Lisa Marie Presley's Debut Single Available For Pre-order

The debut single "Lights Out" is available for pre-order. The video will debut on VH1 on Wednesday February 26th at 10:00 PM. On March 18th, she will debut on stage with her first-ever live show at the NARM convention in Orlando. The reactions on Lisa's musical debut are various, but here is the reaction from Lisa from het own website. Wow. I just read many sincerely warm and supportive emails and responses to me and the record. I must say they all came at the perfect time. (Right after I read some nasty ones, saying I'm not Elvis and I should go back to spending Daddy's money!?) I am trying not to focus too much on that stuff while at the same time trying to keep a good balance of what's being said so I don't loose any grips on reality. Your supportive emails I did read and they are so appreciated by me. I just had to respond. Thank you so much for the support. They truly warmed me. I'll be looking forward to your responses to the whole album when it comes out. Thanks again. That I have moved you enough to write lets me know I've done a good thing here. Love Always, LMP
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