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Elaine Dundy, author of "Elvis And Gladys" is willing to do an interview with our readers in our usual EmailInterview format. This means we ask her the questions you want to see answered. This is the last week you can submit your question at the special page before we close it and present the questions to Elaine Dundy.
Updated: Jul 19, 2004 

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Bill E. Burk (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 26, 2004report abuse
Not questions, but observations:
1. During our research for my book, Early Elvis: The Tupelo Years -- armed with my friend Elaine Dundy's "Captain Marvel" findings -- we could not find one of Elvis' friends or relatives who remembered anything about any fascination with Capt. Marvel. He did, they said, love comic books, but all comic books, not just Shazam!
2. Good to see Bernard is still alive. After driving down to Tupelo with me once, I'm surprised he would ever go there again ! 007 in Memphis
MauriceColgan (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 26, 2004report abuse
Elaine, Do you still stand behind the Captain Marvel psycho babble nonsense? Which ruined your otherwise excellent book-for me at least? The beauty of Tupelo's countryside is in sharp contrast to ugly noisy New York. Were you a little envious of Elvis's poor upbringing with so many loving relatives:-) Bernard Roughton's videos of Tupelo are very well known. We have the Continueing Search for Elvis. Maurice Colgan.
I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2004report abuse
If you haven't closed the Elaine Dundy question site here's something for her. Hi Elaine, in the Tupelo museum there is a room with some of the court records in bound books. However the ones for the period when Vernon & Travis etc were indicted, covering Nov '37 to May '38, are not there. Do you know if these are held elsewhere or are they just lost. Did you ever get to refer to these - it sounds as if you might have?
(2) Re the "Pied Piper" film. Did the Col. really pay to have Elvis' appearance removed?
(3) Why does everyone refer to the house on Mulberry alley as "Near the City dump"? It 's at least 5 blocks to the filled in Gum pond. Nearly all Front Street, inc Tupelo Hardware, is closer to the Gum Pond site than Mulberry Alley, which is the other side of Main St & the railway line!
Great book, one of the best. I met Roy Turner some years ago when he was signing your book in the then new Mall at Barne's Crossing, but there were too many fans to get to really talk to him. (Re another of your books I also worked with Peter Finch on "Far from Madding Crowd" as a schoolboy!)

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