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Again ElvisNews.com and BMG Nederland offer you a chance to win a copy of (hopefully, since it is about time Elvis has another #1 hit) the next UK #1 single "Surrender" this week. All you have to do is tell us what album resulted from the sessions at which "Surrender" was recorded. The quiz is closed. The winner of our 6th quiz is: Annemarie, congratulations! The answer was of course "Muss I Denn". One lucky person who enters one of the quizzes over all 17 consecutive weeks from January 3 to April 25, will win the complete CD-singles box. If you can’t wait that long, you can order the complete sets on CD or vinyl using the links below.
Source: BMG NL / Updated: Feb 13, 2005 
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mtm1a (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2005report abuse
me again,scrap my last comment! i`ve just nipped out of work to have a quick look in my local HMV,There are 12!! shelves split between 3singles, The Game, JLopez, and LLCoolJ. you know, that really good music which contains lots of one times, two times,yeah yeah c`mon c`mon etc!
I was told they are only `given` 4copies of each Elvis single each Monday,and they have all been reserved(1 of each by me). What chance do we have? i`m beginning to wonder how we even got 3 NO.1s!
mtm1a (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2005report abuse
surrender WILL be NO.1-i`ve decided! That`s the bottom line!
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2005report abuse
Surrender is the shortest if you only count the Elvis number 1s in the uk. Yes Surrender does deserve to get to number one but that does not mean it will
RobIrish (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2005report abuse
Deke Rivers you of all people should know that "Party" was the shortest single ever, and it being from "Loving You" too. I think Surrender is a power house of a passionate outburst from Elvis , deserves to be number one easily !
Deke Rivers 6 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2005report abuse
Thank's Pacer 1965. Love "Flaming Star"
dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2005report abuse
long legged girl
mtm1a (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
i`m prob wrong,but i`ve heard in the past that `party`was the shortest No.1 ever...?
E.J.F... (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
At a timing of 1:27, "Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)" is, I believe, the shortest Elvis single to chart. Surrender is 1:52 long!
mtm1a (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
when i 1st heard about this campaign,i was hoping for maybe a few top10s,but after the start we had,and what they are doing to hold us back because of that start,i`d prob be disappointed with `only` top5s! i still recognise it as being great and an unnmatchable achievement,but can`t stop adding up the possible No.1s the King could get.Greedy...?
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
I love Surrender its a great song. It is a bit short though its a pity Elvis did not do a longer version of it. I dont think it matters if Elvis does not get to no 1 anymore with the rest of the singles. If they get in the top 5 I will be very happy. Love what you said Deke about totp (lol)
Deke Rivers 6 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
I will be surprised if "Surrender" get's to No1.. it's far too short mind you you, if it does TOTPs can play the whole tune, it's just over a minute isn't it. Shortest record in history I believe.
hedgehog (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Is it BMG or the record shops who are deliberatly keeping ELVIS from the top of the charts.Go to most record stores today and youll get wooden heart. So who is to blame my feeling is SONY are doing this in favour of newer artists,because they cant be bothered about ELVIS .Its about time BMG stood up and said what is going on.we will not SURRENDER but without supplies being put on the shelves we all have a broken wooden heart.Any one got d the direct E-mail address of the top nob at BMG please post it here so we can all slag them off direct.Somthing might then be done.ELVIS deserves better treatment than this ,hes kept RCA/BMG in profits for years are they now not bothered.
Emily (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
How come when i click on the link to send my answer the address just comes up as uk and wont send ?? what is the address to send the answer to?

ElvisNews: editors@elvisnews.com
Elvos (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
Really nice to give them away. But BMG could better fill the stocks. Have them ordered "the vinyls" still only have 2 till now. Still miss the first single incl box and 2nd single. Spoke to some Record shop owners, if you ask about the Singles they get paranoid!! Finally they bring some cd's that do sell and now they don't know to keep their stocks stacked!! BMG In this case you would get an official warning! 3 warnings your out. that's how it works, Total dissapointment!! But maybe they can make it up!?

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