Midweek Sales Updates II

Here are midweeks update from the CoolClarity website: Wednesdays Update Singles Top 3: 1 Elvis Presley (outsold the previous Elvis #1's) 2 Brian and Delta (Only 2-1 Behind Elvis from Yesterdays 3-1) 3 Eminem (still about the same behind B&D) This will give Elvis 65 top ten hits to Cliff Richard's 64. The album "Love Elvis" is likely to push him into the lead over the Beatles in terms of weeks spent on the album charts. It's Now Or Never matches John Lennon's record of having three different songs at #1 within a month.
Source: Email / Updated: Feb 2, 2005 

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phantom3428 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2005report abuse
I have just checked my Amazon order account, and to my surprise they are finally about to dispatch 'It's now or never' I am very pleased about that, although I wish it had been in the week it would have counted for chart sales (that is presuming Amazon sales go towars chart sales), so hopefully now they will be getting their stocks in , catching up with all the delays and sending out on the week of release. Fingers crossed anyway. Just another quickie..I ordered the 10" set from HMV after I knew most of them were available again, and 'Are you lonesome tonight' showed up yesterday, the number being 00321 (or around there anyway), so if anyone has a problem getting any release, give them a go. I was pleasantly surprised with my outcome, hopefully there will be some good luck for all of us struggling to get these anywhere.
cockney_bill (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2005report abuse
Ranger - Just winding you up, I knew you'd bite! My Mum and Dad live in Walthamstow, and my Dad bought the box when all the shops had loads in... and hasn't been able to buy a single cd in Walthamstow since. Other areas get the odd few in, but it seems Wlathamstow is 100% Elvis free.
derekd (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2005report abuse
i have a spare copy of AFSAI. any real elvis fan needing a copy to complete their set can have it. £3-99 plus post. find me by using your search eng. search for 'derek hume' and look the mufc site in comber co. down, northern ireland. email address is on this site.
ranger (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2005report abuse
Cockney Bill, Walthamstow has been a virtually Elvis-free zone since the first week of the campaign. The last sign of any of the singles in the HMV was the CD box on about 15th January. No One Night, no AFSAI, no INON, no AYLT?...
Anyway what do you mean by 'pikey'; it's got a Pie 'n' Mash hasn't it? And at least it got you out of Romford!
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2005report abuse
So the bbc did listen to the Elvis fans then its a pity EPE dont.I am going to Ipswich again to see if I can get another Are You Lonesome Tonight.See if i can help Elvis get another number one.It is frustrating cockney when you cant buy them on the first week of release I had that trouble with Its Now Or Never last week
cockney_bill (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2005report abuse
Well - I have been in to Romfords 3 main record shops this morning, and even travelled into pikey Walthamstow (the things we do for Elvis!!) and not a single 'Are you lonesome tonight' anywhere. It will be so frustrating if it misses out by a few hundred sales this week. Curiously HMV Romford has about 40 copies of 'Jailhouse Rock' cd single on the shelves, all numbered about 27000. I know I'll have no problem picking up the single in a week or two, but I want to pick one up this week to help the chart position.
cockney_bill (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2005report abuse
Top of the pops showed the picture of the CD cover, a few other pictures and about 40 seconds of the song. Yet again they made mention of the fact that the Elvis Estate would not let them show footage. Yet again it makes the Estate look fools.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2005report abuse
My son went into hmv yesterday and got me Its Now Or never and Are You Lonesome Tonight on cd.The number on AYLT is 30,869. Anyone know what they showed on Top of the pops ?
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 4, 2005report abuse
Joemin, You're right. Lennons 3 No.1's were spread over the period 20.12.80 - 02.02.81.
ranger (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 4, 2005report abuse
yelserp, I haven't heard of a number over 30,000; it begs the question of what the highest number anyone has seen is.
Not that it's that important, but if anyone knows.....
ryangiggs (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 4, 2005report abuse
starting over was number one on the 20 dec for a week, then theres no one quite like Grandma took over before Imagine on 10 jan and then Woman on 7 feb. The tragic events of Dec 1980 obviously the reason for this.
joemin (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 4, 2005report abuse
I don't think the sta about John Lennon is correct, I don't believe he had 3 #1's in a month. I think they were spread over December to February.
