Elvis' Red Suede Jacket For Sale

Own a piece of Elvis history: Elvis' Red Suede Jacket worn on "Jailhouse Rock" 45 cover and promotional photos — Bids start at: $10,000:

Was worn frequently by Elvis as his casual every day attire and for the RCA publicity photos taken at the time of his film "Jailhouse Rock."

The jacket was purchased at Elvis' favorite men's clothier store, Lansky Brothers in Memphis.

Photos of Elvis wearing this jacket graced the covers of 2 of Elvis' most famous and biggest RCA hits, "Jailhouse Rock" and "One Night."

Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Mar 3, 2010 

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Rebelking (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2010report abuse
For what I remember, this jacket was a movie prop (impl, more than one jacket was made) and wasn't suede either. Secondly if it is genuine, Graceland most buy it, purely because it is a HISTORICAL piece. One of the most famous promotion photo's from the 50's. But hey, when did they do something right anyway?
Sidfan (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2010report abuse
Yeah Buffalo: ten grand is bit high and fake stuff is always a threat. Why don't they raffle off some of EP's clothes, belts, etc to very loyal fans who buy all the FTD releases ? Then they'd show some gratitude to us. With the release of JRock FTD it would have been a perfect timing...By the way, can we now SOON expect E's second album plus bonus songs & many outtakes on FTD this summer ? Also the long awaited KCreole one ? Hope so.
I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2010report abuse
Hmm! Is this genuine? It would be expensive to buy this & then discover it's been recently knocked up in Lancashire & then distressed to age it! It can be done. I worked on the BBC Play "Long Distance Information" directed by Steven Frears, & for that we had a jacket specially made that exactly matched the blue/black/white striped one worn on the "Jailhouse Rock" EP cover. Frankly you could not tell the difference & I keep expecting that one to turn up too. So Caveat Emptore!

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