Cover Art King Creole Budget Re-issue

This is the cover Amazon France shows for a budget re-issue entitled "King Creole". The CD was released March 30, 2009.

Source: Amazon France / Updated: Apr 11, 2009 
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dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 12, 2009report abuse
Awful cover. From the looks of it, you would think it was one of his lighthearted 60's films.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 12, 2009report abuse
Hi Kees, thanks for the info ! Always El.
Jerome-the-third (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2009report abuse
very hard to chose these days, we've got Jat, the 2010 calendars and this wondeful budget release, my head is spinning..
RonBaker (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2009report abuse
It's actually from a promotional photo done at the time to promote the movie.
sitdown68 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2009report abuse
this cover is an insult
ElvisDayByDay (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2009report abuse
Have a good look Benny, it is on the first page of the new Elvis Presley CDs. No tracklisting available yet, otherwise we would have mentione it :-).
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2009report abuse
Wanted to see the tracklisting, being just curious. No trace of this CD at Amazon France! Checking by entering "Toute la Musique" ("Music") and typing "Elvis Presley, King Creole" gave only the well known picure as it was always used as front-inlay. So where did that (fake) info come from? Always El.

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