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A new book will be published with the title "Elvis For Everyone - The Essential Guide To The Recorded Music Of Elvis Presley" by David Parker. This book will be published August 12th 2002. It will contain 220 pages in a 21 X 15 cm and is published by Abstract Sounds Publishing. The book is a full colour illustrated discography containing 600 full colour sleeves, information about the recordings on each album with detailed track-by-track information. The book is set in three parts. Part 1 with covers the official RCA albums from 1956 to the Elvis Box set “Live In Las Vegas” 2001. Part 2 covers the budget albums (particularly from Elvis later movies) and the excellent FTD collectors Label. Part 3 deals with some of the many unofficial CD releases that have appeared over the last 10 years. To cover every album is impossible so this section gives an overview of what is available to the Elvis collectors.
Source: David Parker / Updated: May 14, 2002 

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