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In addition to the vinyl editions of BLUE HAWAII and STANDING ROOM ONLY, the GOOD TIMES-vinyl has now sold out. Due to an unexpected level of demand, HOW GREAT THOU ART is currently out of stock at FTD.

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Mar 2, 2011 
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RonBaker (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2011report abuse
"How Great Thou Art" is a wonderful Elvis album! Music doesn't necessarily make you religious. I just bought a cd of a Greek singer named Panos Kiamos...and I can't read or understand a single syllable of Greek--I just like the sound of the music and his voice. And that's probably why Elvis is/was popular in countries where no one speaks English.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2011report abuse
I'm NOT one of the born again religious people out there, but I do appreciate the great music on HGTA.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2011report abuse
Hallelujah, HGTA is an indication of all the born again religious people out there..

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