No Cincinnati And Indianapolis On The July FTD Releases

Several sites mention that rumour has it that the July 1 release from the FTD label will contain Elvis’ last two concerts from Cincinnati and Indianapolis from June 25th and 26th, 1977. We asked Ernst Jorgensen for confirmation, his reaction: "the rumour is not true - not at all!!!".
Source: Ernst Jørgensen / Updated: May 19, 2007 
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Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2007report abuse
Mature, it's a question of degree and tone. That's an important distinction. No one is saying FTD is beyond criticism. Far be it from me to say that fans on a forum shouldn't have an opinion. That's obvious and a given.

However, it's a question of whether criticism is truly fair or whether it's just garden-variety bitching. We all have our likes and dislikes and I think it's important to couch our criticisms within that context, and yes, with a degree of respect and perspective. The world doesn't owe us an FTD and that's all I point out as a corrective when it begins to be open-season on "Clambake" or "Live In LA" or "Unchained Melody," three releases that satisfied some and then not others. FTD does not seek to re-write history but rather delve deeper on each session, soundtrack or live show. Ernst or Roger don't pretend that every title is going to be desirable to casual or even committed fans. Again, it's a *"specialty"* label and let's not forget it.

Whether a deeper excursion (unheard live show along with photos or outtakes of an "iffy" soundtrack) helps us appreciate a set any more is really ultimately a question of how much someone has to have (and appreciate) "everything" - every last drop, etc. And I say this as someone who frankly gets satiated on all the above, to the point where I've been too busy to hear everything I've bought in its entirety, not that I don't plan on it. And thank god for other artists to check out on occasion just for perspective and context.

FTD has more than met the match of the import world if only because they have such a committed, renowned (if occasionally imperfect) Elvisphile at the helm, one Ernst Jorgensen. I think the wrong kind of criticism plays into a kind of death spirral of criticism.

On a related note, Steve V. is entiled, as you are, naturally to have his likes and dislikes. But let's face it, folks, the man known as Elvis Aron Presley is no longer here to record new material. The live tape archive is a natural thing to exploit, much more than the already depleted outtake archive of sessions, so if returns are dwindling, blame it on a man who died at a mere 42 thirty years ago, not a specialty label that attempts to bring out what it has on hand, in a quality presentation by and large, for the fans who may want it.

