New 'Suspicious Minds' To Air Tomorrow

The German forum mentioned the release of a new single; the "VIVA Elvis!" remake of "Suspicious Minds". The single should debut on the radio on September 15th (tomorrow) and has October 25th as the release-date. The cover art is the preliminary design.

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Sep 14, 2010 
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I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 5, 2010report abuse
If this is coming out on October 25th I'm a little surprised that the big UK retailers like Amazon, HMV & do not yet have it listed for sale!! ie we can't pre-order it.
Emiel Maier (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 19, 2010report abuse
I wholeheartedly do hope that this single will be a success. Therefor I urge everybody to buy this single at stores that participate in the chartlistings. For example the Elvis On Tour DVD was sold at specialist dealers long before it became available at the major record stores. This was the reason why EOT did not chart! (This 'strategy' is a thing that really annoys me, as it prevents a peak in sales!). Brain Quinn informed us that there will be 2 singles released from this project. Now it is Suspicious Minds from Viva Elvis, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Burning Love will be the second! (from Viva Elvis, volume 2). Yes, I would like to put a month wages onto this prediction ...:-)).
Jay (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2010report abuse
Please join my facebook group: Get the new SUSPICIOUS MINDS (single) & VIVA ELVIS (album) to NUMBER 1!!!!
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2010report abuse
It was a fantastic version - I was blown away by it at the hyde park concert and as for the fireworks that went off to it - wow .... I'll definately buy it for me and for those that went along to the concert with me but the cover....? I agree with you guys it should fit the era in which the song was recorded.
Emiel Maier (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 16, 2010report abuse
Update! Tomorrow (September 17th!) at 8:15am, the Smooth Radio network will play the UK exclusive of ‘Suspicious Minds’ – the launch single for the first new Elvis album in 33 years, ‘Viva Elvis’ released on 8 November. Tune in on to Smooth or listen LIVE at 8.15am tomorrow on smoothradio. (I am not allowed to use a link in the message, but I guess with a little help of Google, many people will get to their website :-)
Pedro Nuno (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 16, 2010report abuse
I've eared it and don't like it. The original, one of the best music from Rock Era, was perfect. You shouldn’t touch what is perfect. The new remix don't have that "crescendo" feeling we have in the original version, and is over orchestrated, losing the original Rock sound.
Spankox (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 16, 2010report abuse
Search on YouTube "Elvis Presley You Give Me Fever 2010"... But don't tell your mom... ;-)
hounddawgs6499 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 15, 2010report abuse
I agree with Helbrown. I was also at the 'Conversations' event in Memphis last August (during Elvis Week) when the video was shown. The editing was superb. Someone mentioned that they couldn't find it on youtube. At the 'Conversations' event, they asked everyone to turn off their cameras and camcorders. They (the people from the 'Viva Elvis' show) did not want footage showing up on youtube before it was released - which is perfectly understandable.
Lecelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 15, 2010report abuse
Hey. Good News. How about Elvis News give the time and place where this is first aired and also provide us with a direct link. That would be interesting and helpful. Take Care
Helbrown (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 14, 2010report abuse
They played this and showed a video of this at Conversations in Memphis in August. The reason why there is a 50s shot is because the video starts with Elvis in the 50s and builds up to the 70s. It's a superb edit and I do hope that the single and video get some promo and airplay. I like GOOD remixes. I get fed up of remixes just for the sake of it, but this was awesome when I heard it at first - and particularly seeing the video on the large screen at the Orpheum. The firework finale at Hyde Park was done to this and it was fantastic.
Ellyvis (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 14, 2010report abuse
Hey?!?!? I tried to find it on Youtube - no such luck. I totally absolutely love the remixes - really don't care what y'all think!! I've been a fan for 30+ years and the new remixes are awesome - brings a whole new feel to the same old, same old. Ok - begin bashing.....................................NOW.........................................
Brian Chatters (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 14, 2010report abuse
If you google "suspicious minds" "viva elvis" you will find a link to youtube
Jay (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 14, 2010report abuse
Is there anywhere I can hear this??
Raleighroadace (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 14, 2010report abuse
This is a great remix.Heard it on Sunday and it's awesome. Hope they use a pic from 1969 on the cover tho'
Brian Quinn (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 14, 2010report abuse
The new version of 'Suspicious Minds' is great. It has more 'oomph' than the original with Elvis more up front and some new drum arrangements. We should not get into the 'old' versus 'new' debate as both are different and both are great.
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 14, 2010report abuse
I tolerate some remixes and like others but this one had better be good. It's one of his best known and arguably perfect songs. Is a Kanye West rap remix next? I'm all for some strategic updates here and there but I'm prepared to wince on this one. And yes, the constant use of '50s Elvis as a default icon is getting a bit old. I look forward to the final version and am bracing myself...
loftmanuk (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 14, 2010report abuse
Heard this at the Elvis forever show at Hyde Park. I personally think its good, and that the single and the album will do very well. Striking cover but think it needs to reflect the era of the song, not a picture of elvis from the Fifties.

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