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After The King Creole Book/CD FTD will release Good Times on vinyl. It will be released August, 2010.

Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Jul 5, 2010 
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mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 26, 2010report abuse
By the way,i dont how what i say has the wrong tone,i tell what i dont like,i dont make personal attacks about anyone. I will never like the classic album idea,im not a vinl guy so maybe thats part of it,and i didnt even mention the foggy I found my thrill cd i got,that i had to clean and thankfully it wasnt damaged,no i know thats not ernie fault,hect maybe sony tell him what he can release and when,i just want the best product. When ftd release hampton roads i and the sound is right and no errors,i will post how great of an release it is ok? Really i like to think of myself as a good friendly person. Have fun ,its only music
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 26, 2010report abuse
Yes im critical of Ftd ,im just as critical of imports,i have seen some of your comments and lately you seem to admit that ftd isnt perfect, now lets be honest alot of people dont want to give there true view because they know they will be labeled as complainer, hect i get personal attacks for no reason. If that doesnt fit you then im not talking about you, i honestly just want the best efforts from the label. Look i have bought all Ftds releases, i wont be buying the King creole book project, so i feel i have the right to give my view, it doesnt mean other will agree, and nor do i expect everyone to agree with me, but like i say, there will be people who will not like every release that comes out, theres too many fans out there to think all reviews will be postative on a release.

My biggest gripe with ftd are
(1)No booklets with there didi pack releases,they should be in every release
(2)Bad editing and mastering9
(3)Allowing people line lene redel(not sure how ist splled) to work on releases after fans have showed there dislike for there work(i know that point goes with point 2
(4)Classic album series,yes i know most or many love it,but i dont like the oversized covers that are very easy to arrive damaged and the use of outtakes i have already bought,some of us arent rich.
(5)No communication from the people behind the label,sometimes i feel like they think there doing us favor,and the lack of a website.
(6)High prices ,with no official website to order from,some sellers are getting $45 to $50 for each release
(7)No On Tour Shows,10 years into the label and no shows from On Tour?

Ok so that sounds like i hate the label right? i dont,i love releases like The wonder of you , One night in vegas & Polk salad annie,i do which they had came with a booklet, such great content should come with some info. I really hope ftd does the On Tour material the right way,i will be the first to praise an On Tour Concert if its done the right way. Releases like On Stage & From Elvis in memphis (Legacy edition)were did with care and come off looking like a classy product,i just want the same from Ftd. These releases are not free and saying there use to be no new Elvis material is no reason to not expect the best.
HowGreatEP (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 21, 2010report abuse
Really, couldn't care less about new (read: OLD) vinyl records being released ! Where is PromLand, EPBlvd & MBlue
on FTD with their outtakes ??
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 20, 2010report abuse
"Love to agree?" I'm just calling for some long-time fan perspective. You've earned a one of the most critical fans out there so I'm sure my comments got under your skin but that was not the intent. I've been as critical for many years about the worst parts of the management of RCA's catalog (under BMG and now Sony) for years (duplicative releases, ignoriing the original titles, ec.) and likewise have criticized FTD consistently - but always constructively and in the right tone. I've never seen anyone say that FTD or Mr. Jorgensen can do no wrong. Talk about a straw man argument.

Many of us cheer the vinyl option as it's the true classic format for Elvis albums - for anyone old enough to appreciate it or young enough (as many of the new fans are) to come on board. Vinyl sales nationwide (USA) topped 2.5 million in 2009, a 33 percent increase from 2008's 1.9 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Compart that to the big decline in CD sales, which (for now) are still dominant over downloads and other formats. So, maybe, just maybe, FTD knows what they're doing.

