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It will be no surprise that the 7" sleeve of "Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis" is the same as the original album. Hopefully the cover of "The Impossible Dream" will be sharper than the picture we got today. The Impossible Dream: 2001 Theme - That's All Right - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - Love Me Tender - Sweet Caroline - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - Polk Salad Annie - Introductions 1 - Johnny B. Goode - Introductions 2 - Something - Release Me - Love Me - Blue Suede Shoes - Hound Dog - It's Now Or Never - Suspicious Minds - The Impossible Dream - Mystery Train-Tiger Man - There Goes My Everything - Make The World Go Away - Love Me - Only Believe - How Great Thou Art - Snowbird - Can't Help Falling In Love Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis: Also Sprach Zarathustra - See See Rider - I Got A Woman/ Amen - Love Me - Trying To Get To You - All Shook Up - Steamroller Blues - Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel - Love Me Tender - Medley: Long Tall Sally/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/ Mama Don't Dance/ Flip, Flop and Fly/ Jailhouse Rock/ Hound Dog - Fever - Polk Salad Annie - Why Me Lord? - How Great Thou Art - Suspicious Minds - Introductions by Elvis - Blueberry Hill/ I Can't Stop Loving You - Help Me - An American Trilogy - Let Me Be There - My Baby Left Me - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Funny How Time Slips Away - Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Mar 1, 2004 

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emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2004report abuse
I guess I might as well put in my views on covers. At the end of the day, it is all down to personal choice, and doubt there are better pictures that could have been used on certain releases. Just look at some of the marvellous covers RCA Japan produced for the Gold Record series of LPs. How much better their King Creole cover was compared with the regular release. I also feel that some of the pics used on the front booklets for the new 7" FTD Soundtrack releases should have been used instead of the normal original pics. Already I here cries of sacrilege-"we must have the original cover to go with the original release". But think about it. The so-called "original release" went out the window when they added extra tracks. Well it's food for thought. Happy reading. ML
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2004report abuse
I have to laugh at some of the comments in this debate. Just because some of us and myself included, do not like the photo on the front cover does not necessarily mean we will not buy the CD ! For the umpteenth time, this section is called ''YOUR OPINION'', lighten up guys !
elvissessions (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2004report abuse
Ummm, I don't recall making any reference to altruism on BMG's part. Maybe I'm being too subtle. If we don't support these releases, they may cease to exist -- because they won't be at all profitable. Then we'll be able to sit around and complain about THAT, I suppose. I'm not the one living in the dream world, it's the folk who think that every limited release can be done with the same production costs as a mass-market product. Those are the people with, at best, a shaky hold on the realities of business. It comes down to this: Are we going to let a photograph stand between us and Elvis' recorded legacy? Sadly, for some it appears, the answer is yes.
jan van gulik (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2004report abuse
He Dismas (?), I was only joking with the red light district. Ok, maybe that's a kind of humor we use in this part of the country (Holland). But think about the contents they offer us. Man, there's no artist with that much released. Officially or illegally! Enjoy it! I fear the moment it is all over with releasing this wonderful stuff.
dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2004report abuse
Spoken like a true company man, elvissessions! You must have really bought into the sentiment of that "His Master's Voice" logo. Since RCA (and now, BMG) owns all this material outright (remember the infamous 1973 deal?), it's pure profit. And regardless how small that profit may be, they're also attempting to beat the bootleggers at their own game. Don't count on any business behemoth to anything out of the kindness of its generous corporate heart. The minute these discs go into the red, they'll cease to exist.
elvissessions (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
Oh, well, hack away, then. Let's give no thought to how few labels commit to collectors releases for their artists. Let's give no consideration to how limited the budget for such labels are. Let's not weigh how small the sales numbers are. Let's dare not reflect on the tenuousness of their mere existence. Let's instead think how much better off we'd be if they limted themselves to one perfect release a year or -- even better -- didn't exist at all.
Please, Ernst, blow a fortune on every release. Please devote all of your time and attention to the covers. Please stop researching tapes and releasing music to the fans and focus on what's really important -- the packaging. Sure, people are still going to whine about it and whine even more about those other things that will have to go undone because you're frittering away time on finding a photo that might achieve the impossible: unanimous approval. Silly, right?
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
I can't believe how many people complain about the covers.
I look at the cover once, maybe twice, and then it's not even there. All the cover does(IMO) is "cover" the music. It's the MUSIC that matters. NOT the cover.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
Some of you guys have really gotta take your Elvis Rose Tinted Glasses off and lighten up. This section is called ''Your Opinion'', providing you are polite, you are entitled to say whatever you feel. Its laughable that people are complaining about other comments, thats what this section is all about ! No wonder so many Non-Elvis fans think we are all a bunch of fanatical idiots ! PS - I thought the cover for the new Gospel release was superb and I posted that comment too - Is anyone can slag me off for that ??? No didnt think so !
dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
Seems to me we are approaching the point of being ridiculous: People bitching about people's bitching! I have defended covers in the past, and I've made what I thought were a couple of reasonable observations about the upcoming one. Isn't that what this input sharing is supposed to be about -- sharing one's own opinions? And opinions aren't facts, they're all a matter of personal taste. There are no indisputable black or white/right or wrong truths here, just matters of personal taste. And if a fan speaks out because he or she thinks a product isn't Elvis-worthy, that is being CONSTRUCTIVE. If fans had done so back in the '60s, instead of just following along blindly, then maybe Elvis's Hollywood legacy would be much stronger and more varied today. Hey, it's just a thought, but I say gripe away if you feel the need. Just try to do it in a positive, friendly light. After all, this is supposed to be fun, right?
elvissessions (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
My point is that if one had the patience to review all the comments made through the years of the FTD covers, you'd note a pattern. Everything has been attacked, but it's seldom a matter of, "I don't care much for this cover." It's almost always: "This is the worst cover ever -- since the last time when I said, 'It was the worst cover ever.' "

But of course, it's never just a cover that someone doesn't like. Most of the time that criticism shifts into "This shows everything that's wrong with BMG and EPE. It's a symbol of the corruption, laziness and stupidity of everyone, especially Ernst Jorgensen. It proves that all involved hate Elvis' memory, despise the fans and worship money."