Could they be cheaper? You betcha. American fans in particular have raised this issue (myself included particularly on FECC) but at this point, it's all gravy. That's all I'm saying.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on May 30, 2007report abuse
July 2007 FTD releases: Nashville '71 - Raised On Rock - Easy Come, Easy Go.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on May 29, 2007report abuse
Interesting debate. As someone who grew up in the 50's & 60's, I bought every Elvis 45, EP, LP, reel to reel, 8 track, etc when he was alive and continued to buy into the 80's. I still have the whole collection and in mint condition, so I consider myself a fan. Since the reissue craze , I picked & chose what I wanted to buy. The 25th anniv boxset for example because it had so many unreleased tracks, the CD boxsets and things like that. When I heard about the FTD collectors label I was thrilled. Now, I cant believe it, but I dont buy all the FTD releases. In fact, I may have less than half. Why? I guess cost is the main factor and for me all those live 70's shows are just not exciting anymore and a Clambake classic album series FTD is a joke. So to each his own. Not buying everything the man did doesnt mean your are not a fan.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 29, 2007report abuse
why? because i have bought every ftd release thats why! and every ftd is not great,and ftd seems to need some help,the imports blow them out of the water with quality,you act as though im the only one who doesnt like everything,by the way giving our oppions is between us fans, i never said ernst cared what we think,it us fans that keep ftd going really,after all we buy them,and again i have every one do you?i guess personal oppions are fine but negative are not,its not as though i say the ftd label is crap ,i say time and time again that the ftd label has made many great releases,if you dont like my oppions then why not just read and move on,you fail to reply to posts were i praise a release!
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on May 28, 2007report abuse
Mature, as someone who is at least a good seven years older than you, I at least recall the bad old days of the '70s and '80s when RCA kept reissuing the same old stuff and basically kept the vault shut. FTD does not need a never-ending drumbeat of "I don't like this because it's not my personal favorite. Hey, we all have our favorite eras but why put down stuff you don't have to buy? It's a specialty market - by definition, not for those who are "not completists." No one is saying you don't have a right to be here (I wouldn't be that presumptuous), but why come on here and be negative about that you yourself are not interested in? After all, you're just one fan of many and obviously you've made your point already.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 28, 2007report abuse
By the way i know ftd's plan to release a show from every tour,theres still a few projects that i will be happy to buy, On tour shows, nasheville 71, stax sessions and 75 sessionsbut it seems the stax sessions will be on the classic series,i do thknk there comes a time when the live shows will be just too boring to buy or release,of course we cant change that,by the way i ordered those american way series,you people talked me into it!
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 28, 2007report abuse
So maybe by beating that drum,it will get released, just like people beat the drum over sun material,which i have no interest in,live in la was a waste and im a 70's fan,and just because i dont wont anymore boring shows or vegas shows which are even worse,doesnt mean i dont have reason or right to vistit here!
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on May 28, 2007report abuse
Mature: "Boring" is quite subjective: clearly there is fan interest (that is, among those hard-core fans who buy the hard-to-find FTD label releases) in such live shows. I don't blame you for beating the drum, but FTD is clearly about trying to please various demands for rare material. "Live" Elvis material will a source that they won't stop tapping into anytime soon.
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on May 28, 2007report abuse
P.S. to Jerry Nodak, who wrote: "Just because a private party owns something "Elvis" and doesn't wish to share it with the world doesn't make them selfish. It's their stuff to do with as they please. Just because its Elvis doesn't mean fans are entitled."
In a technical sense you are right, but one would hope that someone sitting on rare Elvis material (at a time when the fan base is fast aging and arguably already peaked) realize that they have a responsiblity to the historical record to see any such material released sooner than not later, lest the material (presumably on tape) does not further deteriorate with age.
There is a reason why even RCA Victor recordings eventually fall prey to the "public domain" law: the notion that history (and Elvis' place in it) is more important at one point (once profit has been made by the initial artist and his immediate family) than an individual's ability to make a killing (unlikely in 2007) on a rare Elvis tape. There is little left that would make the mainstream media either be interested outside of a bonus track here or there to play up yet another recompile of his hits. It might get a line or two in press releases, but (sadly) the CD (and record label era) is fading as we speak.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 28, 2007report abuse
Because im still a fan is why i vistit, and i beat the drum for nasheville 71 because its one release i would like to see and not released on the classic albums series, ftd picks the most boring shows to release and many time there vegas which are alsmot always boring excpet for aug of 70, in fact id almost say id rather have the imports than ftd, if it were not for the fact i am intersted in some of the session outtakes!
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on May 28, 2007report abuse