As a side note, most fans actually prefer digipaks because (surprise) they have the quality and feel of the old albums, instead of the clunky and easy-to-break (if easier to replace) jewel case. It's only a minority that prefers the jewel case these days. So be it.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 15, 2010report abuse
Greg nolan negative comments about releases and ernst etc are better than personal attacks on someone because of there view.many people love to agree,that way they can fit in with everyone,its takes more courage to tell it like it is than to just nod in agreement. The truth is Ftd isnt all good or bad,on every release someone weill say they dont like it,its always been that way,plenty of people praise ftd and ernst,some wont even admit they at time do shoddy unfocused work. When it comes to the short comings of ftd i dont know if its ernie faults,sony is probally cheap with the budget,one other problem with ftd is the lack of contact with the fans,not to mention the issue with ftds going foggy. I also find it an insult when other act like one person is more important over another,if were Elvis fans isnt that enough or do we need to know every silly detail about Elvis?My remakrs for this release are i dont like vinl and i dont need this,isnt not really a new release and ftd needs to get there cd release right before going into new adventures. With that said there are some ftds i like,i just wished they had not been thrown into cheap digi packs!
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 14, 2010report abuse
A part of the appeal of the FTD Elvis vinyl re-issues (and the overall revival of vinyl sales) is that many of us first encountered Elvis on wax and not shiny digital discs that are much smaller. So I've slowly gotten back into Elvis on true records, in some cases buying a few I had sold during the CD revolution which at the time seemed so fantastic.

The fact of the matter (in the U.S. at least) vinyl is making a fairly sizeable sales comeback in record stores and, hold on your hat, Zoltan (born in 1984?), it's "kids" (meaning teens and 20 and 30-somethings) who are the ones behind the increase in sales! Bigger format, classic, "homey" sound (all sort of intangibles) but hey, it's back. CDs sadly (and I mean that) are sliding fast in the digital revoltion. You want "compact"? Try to beat an Mp-3. But if you want the full feeling and experience, enjoy one of the FTD vinyl titles.

There are a few dismissive types (either old fans who are now anti-vinyl or young ones who don't get it) but a quite a few know the FTD vinyl titles are a blast.I love FTD"s vinyl records of "Standing Room Only," "The Jungle Room Sessions", and "Blue Hawaii," all 2-LP deluxe sets. I also picked up 2008's RCA Heritage / Sony vinyl re-issue of LPM-1254 "Elvis Presley" (1956) when in Nashville last year, another nice addition/ upgrade of my worn '70s copy, which I'll keep for nostalgia.

Despite some audiophile concerns that these are mastered from digital sources, not analogue, as the purists prefer, they still are on thick (180-gram vinyl) look and do sound great all the same, to my ears. The artwork is so much better in full size.


I think a different title for this news ("Next FTD") might have kept the relative minority of vinyl critics off the page. Dr. John (presumably no relation to another internet DJC), I feel for you as despite the outpouring of (justified) support for Elvisnews sometime ago, at the same time I noticed it has some of the worst bottom-feeding negativity to be found. To beat out FECC can be quite a feat! Ernst Jorgensen needs no defense, most true fans know the Joan Deary years all too well. Rock on, FTD - CD and vinyl! As always, the maxim remains, "if you don't want it, don't buy it." Here's to FTD's continued busy release schedule!
lamp light (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 14, 2010report abuse
drjohncarpenter please don't leave this site i cherish your opinion on all things Elvis. Please try and ignore some on this site most of us as you said are true Elvis fans and we like reading your comments it's very helpful. Some fans on this site have been very rude but that's just the way some are i just chose to ignore them and don't comment much at all. I hope you decide to stay if not i will truly miss you.
DekeR (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 10, 2010report abuse
I was 13 when this album came out. I love 'Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues'. That and 'Got a Thing About You Baby' were the highlights. This is the album that started me wanting to sound like Elvis. I have the cd version and it's great. It takes me back to being a young teen and being the only kid that liked Elvis in my hood.
Deano1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2010report abuse
I love vinyl and I would consider buying this one even though I didn't buy the FTD CD version. I would prefer other Elvis albums on vinyl long before "Good Times", but oh well. Two things... the LP is not a classic and Ernst has done a good job and I guess I am in the 20% who don't hate him.

On the album being a classic, I have made my opinion known, it is NOT a classic. It was the worst selling RCA Elvis album (other than "Having Fun With Elvis On Stage") during Elvis' lifetime and I agree with dgirl that "Spanish Eyes" and "Take Good Care of Her" are not songs that demand playtime (well sung, but not overly interesting) and "She Wears My Ring" is very subpar. "If That Isn't Love" ranks in the bottom 10 of Elvis' sacred recordings and that leaves us with six songs and only "Lovin' Arms", "I've Got A Thing About You Baby" and "My Boy" rank as top notch. "I've Got A Feeling In My Body" and "Talk About The Good Times" are good (not great), but should have been on a rock/uptempo album. "Talk About The Good Times" is good LP filler, but nothing more.

