Correct Cover Of Harum Scarum

The cover circulating on the world wide web for the Follow That Dream edition of "Harum Scarum" is not the actual cover of the CD, but the cover of the booklet.
Updated: Nov 17, 2003 

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VanGogh (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 19, 2003report abuse
This might actually be my least favorite Elvis movie, but I love the soundtrack. Wisdom of the Ages and Animal Instinct especially (even though they are technically bonus songs) I think this soundtrack is a lot of fun.
Neckywoudje (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 18, 2003report abuse
The photos are the same... I think the one on the booklet is the correct one...
Adam S (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 18, 2003report abuse
I agree with CD King and Albert. Harum Scarum soundtrack is not that bad. Bad reputation of the movie caused that people who never carefully listened to the soundtrack, stretched their negative opinion on it. You have mentioned Hey Little Girl. Master take is very good, but outtakes show, in a much better way, that Elvis still could be inspired at that time of His career. Animal Instinct - great rock song, great drums on it. I was always very excited while listening to the dark atmosphere of Wisdom of the Ages and Golden Coins. Good job FTD !!!
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 18, 2003report abuse
I still think Harum Scarum is a great Soundtrack album. But sadly the same cannot be said about the movie. But this FTD is really a Superb release. So Close Yet So Far is a great song. So is the alternate Version of Harem Holiday -the BEST on the whole album. Elvis is in good voice and the music is really nice-Eastern flavour for a change. Hey Little Girl, what a great rockin number & KISMET is a real beautiful song. For me, This is a WINNER all the way.
Albert (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 18, 2003report abuse
I really wouldn't have cared any less if the used artwork is accurate or not. As long as it looks simular to the original. The "new" (as we thought at first) Frankie & Johnny cover would have been an improvement over the older one... Contrary to almost every Elvisfan I really enjoy Harum Scarum. The sound, Elvis' voice, the music... it's fantastic. Except for the titletrack "Harum Holiday" and "Shake That Tambourine", I can't find a bad or not atractive song. I also enjoy the Frankie & Johnny FTD release very much. Those "concept" albums (Hawaiian, Eastern, Dixie, Mexican, ...) really makes the Elvis catalogue much deeper. Besides Elvis singing country, R&R, Gospel, blues and ballads, we can enjoy Elvis singing much more types of music thanks to soundtracks like these...
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 18, 2003report abuse
oielvisfan, I completely agree! Even "So Close, Yet So Far", what could have been a beautiful ballad sounds boring like hell. A complete waste of time for Elvis and money for me (but I still bought it :-)).
oielvisfan (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 18, 2003report abuse
These are the first positive reviews I've ever read about "Harem Scarum." I've got the soundtrack in the Double Features series with "Girl Happy." I don't think it's one of Elvis' best soundtracks, though. To me he sounds bored, and the songs are not as memorable as the ones he recorded during the early part of his film career.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 18, 2003report abuse
This is a great cover - Elvis looks so cool. It is a very good album too, recorded in Nashville Studio B. This is one of my favorite Soundtrack album next to FUN IN ACAPULCO. Beautiful singing as only Elvis can.
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 17, 2003report abuse
I'm glad to see that "FTD" is using the "Original album cover" for the "Harum Scarum" CD release. Since the CD, is for collectors. They should always use the original "Artwork". However, I'd like to see the "RCA in store CD albums, with new covers and new re-mastering to attact new audiences to the Elvis catalog.

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