October FTD Release Dates

According to several websites the October 2008 Follow That Dream releases should arrive around October 20th. at the dealers. The titles of the CDs are "Elvis Country" in the Classic Album re-issue series and the regular live release entitled "Nevada Nights" containing material recorded April 1974 in Las Vegas

Despite the postponing of the "In Person" re-issue you still get the free promotional CD from ShopElvis.eu when you order In Person, Elvis Country and Nevada Nights at the same time.

Source: World Wide Elvis / Updated: Oct 12, 2008 
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Josh&Jody (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 21, 2008report abuse
Great releases coming...but let us know fast about the upcoming December FTDs. Can't wait to purchase those...ONLY hope that they carry the right stuff/songs we have been waiting for so long ! Any tracklisting available yet ? Ain't you guys also waiting for those other MISSING Classic albums and their BONUS songs plus outtakes ? We are sure Jerry, Steve, Ron, Mike and Gene will agree: NOW album should include AmTril, It'sOLove, Sound o/y cry, I'm Leav, For 1st time, KRain and Where Lord. Whereas the bonus songs to be added on the classic FOOL album should incl.BurnL, Matter oT, SepWays, Alw o/m Mind, SteamrB, MyWay. What do y'all think of this. Mike and many other fans want to spend their hard-earned money on "intelligent" releases like these two, but also the EPBLVD upcoming CD on FTD which should contain also those 6 studio songs from MBue album. We disagree somewhat with our Mature EP pal: we still believe that the excitement for FTD releases & better, creative marketing should be maintained and be sure that BMG still has lots more stuff in the vaults for us. We also dig Mike's interesting idea/suggestion to put EP's last movie songs all together on one FTD digipack. However, let it be known that we heard an alternative idea of releasding perhaps an FTD titled Cowboy Elvis, carrying songs and outtakes from FlStar, Stay A Joe and Charro; while the remaining three (CofHabit, LaLLaL and TrWGirls) could be on a seperate digipack FTD. Let us all share our ideas so that the decisions makers who read this forum also know what we want in the near future, right guys ?
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 13, 2008report abuse
Wouldnt it be nice if there was just a release date given and then the label actually stayed with the release date,this notion that the collectors label is a side job to be done in peoples spare time is annoying,since after all the cd's are double the price of other regular releases!

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