There is no requirement to buy everything FTD releases. They are trying to release things that will appeal to different Elvis fans. Some like soundboards, some want every outtakes from every session, some want vinyl, some want collectable books, some want movie soundtrack LP's, some want digipaks, some want 7" tri fold sleeves and some want audience recordings. Pick and choose, an Elvis fan is not judged by how many FTD's he/she can collect, but rather by how much they enjoy what they purchase. Isn't FTD a collectable label that is meant to release items that wouldn't sell to the masses? If FTD wants to release a boxed sight of "Having Fun With Elvis On Stage" on colored vinyl and only three people buy it, who cares? If they like their purchase and they are happy, isn't that what matters.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2010report abuse
clp1093 : you don't have to apologize at all IMHO . I agree with KT about having the right to express an opinion, I agree with him about Ernst, I agree with him about not attacking other members by posting rude comments, but I really don't understand his statement regarding you and drjohn being "self-gratifying". In any case, your posting didn't come over in such way, at least not as far as I'm concerned. If KT wishes to explain his point of view about the "self...." he's welcome ! Always El.
clp1093 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2010report abuse
KT I did not make the remarks to appear self gratifying and if that is how they came over, I apologise. Nowhere did I mention that us old uns were better fans, just that we've been there, done it and got the t-shirt. The point I was making and I think you agree with me is we should not bring this forum down to rude remarks about other contributors or to people like Ernst. Of course people have the right to comment but those comments need to be constructive not destructive and as many have said no-ones holding a gun to our head to buy this or any other release whether on FTD or import. Hope this clarifies my position
KTemple (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2010report abuse
I do not agree with the last remark, that if you are not going to purchase the item do not comment. Everyone has the right to comment and express why they are passing up a release like this. It's interesting to hear what peoples opionions are. I also dont agree with self gratifying comments like the last one and Dr John's. I wasnt born until the 70's, does the fact that you lot were around from the start make you better fans? No it just makes you luckier. I'd have loved to have lived through Elvis' career, when he was alive and releasing albums, movies and performing concerts. Anyone who is old enough to have been around from the start is lucky.