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 4, 2005report abuse
I don't know whether anyone knows this but if AYLT charts in the top 10, which he's bound to do, then he will beat another record that of having a total of 65 records in the top 10 of the UK singles chart beating Cliff Richard, who has had 64 to date.
volvo (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 4, 2005report abuse
Bernard, I also live in the West Country. Although I'd like to support my local shop, they just can't get the singles in so I've given up and have pre-ordered them all from HMV. It's not ideal but at least I'll end up with a whole set (fingers crossed)!
yelserp (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 4, 2005report abuse
Ranger states 'the numbered issues from 20,001 to 30,000 will be 'rarer'. Why is this? They must have pressed more than the 30,000 numbered editions as my 'Jailhouse Rock' CD is number 30466.
ranger (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 4, 2005report abuse
I don't want to be pedantic, but the numbered issues from 20,001 to 30,000 will be 'rarer' than those numbered 1-20,000. One thing's for sure, in a hundred years time, Elvis historians will be trawling through message boards like this one, trying to work out exactly what was released under Elvis's name in 2005! The first three re-released albums are still not available in my local HMV.
asd123 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 4, 2005report abuse
How many cd & vinyl singles were originally made? Does anyone know that? The numbered discs are rare collectors items now.. but it's good that they made extra copies, because of the popular demand (worldwide)
Mal (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 4, 2005report abuse
ELdfan wrote; Has anyone noticed that there are now several of the first 6 CD's on e-bay all numbered between 20,000-30,000? These are of course European imports. these are'nt imports but the extra copies produced to meet demand and after 30,000 they will be unumbered so not technically limited edition now. :-(
I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
Thanks Elfan, am going thru my old scrapbooks re One broken Heart! Re R U Lonesome availability, there have been absolutely none in the West Country after 8.00 this Monday; you just can't find it to buy, which has been the situation here with every single. It is just pathetic – how can we get it to number one with no stocks. Has anyone else noticed that Woolies have not once had Elvis at number one in their charts with any of these release? They put them in at number 4 on the Monday they come in & then they disappear from the chart. This is obviously not right – anyone know what they are doing. Could it be lack of stock? Even if it is they should still put out a correct chart!
Viva (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
I'm pooping my pants on this one.
Julian Grant (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
ElFan, These are E's UK no 1's to date with number of weeks at the top.
1. All Shook Up = 7
2. Jailhouse Rock = 3
3. One Night / I Got Stung = 3
4. A Fool Such As I / I Need Your Love Tonight = 5
5. It's Now Or Never = 8
6. Are You Lonesome Tonight = 4
7. Wooden Heart = 6
8. Surrender = 4
9. Little Sister / His Latest Flame = 4
10. Rock-A-Hula Baby / Can't Help Falling In Love = 4
11. Good Luck Charm = 5
12. She's Not You = 3
13. Return To Sender = 3
14. (You're The) Devil In Disguise =1
15. Crying In The Chapel = 1
16. The Wonder Of You = 6
17. Way Down = 5
18 A Little Less Conversation = 4
19. Jailhouse Rock = 1
20. One Night = 1
21. It's Now Or Never = 1
ElFan (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
Hopefully, the stores will receive some stock for the weekend and we will have another #1 hit. Has anyone noticed that there are now several of the first 6 CD's on e-bay all numbered between 20,000-30,000? These are of course European imports - so beware if you are trying to buy a U.K numbered release.
For Bernard: I have been unable to find out if 'One Broken Heart For Sale' made it to #1 in any of the U.K charts - can anyone else help?
thisiselvis (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005
Invisible because there was a link/email included
ranger (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
It's the haphazard nature of all this which amuses/ irritates me. It must be obvious now (as it was by 10th January) that more copies of these singles needed to be made available nationwide. As it is, the majority of people on this web-site are (still)routinely scrambling around for each single each Monday, and many are still scrambling around for One Night or Jailhouse Rock or some other song.....while, as Cockney Bill states, there are numerous copies in his local store!
If most of us are struggling, what hope for the non-Elvis fan who decides that they'd quite like to get AYLT after hearing it on the radio? And, to Jim Semple, even David Beckham has put in fewer shambolic performances of late that EPE!
hedgehog (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
HMV online appear to have many of the cds to order. hope you get yours
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
What makes it worse, is that Are You Lonesome Tonight, is arguably, Elvis' greatest ever recording, and certainly a record, that most of the population love.
joemin (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
I think Joe Public might be inclined to buy Are You Lonesome Tonight as it is still very popular. #1 will be decided by a few hundred copies this week, if the figures given can be relied on. There seems to be fewer posts complaining about supply this week s o perhaps the singles are out there...I hope so.
cockney_bill (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
I've just been in to my local HMV and they have about 15 copies each of 'Jailhouse Rock', 'One Night' and 'A fool such as I'. ALL numbered. Where on earth were these copies during their chart week? No copies at all of 'Are you lonesome tonight' though. What use are they going to be towards the chart position if they turn up in a few weeks?
