Dennis Linde Passed Away

Yesterday the 63-year old composer Dennis Linde died. He wrote the Elvis hit record 'Burning Love'. Linde died from a rare long disease. He was rewarded with many awards during his career, among them are the 'Nashville Songwriter of the Year' and 'BMI's Song Writer Of The Year'. Linde wrote approximately 400 songs, of which "I Got A Feeling In My Body" and "For The Heart" ended up in Elvis's repertoire as well.
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Dec 23, 2006 

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Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 30, 2006report abuse
rest in peace dennis heres a tribute to the best rock n roll song writer ever in my opinion. lawd almighty i feel my tempature rising higher and higher its burning through my soul. girl girl girl your gonna set me on fire. my brain is flamining i dont know which way to go. cuz your kisses lift me higher like the sweet song of a choir you light my morning sky burning love.(break into for the heart) i had a dream about you baby i had a dream about me and you i had a dream and i woke up crying for i can roll but i just cant rock and the times gone by tick tock for the heart cant love no one but you. when im high and drying lonely im lonely as can be i stare out my window ... (lets add more words and songs to make a great medley in honor of elvis and dennis linde)
My boy, my boy (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 25, 2006report abuse
"For the heart" happens to be in my top 5 of my Elvis`s favorite songs. Not to mention that "Goodbye Earl" performed by the Dixie Chicks in 1999 is a great song of his too. I think he had a daughter who was in show-business also, playing a role in a soap opera if I`m not mistakin`...anoyone heard about it ?
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 25, 2006report abuse
RIP, too bad Elvis cancelled to session in january 1977 where he plannned to another Linde song 'Day by Day', loved to have heard Elvis singing this song
June (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 24, 2006report abuse
Thank you, Dennis.....this song will live forever. I love it so much and can play it a thousand times and never tire of it. Rest in peace.
see see rider (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 23, 2006report abuse
Great song writer..R.I.P Dennis L.
snyper (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 23, 2006report abuse
This news makes me very sad. Mr.Linde's songs were some of the most excellent of Elvis 70's records. He was a great songwriter. My he rest in peace. My condolances to his family and friends.
ollieTCB (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 23, 2006report abuse
Were great songs! God Bless and Rest in Peace!

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