I also don't agree with people personally attacking the likes of Ernst and members of this site. No one holds a gun to your head to buy anything. Ernst has done a great job most of the time. This release and the King Creole book are low points but you cant please everbody all the time. Personally I think its pointless releasing albums on vinyl that were originally released on that format in the first place. It would be better to release a soundboard or some other FTD's on vinyl but not album that we already have on vinyl and cd. Thats my opinion anyway.
clp1093 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 8, 2010report abuse
Oh dear, here we go again. I agree most strongly with Dr John and think it would be a tragedy if he stops contributing to this site. Why make a big deal out of who or why does someone want to buy this release? If you're passing on this release, as I am, why bother to make a comment? FTD has its faults, as does Sony and RCA and even Sun. Sam Phillips did not keep an accurate log of all the early recordings and 'lost' one of the tapes when they we turned over to RCA! Now I'm not going to bore you all with a detailed personal history but suffice it to say my first record was Heartbreak Hotel on 45 when it was released. In the early 80's I launched CD for one of the giant Japanese corporations in the UK. For about the first 5 to 6 years after the launch of CD I had EVERY Cd release of Elvis worldwide in addition to every US and UK vinyl. And I'll tell you this, prior to Ernst the catalogue was a joke,32 Film hits 1 and 2, WOW. Electronic stereo release of King Creole. In the USA, electronic stereo releases of the first 2 albums. A complete joke. Ernst changed all this, first on the regular RCA label and then FTD. As has been said so many times, you don't have to buy it and I would suggest if you're not buying it, don't comment on it. For our young friend in Germany where vinyl sells for 1 to 5 Euros, get me any original Elvis German release both EP of LP and I guarantee I will pay you 5 Euros minimum. A final plea, we are all on here because we admire the man, maybe we have different areas of interest, but this bond MUST be kept strong and we must respect each others points of view. So please no more silly posts. By the way I now burn all Elvis music to FLAC which is the best sound quality, not the childlike MP3 rubbish!
Always Elvis
Swen (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 8, 2010report abuse
You´re so right hounddogman and drjohn! What´s the matter with people these days? Here we are the most spoilt music fans in human history. First we were given Elvis himself by the dear God, and then we were given the chance to buy almost anything this fantastic singer ever recorded, and sang at concerts. Thanks to people like Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon and many others. And still people keep coming here writing rude pieces about Elvis and other fans. I just don´t get it.
Even after all these years I still discover new things I did not know. I heard for the first time "Anyone" which was not used in "Kissin´ Cousins". And it was beautiful, film song or not. Come on, Elvis friends. Enjoy the art of Elvis Presley, and life.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2010report abuse
Hi drjohn, I know what you mean and how you feel ! But don't give up ! After all, we're talking about only a minority of so-called "fans" . There was a time when I was reacting too, every time the same pityful losers posted negative and/or trashy comments . I found a very simple solution : I let them write their stupid stuff and do not react anymore. This is the shortest way make them clear that in the end they'll be ignored by most of the real fans. It still gives me a good feeling to read comments which give proof of common sence, and you're one of those people writing such statements,and, luckily, there are many other members doing the same. I know their names ! Forget about the agressive and rude ones, ignore them, and they'll crowl back in their shell in the end. Always El.
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2010report abuse
Always thought this Lp should have been titled Where Have The Good Times Gone? I do like it better than almost all the soundtracks & certaintly The (cringe) Blvd Album. But it's just thrown together & I'd rate it below average for Elvis.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2010report abuse
drjohncarpenter0117, you are spot on. I agree completely, the postings from some people who regard themselves as Elvis fans are beyond a joke.
drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2010report abuse
This forum is beginning to remind me of a old vinyl/cd called 'Elvis sings for grown up and kids too' why can some people not realize that there are a lot of life time serious Elvis fans out there who know there stuff and have since the 50's,60's and to the present day dedicated there lives to Elvis Presley.

People who constantly strive to trash all things Elvis i do not have the time for and therefore have decided to no longer give any opinions on all things Elvis on this forum........hey no loss to anybody but myself but am sick and tired of the constant attack on certain well respected fans and of course Elvis Presley.

I am not saying everything that comes out Elvis wise is perfect and of course alot of mistakes have been made along the way but to me being a Elvis fan/collector is a great source of fulfilment in my life and get a great buzz tracking down cd's/albums etc, i just feel that the enjoyment of reading and coming to this web-site on a daily basis has long gone and will in future put my input least fans/collectors all have one thing in common the love of Elvis Presley.