I agree - To lose out by 10-15k would honestly not bother me, that would be fair. If however we lose out by a few thousand that would. There's more than enough of us would snap up these copies if they were in the shops now, let alone Joe Public who might like a copy.
joemin (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
Thursday's update:
1 Elvis, 2 Delta (10k behind), 3 Em (200 behind), 4 Bloc, 8 Duran, 1-10 Elvis 11 GC, 12-13 Lucie, 20-20 Elvis.
It would seem the chasing singles have closed the gap on AYLT by 4,000 in 2 days. By Sat morning they should be 6,000 behind. It is likely they will sell more than 6,000 on Saturday, so it just depends if AYLT is available for Elvis fans to buy. It might be a matter of a few hundred singles dividing the top 3.
If you see the single anywhere just buy it. There seems to be a few vinyl singles in some of the outlets, if you see them please buy them. They will be easy off-loaded if you don't want to keep them. This is teh #1 that really matters (until next week anyway!!)...
joemin (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
On the positive side, Love, Elvis has moved to to #11 from #16 on Tuesday. It may well make the top 10.
joemin (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
Don't throw in the towel yet. it looks like it will be close. Let's see what today's update tells us.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
Looks like AYLT is going to have a hard time getting to no 1 this week with Eminen and Brian and Delta catching up to Elvis this quick. We all know Eminem is big in the uk and when saturday comes I am sure he will sell alot more and Brian and Delta will as well. No one can expect Elvis to get to number one every week.I agree Jim as long as Elvis dont miss out by a small margin. Then i will be happy.I was very mad when A Fool Such As I missed out because Ciara only sold a few hundred more than Elvis did and alot of us fans could not get hold of the singles. They must be getting fed up of my face in some of them record shops now !
Deke Rivers 6 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
Know wonder kids are like they are..this Eminem record is complete garb,non discript. AFSUI should have gone to No1
it's one of my fav's,as is I Gotta Know. Are You Lonesome is a fav of my mum's...I like it too of course.
Riozzi (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
How come one night and a fool such as i,are now widely available on vinyl from hmv and virgin after the event,but could not be found when their sales counted towards making
elvis N0.I.If this is the case then i can buy INON and AYLT in the next month.
get real (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2005report abuse
hmm ok, i predict: Eminem #1, Brian and Delta #2, Elvis #3. I think the weekend sales will kill Elvis this time. And Eminem is so popular in the UK . Too bad, becasue i think I Gotta Know is one if his best lesser know songs. And of course Are You Lonsome Tonight is a true classic. Good luck Elvis !
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 2, 2005report abuse
If AYLT doesnt go to number one because someone else sold 40 - 50,000 records etc, then fair play, I have no problem with that. But if we miss out narrowly, and there are still thousands of fans empty handed, something is still seriously wrong. Lets wait and see tho. PS - No statement from EPE yet after their shambolic performances of late, what a surprise.
RobIreland (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 2, 2005report abuse
Just found this on a Google News site. News Released: January 27, 2005. The BBC, Elvis Presley, bloomberg Business, and U2 of Ireland. For immediate release. As U2 announced their massive concert plan for Dublin Ireland, and their planned World Tour starting in San Diego California, Bono’s idol Elvis Presley was in the news big-time. Bono may have to add another verse to his controversial Elvis poem.
The British Broadcasting Company better known as the Beeb is still recoiling from a barrage of e-mail initiated by it’s disgraceful, and now notorious insult to Elvis Presley fans on the, Top of the Pops television show, Friday the 21st January 2005.
International Media coverage of the BBC/Elvis story, including press releases from as far apart as India, Australia, New Zealand, New York, and the UK, is drawing a lot of attention on Google.com Elvis news.
Commerce orientated bloomberg.com knows Elvis Presley means Business. In a recent article on it’s web-pages by journalist, Mathew Lynn, we are informed Elvis is, "Still King! What Elvis Can Teach Us About Brands?", an example of how the Elvis SALE never ends. Now the BBC and the rest of the International Media know, Elvis fans mean business too!
joemin (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 2, 2005report abuse
If the information is accurate it would indicate that the gap to 2nd place has been reduced by 3,500 to 4,000 at least. If that continued to saturday then AYLT would probabbly drop to 2nd, perhaps 3rd (the sales on Sat would be much higher for the others compared to AYLT). The pressure is on..just wish there was soem airplay, and more product available!!

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