Boy, you sure beat that drum for the '71 Nashville sides, "Mature!" The folks behind FTD are clearly marching their way through the catalog and presumably will get to those sessions. As for being bored about '70s live shows, I hate to say it but we all need to own up to the fact that Elvis Presley (1935-1977) has a recorded output that is *finite.* Numerous live shows will continue to be dusted off in the years to come. Why? In most cases, because they haven't been heard or a better tape has been discovered. If you're bored with this prospect, it's probably unwise to visit the "ElvisNews" website. The notion that there is much in the way of "news" coming from a performer dead three decades should give us all pause.
I myself occasionally tire of the same songs (which is why I enjoy other music and other acts, mostly of a classic nature) but I say that we fans should congratulate and encourage labels like Straight Arrow or Madison or the official releases on FTD when they deem fit to release a live show. If you're not interested, why visit a hard-core fan website in the first place?
P.S. In the meantime, his last two shows are of mostly-historical interest and comparably are much more "on" then much of the final TV Special on CBS. If you've missed it and care to hear "Elvis history", check out the recent upgrade of "Since Cincinnati"... from the usual fine suspects.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 27, 2007report abuse
Id like a release of nashville 71 or a show from Elvis on tour ,im not intersted in any rmore vegas shows,they bore me to sleep,im also not holding my breath for the last show or next to last show,i doubt they would improve the shows from the already released imports!
RonBaker (profilecontact) wrote on May 24, 2007report abuse
I hope if it's "Elvis in Concert" they delete all the fan chatter...that really bugged me...on the album and on the cd.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 24, 2007report abuse
Theres an idea,people do seem to think those shows recorded for Elvis in concert featured his lasty show,although fans would know better right? i dont know if they would release the omaha show at all,what ya think? has it been said that they would do a release on this material?
DJB (profilecontact) wrote on May 24, 2007report abuse
Could those who've spawned this rumour might have these last 2 shows mixed up with the Omaha/Rapid City concerts from the same tour? Might we be getting the "Elvis In Concert" 7 inch re-issue?? This would be an equally appropriate anniversary release, lets hope so!!
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 23, 2007report abuse
Were either show recorded on soundbaord,or is it all rumors? i dont wont a audiance recording if its same as the already released imports,i think thats a simple enough question,im sure they wont release both at same time,2 concerts for price of one? come on now lol!
Rob Wanders (profilecontact) wrote on May 23, 2007report abuse
I love the (audience-recording I have from Cincinatty and Indianapolis (Adios, the final performance). Speccially that last one. It would be wonderful to have it in even better quality.
Tony D. (profilecontact) wrote on May 22, 2007report abuse
These concerts are historic and the recordings we have are excellent. The UK fan club magazine is listing them for sale in the latest issue!
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on May 21, 2007report abuse
Thank God! That would have been the first one to skip for me!
Pedro Nuno (profilecontact) wrote on May 21, 2007report abuse
Excellent news! Let's keep those concerts in the vaults, because, whether we like it or not, it does not show what The King was able to do. It’s a smart thing to do not to release it this Year. He had a great voice you my say. Yes he had, but was able to use it only in 2 or 3 songs, and his presence on stage was long gone. Elvis last decent concerts were the 5 days tour from 27 to 31 of December in 1976.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 21, 2007report abuse
Jimmy the japan lp i mentioned is a cd its just comes in a lp style case,sorry i wasnt too clear with my description,if you dont have it,id surely get it,as for the madison sqare garden shows thats right they only taped 2 from june 12,and steve your lucky,id love to have seen just one show,but as me being 32 seeing him in 72 would have been a little difficult for me lol ,i was only 6 months old when he gave those great shows in asheville which is a hour up the road from me,those shows would have been nice also!
JimmyCool (profilecontact) wrote on May 21, 2007report abuse
Steve V, I think RCA recorded jut the afternoon and the evening concert of June 12th, 1972 at the MSG and that's all. Mature_Elvis_Fan75, I'm a son of the CD Era, we don't have LPs, we don't like it, we want those concerts on CD with good sound/mixes.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on May 21, 2007report abuse
mature - I was at all 4 MSG shows. I thought the best was the Sunday afternoon show. I wouldnt mind that one coming out, but of course I'm being a tad selfish since I would like it as a souvenir. I thought when RCA orig put out the LP in 1972, they picked the worst of the 4 shows since ELvis had a sore throat/cold for the Sat eve performance. Typical of RCA though!
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 21, 2007report abuse
We have an afternnoon in the garden and at madison sqare garden (japan mini lp edition)in great sound, why would we need them again?
boris (profilecontact) wrote on May 20, 2007report abuse
Elvis' last concert was far from what he did in 1974 or 1975 not to mention many concerts in 1973 and, of course, in the previous years. To be fair the concert was OK wich means the end was about what Elvis tried to get for the TV show... It came too late but as we know everthing had come to and end. This said I must admit I played this concert many many times and you can't help but get emotional at the beginning of "can't help falling in love" when people in the audience start shouting begging for an encore realizing the show is almost said and done... Sony/BMG have other options regarding 1977 including Elvis' last album (plus outtakes), the Elvis in concert recordings (both shows), Elvis at the Madison Square Garden (both shows 35 years after), to mention a few. Also I have some idea about a more comprehensive overview of his career that he would finally deserve 30 years after he passed away.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 20, 2007report abuse