Many thanks to all involved in this website andd i wish you every success in keeping it going!....i feel you may need it the way things are going.?......
FLY-TROUBLE! (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2010report abuse
Yeah,it will be shorter!:) For less you will have to pay more:)
marco31768 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2010report abuse
I guess that tracklist will be different than CD...
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2010report abuse
Somebody mentioned below that 80% of Elvis fans hate Ernst. I wonder where this poll was conducted. Perhaps the poster was the only one to take part and he hates Ernst 80% of the time. That is possible, so people think that Elvis releases should be geared towards them alone. An example of this is the statement that somebody does not collect vinyl because he was not born in Elvis' lifetime, therefore it should not be released.
Aaron Spicer (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2010report abuse
I notice that the people who make all of the nasty comments don't use their real names. '80% of Elvis fans' hate Ernst. What place is there for these kinds of absurd, slightyl deranged, comments on this website?
KTemple (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2010report abuse
What happened to the promised 2 FTD releases every 6 weeks as was promised this year? Is this re-release part of that?
The FTD vinyl is way overpriced. I would condider mydelf a young fan and mostly into cds however I have the original vinyl from 1974 and the FTD cd version so I am certainly not interested in this. They should release some of the soundboards on vinyl if anything.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2010report abuse
Hi friends, would be nice if some of you would hold their horses ! Liking or not liking LPs or CDs is, imho, partly depending of to which generation you belong. So a little respect for each others opinion pls ! One can make a statement in a civilised way without using strong language or bashing people. As for Ernst, you may like him and his work or you may not, but I think that no one can deny that FTD gave us a lot of good releases (not all of them, I agree ) in the past 11 years . Nobody's perfect ! Personally I like vinyl and CDs . In my younger years my very first record I purchased was a 78rpm-shellac, then came vinyl and cassettes, now we have CD. Nothing wrong with liking these audio-bearers in general. Don't forget there are also collectors, a lot more one could imagine.Nostalgia can also play a part . To each his own, so pls stop critisizing people who do not always share your personal opinion. The main thing that counts :let's all pull the same rope : Our Man's Music ! Always El.
duckworthdaniel (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 7, 2010report abuse
Ernst is great. Before Ernst came along it was like a dark hole. As a 45 year Elvis fan I feel that no one treated Elvis's music with the reverence that Ernst has. I guess what I'm saying is don't be so negative. I don't buy the LP's because I'm happy just having the CD's. Either way I think it's great that LP's and CD's are both available.
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
why do some of you people complain? if you dont wnat it dont buy it. there are young fans here like myself that are happy as can be that these classic albums are being released in cd and record form. i hop ethey keep up the good work though i wish they would slash the price a bit. i cant really afford the price they charge i always have to save to be able to buy. i would like to not have to save and just go out and buy it thats the only complaint i have. other than that i love FTD and i hop ethey keep up the great work and great releases i would love to have everything they have released someday and have all of elvis's orginal albums and the newer stuff that keeps coming out.
FLY-TROUBLE! (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
Fujj. Fujj. Fujj. Why ernst jorgenses releases such substandard material? LP's,weighty books with the same wellknown photos. Mastering errors,unnecessery edits,wrongly dated concerts.Go home Ernst and leave FTD alone. You won't be missed. 80% of Elvis fans hate you.
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
Im not interested in this LP but for a different & valid reason. I never liked it. Didnt like it in 1974 (as well as many others by indication of its poor chart showing) , and dont like it now. The few good songs on here, I have on the 70's boxset & other cds. If I never hear Spanish Eyes, Take Good Care Of Her & She Wears My Ring again it will be too soon.
Erika Freiburger (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
I don't want to sound negative but i'm also not interested in LP's. In my country they sell used LP's for €1-€5 so it's shocking that FTD is asking €60 for the double LP's.
Aaron Spicer (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
I can't believe the ignorant comments from the 'Snowman.' Do you realise how spoiled we have been with all the FTD releases and the glut of outtakes? It has been unprecedented. Talk to Beatles fans or Dylan fans and they are green with envy; and yet, people like the 'Snowman' still heap criticism on the excellent job done by Ernst Jorgensen. He must wonder why he bothers!! If you don't want the vinyl 'Good Times' don't buy it: it's not compulsory!! I have this release on CD and it is fantastic!! Well done Ernst. There are plenty of fans who appreciate you and do not write garbage for the sake of it.
SnOwMan (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
I hate these disgusting LP's. This summer offers nothing new. Just an LP reissue and a useless book with a useless CD. Holy crap! When they started FTD in 1999 we got previously unreleased material on each CD. Then in 2003 they started repackaging the same old crap on the so called classic albums. They even issued TICKLE ME which is a shame. Then things became worse and worse every year. In last year they started to release these disgusting LP's with no new material at all. Quit,Ern$t Jorgen$en!
Zoltan84 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
Yeah,i don't like them,because (unlike you) i'm still young. In 1993 when they stopped to press LP's,i was only 9 years only so i was never interested in shoddy LP's. I belong to the "CD-generation".
drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
hounddogman, well put and to the point... congrats and look forward to more comments from a obviously respected fan.
hounddogman (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
I’m afraid that this thread is a very good example of what is happening to the decency of some Elvis fans. I welcome constructive criticism, but the constant negativity and whining of some people here is really something else!

Zoltan84, so you don’t like vinyl albums? That’s fine with me and because of your young age I may understand it too. When you were old enough to realize that there was more to music than lullabies, vinyl was long gone from the shops, so it’s only natural that you don’t relate to it.

However, although I buy CD’s as well, I’m one of those who started collecting when vinyl was king. I don’t want to go into the vinyl vs. CD sound discussion here, but some of us are actually fonder of vinyl for one reason or another. What makes you think you have the right to judge us all as being unintelligent? I hope you understand how such a remark exposes your own abilities.

