Elvis Monument In Friedberg

A newt monument was revealed last weekend in Friedberg. The Elvis sculpture measures 5 meters in height and is 3.75 meters wide. The monument is placed in the middle of the roundabout near the entrance of the Capri Club in the Ray Barracks. F

From now on, the first thing you'll see if you enter the city, is a large Jailhouse Rock silhouette of Elvis. At this time, the monument serves also as a billboard for the expo in the Capri Club that ends on October 11. The monument itself will stay when the expo closes.

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Aug 19, 2009 
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Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 21, 2009report abuse
My German isn't too good, but I'm sure the sign reads "Elvis opened his bowels here" - hence the silhouette. But don't quote me on that.
Jerome-the-third (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 21, 2009report abuse
Not sure if I am going to visit this..
schemies (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 19, 2009report abuse
inscription: More than Elvis - 60 years Americans in Hessen, Exhibit in Capri-Club (former Ray Barracks), August 13 to October 11, 2009
I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 19, 2009report abuse
Very different style monument – makes a nice change! Any German/English speakers tell us what the inscription says please? Thanks!

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