Elvis Remains 2nd To Charity

Elvis' latest re-issue release "Crying In The Chapel" has entered the UK singles chart at number two this week, as predicted Saturday on the independent CD-UK chart. This gives Elvis 74th UK Top 10 Hit, and his 14th top 5 hit in as many weeks. The single "Devil in Disguise" dropped to #26 from last week's #2. Elvis' next single release "The Wonder Of You"' is out in the shops on Monday 11th. and starting this week downloads are counted too, so the chart may look different next week. This weeks Official Top 5 singles (Sunday): 01 - (is This The Way To) Amarillo - Tony Christie Ft Peter Kay 02 - Crying In The Chapel- Elvis Presley 03 - Let Me Love You - Mario 04 - Candy Shop - 50 Cent 05 - Switch - Will Smith
Source: BBC Top 40 / Updated: Apr 10, 2005 

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joemin (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 12, 2005report abuse
Neither HMV nor Wollies will allow me to download because I'm in Ireland. Anyone any suggestions??
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 12, 2005report abuse
Well i`ve got my single, and got the download today as well from HMV (hope they count it) If we`re averaging about 27,000 a week and each of us downloads as well, then i guess we`ll end up on 1st week sales of 54,000ish. I`m a bit concerned about all the current talk of fixing the chart to prove that the downloads won`t work, don`t suppose i`d care if it was fixed to Elvis` benefit-but i can`t see that happening,can you!! Anyway, let`s hope we can get somewhere near 50-60,000 and if we do then fingers crossed we`ve given The King a fighting chance. Even `just` one more NO.1 would be WONDERful! TCB
joemin (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 12, 2005report abuse
There is a real possibility of 3 more #1s, starting this week. It is completely in our hands. I live in Ireland, don't know if they count downloads from the uk into Ireland, but I am downloading several copies in the hope that it will help. Just one more final push.....
Mister Cool (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2005report abuse
Viva's right if enough people download TWOY it could stand a chance of hitting #1.I presume it doesn't matter where you live,so if any non-british Elvis fans wanna help the cause...Plus we'd finally be rid of that infernal Tony Christie number everyones granny seems to be buying.
Viva (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2005report abuse
This whole campaign has now gone beyond getting the numbered editions. It will be an absolute tragedy if Elvis doesn't get another No1. It's simple everyone - We must all download the remaining tracks just for the hell of it, as well as buying the singles. As Joemin says earlier, it would be really fantastic if Elvis becomes the first artist to go to No1 in the new chart, and quite fitting too. So come on folks, for the sake of 99p, download the bloody things as well! Why not push the boat out and spend a fiver on some of the other ones, they might re-enter the charts! Let's shut the critics up on this one.
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2005report abuse
Thanks for the update KT. I would love Joemin to be right but unfortunately i`m thinking along the same lines as KingOfSpades. Sad as some people may see me but i`m really nervous about seeing tomorrows chart update-i`m dreading seeing The King at number 29 or something stupid like that! TCB
emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2005report abuse
Apparently it was Parker who instigated this sleeve - a superimposed Elvis from Speedway. Maybe they should have gone for a live pic on TWOY side. Elvis' last studio photoshoot was late 68 early 69. Strange that BMG have messed up the Green/White bag with the RCA lettering upside down on the 10". They've got it right on the CD though!!
emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2005report abuse
Glynalone - I see what you mean about getting the sleeve downloaded. Could be a problem!! Never mind, I presume you have a computer as your emailing this site- perhaps you have a photoshop package of somesort and a scanner. I'm gonna create my own sleeve for this occasion. Give me something to do when the last singgle comes out.
asd123 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2005report abuse
I don't believe that elvis will hit the top 10 again, sorry. I hope it, but i seems to be very hard for our man :-(
MauriceColgan (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2005report abuse
Elvis Presley's, "Crying in The Chapel", did very well getting to number 2 on the BBC Chart. Great to see an Elvis Gospel song hit the news. It may just linger awhile longer in the charts? Coming second to a mass selling Charity single is no disgrace.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2005report abuse