It’s not 1974, you say? Right, and that’s why (thanks to FTD) you now have a choice: vinyl or CD or even both if you want. The choice is yours… but it does not give you the right to condemn others!

Jerome-the-third, so you “need a new frisbee”? What makes you think we’re interested? I’m quite sure you’re not thinking of using an Elvis record as Frisbee, because I can’t imagine an Elvis fan or music lover would ever do that…

GeertFromNL, “otherwise there will be very serious problems. What kind of problems? Well,you'll see that later.” Oh, so because you’re not happy about the latest news from FTD, you’re threatening them? Are you going to put them out of business or…? I’m sorry, but that’s just pathetic…

No, you’re not expected to buy “Good Times” on vinyl or anything else for that matter, but you now have the choice of being selective, and although at first it may seem hard for you to make all these decisions on your own, go ahead and try – with a little practice it’s quite easy to say yes or no…
Elvis_Fanatic (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
Love this vinyl LP. Of course, I own the original vinyl. That was the only way it was available when I purchased it. Shows how old I am..... but who cares. The sweet sound of vinyl can't be beat!!
drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
Zoltan84, are you saying fans that buy vinyl are not 'intelligent' then with your last comment. :-(......surely people's buying habits do not give you the right to judge them in this way??. Just remember it was vinyl that Elvis first recorded on and to some fans/collectors this will always have a part in there collection. Now if you'd made a comment about FTD marketing ploy then maybe we have a point to make but please don't slate fans for what they choose to buy.... again??
Zoltan84 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
"Next FTD",oh,good title. I'm glad that they didn't wrote "New FTD",because it's not new at all. Just the same old masters and the well-known outtakes. This time on vinyl. But intelligent fans don't buy vinyl. It's 2010 now,no 1974.
Jerome-the-third (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
would love to have this for the summer (I need a new frisbee)..
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
I have very fond memories of buying this LP in the seventies, I do like it as an album. It's nice to have a vinyl edition of the expanded version for collectors of that format. I notice we have the usual ranting from one of our friends. All of these releases do have an opt-out policy, this means that not everybody has to buy everything and that we can pick and choose.
I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
Great release to have for the 75th Anniversary. It has become fashionable to 'pan' the Stax sessions, perhaps due to the comments of some of the lesser musicians at the first sessions, but these sessions resulted in some incredible songs, & you can now buy them here on Vinyl. A lot of us like Vinyl as well as CDs, so moaning about being given a choice is not productive. I'm not going to get into the argument of whether LPs sound better, but they certainly look better, & are more collectable!

I remember a Stax exhibition off Beale Street in Memphis about a decade ago & the manager argueing with me that Elvis never recorded at Stax. I got the distinct impression they did not want to associate Elvis with Stax. Now they are keen to capitalise on this to connection get tourists into the (rebuilt) Stax site. As an Elvis fan it's frankly not worth the money, but it's good to have the last laugh!
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2010report abuse
Yes, It will be a double LP. I don't think they necessarily EXPECT you to do anything. They're simply making the product available in vinyl. If you want it, buy it. If not, skip it. They did the same thing with Blue Hawaii and SRO.
snowplow floater (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 5, 2010report abuse
i wonder if its a double album with outtakes. I read the reason vinyl has better sound is cause there's bigger bands and grooves. ifs its a doube, the sound should be real. Its a great album, i Love it. It got ignored back in the day and everybody involved in the sessions seemed to pan them after The King passed, but there's lots of creativity at these sessions. Once again Elvis covers all the genres with ease and authority. His music is reflecting contemporary trends and those trends have stayed contemporary. Loving arms is one of his best vocal performances ever. A real highlight. More is the pity that Rca bought out all theold recordings and flooded the market with Elvis' past achievements while burying these fine recordings with too much product.
GeertFromNl (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 5, 2010report abuse
WTF? Just bought it on CD a few months ago. And now they expect us to buy it again on vinyl? Ho-ho-hooooo,give it a break,FTD,otherwise there will be very serious problems. What kind of problems? Well,you'll see that later. Until then,STOP this stupid behavior (releasing the same stuff again & again). Ho-ho-hooooo,Ernest Jerginson,stop it,stop it now! I'm still calm.

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