George Klein’s Family Book Ready

Radio DJ, Elvis expert and longtime friend of Elvis and the Presley’s George Klein, has just given ElvisMatters a preview of his new book, ‘Elvis Presley: The Family Album’. The hardcover book (144 pages) features some incredible pictures – one of which shows Elvis in an ‘army uniform’ at Humes High. Other pictures: at work in the RCA Studios, at home with the family dog, … According to the author, this book features the type of photographs that only a family can provide, along with intimate tales from family and friends. Bill Burke said a while ago: To say I was less than impressed is an understatement. Bill The book to be riddled with errors and 99.99999% of the photos have been released before. Also, several of the photos are incorrectly identified and there are no one-on-one photos of George with Elvis during their Humes High years when George became Elvis' best friend
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Nov 14, 2007 
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Jumpin Jehosaphat (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 24, 2007report abuse
Georgie Klein is the King of The Klingons and should be selling toilet seats for Kohler or cleaning the toilet in the old sun studio with his hit record UT Party.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 18, 2007report abuse
Saw it last night at Borders. Not a bad book. Theres about 5-6 unseen photos(for me). Book is on high quality paper and attractive. My question is, right next to it was the exact same book on Frank Sinatra. What the heck does George Klein really have to do with the Elvis book then?
Ruthie (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 15, 2007report abuse
It's a nice book, I am not knocking it, but I counted (twice) only 5 photos that "have never been seen before" by a long time Elvis fan. A new fan may, however, have some fun with this book.
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 15, 2007report abuse
Good question Steve! The only good thing about this book is the front cover which looks very nice.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 15, 2007report abuse
thanks for the warning! Why are things never what they seem in Elvis collecting?
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 15, 2007report abuse
I was very dissapointed with this so- called ´Family Album´. Believe me: i´ve seen 99 procent of the pictures in this book MANY times. Waste of my money IMO !!!

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