Elvis - Ho'I Hou

It was to be a book, but now it turns out to be a CD. This CD from JAT Records ( formatted 7'' x 7'' design ) comes along with the DVD Hot Shots And Cool Clips volume 4.  Both will be released on March 3rd.

Update February 14

We've learned from a bigger copy of the pictures above that the book is "coming soon".

Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Feb 14, 2009 
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Mark S. (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 16, 2009report abuse
Steve: in Dutch it DOES! :-)
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2009report abuse
For JAT, it means rip-off
Jerome-the-third (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2009report abuse
I though it means the same thing as how 50CT call his b*tches..
Mark S. (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2009report abuse
"Ho'I Hou" means "returning"...
JungeElvisfan (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 12, 2009report abuse
Great news ! Does it mean that JAT publishers (I have many JAT books in my collection) are starting to release now also CDs in 7"packs ??? What titles do they have available ?? Or does JAT plan to release only shows and cncerts (soundboard quality?)?? Anyone knows the price of such materials, as the JAT books are somewhat expensive (we are in crisis you know and cannot spend a lot of money, students at university cannot always spend exxaggerated prices of FTD product
I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 10, 2009report abuse
Any Hawaiians out there translate Ho'i Hou in this context? It's something on the lines of leaving or returning permanently. (Or a repeat sign in music!)
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 10, 2009report abuse
I like the second CD photo. I wish RCA used that pic, for a CD Album cover.
Jerome-the-third (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 10, 2009report abuse
why do you want a press conference on cd?..

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