then! TCB
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
Glad to hear that DID is the highest entry but disappointed that it has been kept from being number1 by that stupid Ammarillo song!!I can't understand why DID hasn't made it what with all the hype with Lilo and Stitch couple of years ago i thought that the children would have gone for nephew who is 6 years old is absolutly potty about it and had asked his Mum to go out and buy it for him
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2005report abuse
I assume this is the same chart as TOTP, so i`m very pleased with that. Well done everyone who bought it(or tried to). Fingers, Toes,everything crossed for our last pre-download hope CITC. Come On King! TCB

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