I use to get my ftd's from a us seller,and i always got those order forms,i dont think one time was the cd mentioned for preorder cancelled or didnt get released ,ernst is way to coy for my taste, yes im glad to have ftd but the game of cat and mouse is a bit much, i dont hang on every owrd he says or hold my breath for every release or news or each release, do i wont to know whats going to be releases? yes of course,accroding to what he has said these wont be released in july if even one is released then well you get what im saying, (sorry im being coy) lol
Graeme J (profilecontact) wrote on May 20, 2007report abuse
Pity, the update that was supplied with the last F.T.D release from the fan club had the order form for the last two shows, being June 25th at Cincinnati and June 26th in Indianapolis in a two CD set and in Superior Audience recordings. So now we will have to see what else is going to be release instead.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 20, 2007report abuse
Mofo your asking for it lol,(joking) its about image image image.his last concert sound pretty good to me, yes i know it wasnt 69 or the 50's but still pretty good,i wouldnt mind these 2 concerts being released by ftd,anything thats not from vegas would be welcomed by me,as for ernst ,hes a coy bugger isnt he lol,but i dont sweat it,id still like a answer for a questions thats been asked a million time,s why no liner notes in the standard ftd' releases,iglad to have ftd, but improvments are how we get from there to here!
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on May 20, 2007report abuse
this sucks i want something from 1977 to be released in its entirety. why do people that run bmg/sony, epe and elsewhere neglect that he did have some great performances. heck i heard his last concert was basically his best since 1973 he saved the best for last so why cant we get the best ? and why in the world wont they deliver what the fans want elvis did it do they think they are better than elvis? if elvis didnt want to perform he wouldnt have gone on stage them concerts he performed for the fans.
SendToTodd (profilecontact) wrote on May 19, 2007report abuse
That's odd because Ernst told me eight weeks ago that a twin pack of both concerts would be the most likely release for July 2007, to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the shows, and as a result we went with that information. Once we published the report seven weeks back there was no denial. That said, have you noticed that there is no post 1973 material being released at this time, and nothing from 1977. As we say in the UK, someone over the pond might just be throwing their dummy out of the pram! (For our American friends that is roughly translated as "Spitting their comforter out of the stroller.)
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on May 19, 2007report abuse
dear Jerry, It's not selfish but probably untrue. And if true, no one would keep this in 'private hands' after all these years. Anyway, always nice to dream..
marco31768 (profilecontact) wrote on May 19, 2007report abuse
Those two concerts would be too much for a fan...
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on May 19, 2007report abuse
Just because a private party owns something "Elvis" and doesn't wish to share it with the world doesn't make them selfish. It's their stuff to do with as they please. Just because its Elvis doesn't mean fans are entitled.
JimmyCool (profilecontact) wrote on May 19, 2007report abuse
I've heard that story very often about those soundboards on private hands. It's a shame how selfish people keep those things away from us. I don't see the point of having something and not sharing it. who know in what conditions those recordings are. It would have been such a good idea to mix the June 26th soundboard with the audience recording to give it more ambience. I've tried with a few and it sounds so cool.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on May 19, 2007report abuse
so much left to hope for..
2kisses&3scarfs (profilecontact) wrote on May 19, 2007report abuse
Too bad! It would be nice to have these two concerts finally released by FTD. Oh well, maybe sometime in the future. . .
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 19, 2007report abuse
Good ole ernst a man of few words lol,so what will the releases be? nashville 71 on tour show,whats your guesses? anyone?
baggypants (profilecontact) wrote on May 19, 2007report abuse
Good god ! Some of you here are talking out of your ears! Wiebe ( Dutchie, right?) the guy who had recorded both Indy and Cincinnati, died years ago. Ernst has a good copy of both the concerts from these Dutch recorded audience tapes. His name : Gerard Zuman. He was a friend of mine since the mid 60s. His family, wife and son, have nothing, whatsoever, to do with what might happen with these recordings in the future... They were, after all taped without permission. Both original soundboards do exist , and are in the collection of a soundengineer living in Australia. He's not interested in selling the tapes. He's loaded already. And further more, he doesnt like FTD. Clear enough for you, laddy?
Wiebe (profilecontact) wrote on May 19, 2007report abuse
The problem with that crystal clear audiotape is that the guy who owns it is asking for too much money. Too bad. The guy will have to die before his relatives will be able to sell it to us at a reasonable price. I'm sure there is lots of other good stuff to look forward to.
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on May 19, 2007report abuse
What a great rumor! Too bad its not true. Maybe FTD is skeptical about releasing more audience recorded shows? They did a fine job with the Pittsburgh 76 show, albeit recorded from the audience, so I wouldn't let that scare me off. I keep hoping for something top notch from FTD along the lines of a 77 era concert. I've given up on "In Concert" being released on DVD, but I still hold out hope for revised "In Concert" CD: A double CD of both shows recorded by CBS without the goofy fan comments and in stereo sound. That would be fantastic.
RJ (profilecontact) wrote on May 19, 2007report abuse
We have the complete Indy show in crystal clear, stereo, audience recorded audio. So what's the problem?
MarkE (profilecontact) wrote on May 19, 2007report abuse
this is sad news, was looking forward to them :-(

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