Preview Elvis Portraits

Here are four preview pictures of the new JAT book "Portraits" which is due for release April 8, 2008.
Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Apr 1, 2008 

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Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 8, 2008report abuse
You Tube has a trailer on it. From what Ive seen nice quality, however, Ive seen many of the photos before.
commoneverybody (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2008report abuse
Alright folks, thanks for the warning! :-) Guess i just wait until its been released, and then see what it looks like. One more thing: on the promotional website for this book there are a few more photos shown, and they are also real stunning.....
GeertFromNl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2008report abuse
And don't forget,commoneverybody,that the pictures in the Tunzi-books and the footages on Tunzi DVD's are very often WRONGLY DATED!!! Hot Shots and Cool Clips Vol.3. was a complete disaster - it contained at least 3 misdated footages. Sloppy work and irracionally high prices.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2008report abuse
commoneverybody - be careful. You may be seeing the best of the book right here with these photos. Ive always been a liitle let down when I finally get the Tunzi product in hand, espacually his DVD. If they were half the cost, Id say, ok they are worth it. But he charges way too much (as do FTD)
GeertFromNl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2008report abuse
Why? Because he likes money very much. He's a businessman and money is more important to him than the fans. Unfortunately we have the same problem with BMG... The FTD's are also overpriced.
commoneverybody (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2008report abuse
Hi Geert, i´m not rich ( wish i was) but i just select carefully the items i´d like to buy. Instead of countless soundboard FTD cds, i prefer a beautiful picture book like this one!
japio (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2008report abuse
I like the photos. But the price is too much. But that's the problem with tunzi. Why? But buy Ftd. I read many times that you get almost nothing new on FTD? So that's also the same. The price of FTD is also too high
GeertFromNl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2008report abuse
You're probably very rich,commoneverybody. Unlike most of us... These photos are nice,indeed,but i have seen them elsewhere. If not these,then very similar ones. There's no book which worths $90 (for me,at least). No matter how many unreleased beautiful pictures are in the book. The Tun$i products are not for the poor fans,i'm afraid... You may see dollar signs in his eyes.
commoneverybody (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2008report abuse
He oldscudder, if you have nothing serious to say, please dont say anything at all. These are great publicity pics of our hero, and, yes, IF the price is 90 dollars, i´m still gonna buy it anyway, cause its looks awesome. I´m sure that the quality of the book will be worth the money.
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 2, 2008report abuse
$90.00 for a book. No info. on how many pages, text or no text, hardcover or soft. The pics shown are not worth buying the book. They look like previously released or close outtakes. I guess Tunzi is taking a page fron EPE give the suck..., err fans outtakes to gobble up. There are all guys commenting on this, with the exception of the ever omnipresent & brilliant Steve V, I hope you guys are not taking this book into a locked bathroom.
As for Bryan he's probably just buzzed out an an expensive Starbucks Latte Super Grande which he was happy to pay 4 bucks for. So for him what the hecks $90.00 for a book especially an Elvis book. Must make a lot of money as he's in such a positive mood these days. Glad the ecomomy hasn't stopped him from spending. Hey thats what this country needs to stimulate the ecomony a bunch of big spenders. Go Bryan.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 2, 2008report abuse
I have no doubt it's a nice book. But $90.00? Too much. I can buy 3 "classic" album releases for that money. Then as Steve V points out there's the ever rising price of gas.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 2, 2008report abuse
Bryan - we are not being negative about the book itself but about the price. As Geert stated, it comes to 90.00 with shipping. What book is worth that? Ive always felt Tunzi products have been overpriced. This one is very expensive in my opinion, but if folks buy, the prices will continue to rise. Id rather save it for gas!
GeertFromNl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 2, 2008report abuse
I would buy it for $40,but not for $90!!! (Retail $69.95 + Shipping & Handling: $20.00). I don't doubt that it's a nice book,but for $90 it's way too expensive and i simply can't afford it! Instead of this i rather buy 6 FTD CD's (3 double FTD's) from about the same amount of money.
Bryan (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 2, 2008report abuse
I Agree with u Shakingruud!! absolutely AWESOME!!! i want this book too!! and to all the others who are so negative most of the time? it's getting boring be positive for once.. all those negative comments makes me ill.. jeeezzz
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 2, 2008report abuse
WOW! great stuff! He looked so cool in the 50s en 60s. This one is on the top of my list!
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 1, 2008report abuse
Nice but not for $70.00, thank you!
GeertFromNl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 1, 2008report abuse
No thanks!

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