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Stephen Frears, the film director whose credits include Dangerous Liaisons, The Grifters and High Fidelity, has expressed a desire to direct "the definitive" Elvis movie. He appeared on a famous BBC Radio 4 show called Desert Island Discs on January 18th. This is a long-running parlour game type-show in which stars are asked to name the eight songs they would take if they were marooned on a desert island. One of Frear's was Love Me Tender. Frears had expressed a desire to shoot the definitive Presley movie. He's expecting the script in a few days. "If God is smiling, it will be as good as I hope it will be. The Elvis Presley Estate says it's the best script they've ever read. It gets him right in a very, very eccentric way." The interview is going to be repeated by Radio Four on the 23rd January.
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JC´ (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 9, 2004report abuse
Johny Deep is another great actor for Elvis role.No doubt!!
JC´ (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 31, 2004report abuse
It´s great!!No impersonators.What do you think about Lisa Marie playing the Fifties and Antonio Banderas the Sixties and Seventies?
roustabout (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 23, 2004report abuse
it's great that a "serious" moviemaker is interested in making a " definitive" movie about E.of course, no one can come close to portraying him physically, but there are actors who could reflect his character. as for kurt russell, he gave us the very best portrayal of E to date.he is a true fan and did an excellent " impersonation". he also had the "look".sure, the film took some dramatic license, but every film does so for marketability sake. the content of any film about E will have to contain some of E's more bizarre behaviors- after all, E actually DID shoot-out TV screens, take copious amounts of drugs, sleep around, etc.,etc.these are dramatic elements that all movies contain, and don't forget, this movie must appeal to the masses, as well as to the hardcore fans ( like me). i have no problem with a balanced portrayal of E as a flawed human being ( like me).
my only request is that the flick use E's actual music, and not that of some impersonator. let's hear the real E for a change!
JC´ (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 23, 2004report abuse
What do you think about lisa marie in disguise like a man playing Elvis?
W.C. (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 23, 2004report abuse
I think the definitive movie on Elvis would be one based on the two P. Guralnick bio's "Last Train..." and "Careless Love." There should be scenes like Elvis just enjoying supper with Minnie Mae and Vernon, or playing football with the guys. Frears should be careful not to over-emphasize the drugs, spending sprees, weight problems, etc...
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 22, 2004report abuse
I tend to agree with Samcra... Kurt Russel with his ridiculously short legs and his “personal” interpretation of Elvis was the absolute “yuk”. They will have to work really hard to find an actor who looks like Elvis, speaks like Elvis and acts like Elvis. If that were possible, I would hope they could concentrate on Elvis as a musician and a record making genius. (With a little help from the surviving crews, friends and engineers having attended Elvis’ recording sessions) Very few people so far have talked about Elvis’ voice, how he used it, how it changed over the years, and about Elvis’ true musical ambitions.
Besides, I wish a guy who really knows about Elvis’ music, and Elvis as a musician, could conduct this elusive film project. (I’m not kidding myself, but who knows!)
samcra (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 22, 2004report abuse
If this is going to be an actor trying to portray Elvis.. FORGET IT!! Only Elvis can be Elvis, and unfortunately he's not here.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 22, 2004report abuse
Go for it ! No such thing as bad publicity ! (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 22, 2004report abuse
I think it's great to cut a new, definitive movie about Elvis. Maybe they can call it "American Trilogy". And like the title says, release it in 3 parts, yearly, just like LOTR..... I know, keep dreaming. However, Elvis would deserve it! Anyway, I would like to say "ACTION".
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 22, 2004report abuse
Another film about Elvis could be good or bad. Kurt Russell portrayed Elvis in a positive light. Don Johnson (Elvis And Me) was just awful in the title role. Then there are the string of Elvis related films: Honeymoon In Vegas was a hit. 3000 To Graceland bombed. Lilo And Stich ranks amongst my favorite Elvis theme movies! Talk about reaching a new generation of Elvis fans!! Does anyone remember the short lived Elvis TV series? I don't think it made it past one season. The young actor in the title role was pretty good. No matter which type of film one considers, none of them will top This Is Elvis. You couldn't ask for a more fair treatment of the Elvis story. The uncut theatrical version is outstanding.
TonyP (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 22, 2004report abuse
I think Elvis the Movie with Kurt Russell had it's good points, but was also seriously flawed. There were just too many inaccuracies in it and that undermined it for me. Fans are too knowledgeable to accept Elvis singing Burning Love on his 1969 Las Vegas return or being at his mother's bedside when she died or wearing 1970 clothes in 1967 etc etc. There was also far too much emphasis on the talking to Jesse thing. The definitive movie will be a movie that has the same attention to detail that we would expect of a definitive book. Sure it doesn't have to be so preoccupied with dates and minor facts that it's at the expense of the story, but a quality production should respect the knowledge of the audience.
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 22, 2004report abuse
There will never be another ELVIS, God rest his soul. He's been abuse by way to many people. Hope if he's making a movie., that he does'nt make Elvis look bad like some of the other movies that have been made. Elvis deserves more than being made fun of. If he can't say somthing nice, then don't say it at all. Elvis was only human and we all have our faults. Thank you very much ! Long live the man from Tupelo !
Matt W (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 22, 2004report abuse
I've always considered Elvis: The Movie, starring Kurt Russell to be the defintive film on him, well scripted, good actors. I really enjoy that film. Not sure that it could really be improved upon.
TonyP (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 21, 2004report abuse
'...gets him right in a very very eccentric way' sounds a little ominous though. Not too much of the shooting tvs and flying to Denver for burgers kind of content I hope. Elvis was a serious talent who deserves to be presented in a serious way. I don't mean that there should be no focus on his humorous side of course, just that his eccentricities shouldn't be highlighted to the extent that they swamp everything else. Perhaps a move away from the traditional, very familiar career landmarks and predictable chronology would be beneficial too. We don't want to be watching it knowing exactly what's coming next. An Elvis movie with unexpected content that surprises even the diehard fans would be much appreciated.
TCB fan (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 21, 2004report abuse
It would be a great idee to make a picture about Elvis. I mean, a good picture not some trash that they made a couple of times. But I think there's only one problem.
Who could play Elvis Presley????
I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 21, 2004report abuse
Stephen Frears has already made an Elvis movie! There must be those who remember "Long distance Information", a BBC Wednesday "Play" shot on film, starring amongst others Jim Broadbent. This was in 1980. I worked on this myself for several weeks (On location, not as an Editor; the BBC gave me time from my regular job with them off to work on this - see credit on back of film!) & it was regarded as one of the more intelligent Elvis productions!
lady1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 21, 2004report abuse
Could it be?? A REAL Hollywood movie director is going to tackle a movie NOW about Elvis Presley that can present something besides caricatures, sterotypes, and silly elementary scripts. Elvis Presley is a legend and true American Icon.There is a whole essence to the man that has never been protrayed on screen. I have been waiting to see a REAL serious adult 'movie' movie made about Elvis (not the exxagerated fluff that was done in the 80's). Maybe this much time had to go by to realize Elvis's true contribution to our culture in order to take a stab at making ANOTHER ELVIS MOVIE. I don't need to see a totally rosy picture of Elvis as we all know he was a human being with a lot of problems (Lord knows we've heard plenty about that).....just no exaggerating the "Elvis look" and NO sterotyping please!!! I will be waiting to hear more about this "definitive" Elvis movie project! HOPE I am not disappointed once again.

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