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Here is the cover of the "Elvis Forever" (BMG 82876663532) release which consists of "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" and "Elvis 2nd To None" in a cardboard slipcase. The CD will be released November 22, 2004. The CD is already available for pre-oreder from Amazon Germany. CD 1: Heartbreak Hotel - Don't Be Cruel - Hound Dog - Love Me Tender - Too Much - All Shook Up - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - Jailhouse Rock - Don't - Hard Headed Woman - One Night - (Now And Then There's) A Fool - A Big Hunk O' Love - Stuck On You - It's Now Or Never - Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Wooden Heart - Surrender - (Marie's The Name) His Latest - Can't Help Falling In Love - Good Luck Charm - She's Not You - Return To Sender - (You're The) Devil In Disguise - Crying In The Chapel - In The Ghetto - Suspicious Minds - The Wonder Of You - Burning Love - Way Down - A Little Less Conversation (remix) CD 2: That's All Right - I Forgot To Remember To Forget - Blue Suede Shoes - I Want You, I Need You, I Love - Love Me - Mean Woman Blues - Loving You - Treat Me Nice - Wear My Ring Around Your Neck - King Creole - Trouble - I Got Stung - I Need Your Love Tonight - A Mess Of Blues - I Feel So Bad - Little Sister - Rock-A-Hula Baby - Bossa Nova Baby - Viva Las Vegas - If I Can Dream - Memories - Don't Cry Daddy - Kentucky Rain - You Don't Have To Say You Love - An American Trilogy - Always On My Mind - Promised Land - Moody Blue _ I'm A Roustabout - Rubberneckin` (remix)
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data (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2004report abuse
Strange it works for a lot of singers , but not for Elvis.
You only get a lot of people that are going to feel cheated, and the next time they say, do'nt buy now because in a year or so we can buy this much cheaper. Give the two CD' s as they are, on ther own, promotion a few times a year on tv and radio, because that is where you reach a mass audience, and they will do just as nice. Do you really believe the newspapers or music magazines do'nt know it is the same thing over and over again. Here in Belgium they do'nt write about those releases and they just point out it is the same thing but a new cover and do'nt understand why that has to be so. You do'nt fool around with a good thing you keep your hands of it and suport it all the way and that is what BMG should do.
EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2004report abuse
Pharamond: It doesnt work that way. You need to repackage it into a "new" release. Why? The press. The single most important promotion for any release is press coverage. And the press doesnt write about reissues of old releases - they write about the new releases. In effect this IS bmg promoting the same release over again. They just know a little something about how the press works. Will it work? Thats another discussion. But a rerelease of the original releases would definately NOT work.
Pharamond (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2004report abuse
Why Why Why , why not promote the two albums seperate and as they where. No BMG needs to rip of the fans twice.
Keep those two CDs as they are and promote them every year.
The same around Christmas foor Christmas Peace.
ep1tcb (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2004report abuse
This comment might sound negative, but make some sence too. First we had 30 # 1 hits. That was a great release. Than cam 2nd to none. Same comment on that. No doubt about it but.... Do we, fans or non fans, really need this double release all over again ?? And more important for BMG: Does it sell ?? Cause that's why they made this is suppose. It's not just nice for the fans, it has to be nice for BMG too don't you think ??
I think the people who make money on Elvis sound & vision better start to release things what the fans are REALLY waiting for. For instance the complete June 1977 sessions. And although that has not much to do with BMG, the are lots of people making money on Elvis, but in my oppinion it must be with the right releases.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2004report abuse
Please can we start having photos from the 70s instead of the same old 50s look.
MauriceColgan (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2004report abuse
What a great introduction to Elvis's fantastic range for newcomers. A Christmas release to be welcomed. A better photo would have been nice. The word, Schmelvisers, has created another link to elvisnews.com on google.
Brian Quinn (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2004report abuse
It's not that it is a poor release or that I do not like the cover BUT even non fans will be getting fed up with this same old picture of Elvis from the 1950's. There are some great pictures of Elvis from all the different eares which this album represents. That said, it is being released in time for the Christmas market and I'm sure it will chart, especially in the UK.
Tomek (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2004report abuse
I wonder, who needs this kind releases? If BMG want now make money on rerererereleases, please rerelease "Recorded Live At MSG" or "Alternate Aloha" not same stuff all the time. There were no good BMG (not FTD) release since "Afternon In The Garden" (I don't mean box sets witch are cool, but they stopped releaseing them too) and this was in 1997 (almost 8 years ago). GREAT.

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