Some of us think that's ridiculous; many of us think it's tiresome.

The reason to read the comments, by the way, is to seek information, informed opinion and read CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

Most of us aren't reading the comments to see the same old tired allegations and petty grievances aired time and time again.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
I don't care a **** about the cover; It's the music that's counts really and I like to hear Elvis in '71. Now I like to hear a Soundboard of Elvis Live in July ' 75 !
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
I agree with both sides. The complaints are given too easily too often... but anyone has the right to his or her own opinion. Those people can't help it they are so perfect. I only wonder why they do not just throw the cover away (the digi pack sucks anyway) and design their own, in a good old jewelcase.
I like some of the covers, dislike a few and the majority is just okay... what the heck... it's the music that counts to me.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
CCRider - its naive Yes Men like you that make BMG and EPE millions of pounds every year. Its a free country and If I buy a product I am perfectly entitled to say what I think about it. This is a section called Your Opinion by the way, I suggest you don't read the comments if you are so offended.
ccrider (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
Let's face it people like Jim Simple will always find something to complain about. If you are that bothered by the cover then don't buy it! I am sick to death of hearing you whinge about covers all the time, why is it so important to you? Are you that superficial and shallow that the covers are more important than the music? I for one am just grateful that FTD gives us the chance to buy Elvis material that otherwise wouldn't be available. As for the cost, yes they are more expensive than normal releases (but still cheaper than most bootlegs!) and if you think they are too expensive then don't buy them!!
EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
You are of course in every right to have an opinion, but this is just getting so tedious and predictable.
Has there EVER been ANY cover you've been happy with, apart from when they use the original cover for a re-release? Is there one single story on these pages that displays a cover, where thers not been the usual trail of curse and despair? This is a plain, clean cover, straight design, a typical,s tandard cover for a typical,s tandard concert release. Nothing special, in any way. But being the cover of "just another live recording", its all right. Plain and simple. Its no scandal. No crisis. Move along folks, theres nothing to be seen here. ;-)
dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
Hey, no need to get snarky, jvg. Red light district, c'mon! At better than thirty bucks a pop, people have a right to voice their opinions, don't they? With the "no gripes" policy some fans seem to favor when opining on this site, it seems to me we'd be right back to the era when RCA would slap together one haphazard compilation after another and be satisfied with their short-sighted gains at the expense of Elvis's artistic reputation. Just think back to the good old days of movie soundtracks padded out with b-sides and 2-, 3-, 4-year-old studio tracks, leftovers LPs like "Elvis For Everyone" and "Love Letters From Elvis," and any number of tacky Camden releases ("Burning Love & Hits From His Movies, Volume Two" comes immediately to mind). And I won't even go into the post-1977 recycling frenzy ("Elvis Sings For Children ... and Grown-Ups Too," anyone?). It is because we love Elvis and revere his memory that we hold the record company to a higher standard. Is there anything wrong with that?
jan van gulik (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
I think they do a great job. What a complaints! Now I'm able to buy things I couldn't buy some years ago because of the FTD formula wasn't there! Ok, the cd's are expensive. But some years ago the Memphis concert was released by Fort Baxter in a very simple and cheap looking cotton box. Bad design. Bad design! Nobody complained! And lots of fans bought the cd. Do not buy the cd if you don't like it. And about the money: do not visit the red light district that much. You can spend your money on the FTD CD's....
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
I totally disagree, If I want to spend good money on a CD (and they are overpriced), I am fully entitled to give my opinion on the product. And my opinion is that this is a truly awful cover and hopefully it won't be the one on the final selection.
EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
"elvissessions" said it. Give it a rest, guys. And if you think its like this in every fan community out there: You are wrong. Take a surf around and see for yourself. You guys makes the Elvis-community seem like it is a group of grumpy whiners.
elvissessions (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
As usual, there's no accounting for taste -- good or bad.
No matter what approach FTD has used on the covers -- and let's face it they've been around long enough for there to be many -- there have been plenty of detractors, almost all of them vicious in their criticism. Apparently there's never going to be an original FTD release that isn't attacked as totally unacceptable. That says more about the fans than the covers, doesn't it?
TCB fan (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2004report abuse
Why are they putting it out as a FTD cd instead of a "as recorded in memphis" special edition? So a larger public can hear how great Elvis was in 1974. On the original album you can hear just 30 minutes of this concert.
Tomek (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 1, 2004report abuse
C'mon, is this the real cover ? Hey FTD I will send you better pictures from Vegas 71, can you get at least one unpublished photo from 71 ? You should for that price !!! And maybe you should hire someone who know how to design covers.
dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 1, 2004report abuse
To me it resembles one of those cheesy Camden/Pickwick budget releases from the '70s. Eech! At the prices we pay for FTD product, we most certainly have every right to expect better.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 1, 2004report abuse
Yet another dreadful cover and YES first impressions do matter !!
brbiedoll (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 1, 2004report abuse
I really like the pic they have chosen for the cover but why did they have to put Elvis's name right over it. It covers it up so we can't see it that well.

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