The cover of "The Wonder of You" featured a design that related more to "Mama Liked The Roses". When these singles were originally released in the US, both sides were promoted and the one that charted highest or gained more airplay became the official A-side when discographies were compiled. If you look at most of the original 45rpm picture sleeves, one side displayed one song in the larger writing, with the other side being the reverse. Regarding the use of a sixties picture on a seventies single, we have to remember how early in 1970 this single was released. Elvis was also not doing any photo sessions at the time, and would do no more during the rest of his lifetime. RCA were forced to use 1968/69 photographs for some time, until they resorted to using live shots.
joemin (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2005report abuse
This week is the first week of downloads/single sales combined. ELV1S will be the first #1 in the new chart, making history. Most of the singles that sell well don't do well on downloads. The wonder of you will sell about 30k singles this week. If there are enough downloads (for less than £1 each) we have a #1. We probably need some where between 5k and 10k downloads to ensure #1 this week.
Like the 1000th #1, to achieve the FIRST #1 on the combined chart would be a very significant milestone. And it is within our grasp.
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2005report abuse
I`ve picked up my copy of Wonder Of You from the drawer behind the counter at an HMV,and whilst the guy was looking for the copy with my name on it he was thumbing through copies of CITC and DID! Now they have either been held back from display-which is disgraceful,or people who asked for them to be reserved,like myself,haven`t bothered to go in and buy them-which is probably even more disgraceful! Anyway,can someone tell me why TWOY being a 70s song doesn`t have a 70s picture? I do recognise the whereabouts of the one on the cover,but don`t really know why it isn`t related to the `title` song! TCB
John4126 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2005report abuse
Mister cool be cool! Its a charity record - appeals to a lot of people! Fat, beer bellied old **** - sounds like a typical ignorant non fan's view of our boy! Dont go there!
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2005report abuse
"The Wonder Of You", If this doesn't make it to No.1, it will be a great,great shame! What a bloody waste. Such a superb song recorded "live on stage in concert" by the King. I hope it's the 1970 No.1 hit single version and not the 30#1 Hits version.
glynalone (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 10, 2005report abuse
Only trouble is, most of us are only buying them for the numbered sleeves to fill our boxes, (how many of you have actually played them more than once?) and it's very difficult to download a piece of cardboard.
emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 10, 2005report abuse
As it costs between 79p and 99p to do a download, why not invest and say "TWOY was my very first Elvis download for my collection". If evryone who is buying the CD etc does this, I think we can ensure a Top 5 placing.
Mister Cool (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 10, 2005report abuse
A real acheivement being at #2.Sorry but i for one am getting fed up with the Amarillo single.The video is cringe inducing,the song,once catchy, is becoming nauseating.Never heard of Peter Kay before,is he some kind of comediene? Video apart am i right in saying he has nothing to do with the song?Seems like every pub i walk in has some fat beer-bellied old **** singing it on kareoke.Whenever i here it on the radio it lingers on in my mind for ages,like an itch you can't scratch,drives me blood crazy.Comic relief? How 'bout relief from comics.Oh yeah and i'm greedy.Really wanted Devil in Disguise to hit #1.
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 10, 2005report abuse
Yeah, i agree.Still an outstanding achievement to get another single to get to No.2 in the charts. No other act in the world could ever achieve what Elvis has done.I hope no fans are gonna start to get bitter about 'Amarillo' doing so well with its chart success.W ell done to Tony Christie and Peter Kay for their success on this single. It will be interesting to see what happens now that they are gonna include 'download' sales into the chart.Im sure Elvis will still hit the top 10.
bossanovababy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 10, 2005report abuse
It seems Amarillo probably touched 100,000 so it shows no real sign of slowing down(why why why?!).I`ve got no idea about downloads and what they`ll do to sales as it`s all above my head,but to repeat myslf for the 999th time,we can`t be NO.1 now without having about 100,000 singles on the shelves,and promotions etc What a shame! The King is doing amazingly well,but The Wonder that is Elvis deserves so much more in my opinion.Anyway,well done everyone who contributed/or tried to contribute to CITC and we`ll see how we do with Wonder Of You.TCB

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