Camden Reissues Out

Originally due for release in March 2007 but finally available are the 2007 reissues of the Camden classics "Seperate Ways" and "Burning Love And Hits From His Movies". These reissues contains the same tracks as the original albums and almost the same cover art.
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benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 20, 2007report abuse
don't know what happened, but this is the rest: be it the covers, the tracklisting,the sound-quality, etc... You can't please 'em all!
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 20, 2007report abuse
JerryNodak, I couldn't agree more with your comment.I'm an Elvis-fan since I was 16 years old, and that was in 1956 ! ( yes guys, I'm that old) . I still have the original Camden LP's and I think it's great to have them now on CD. Nostalgia, what's wrong with that? As for the covers (LP ) or inlays (CD) : of course some of them could have been better, but what's done is done, one cannot change the past . And in all those flown-away years I've learned one thing : whatever a recordcompany releases, there has always been pro and contra, be it concerning the covers, the tra
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 19, 2007report abuse
I can understand wanting a cd that has the same songs in the same order as the original Lp. I do that myself with Classic Elvis Lps such as Elvis In Memphis, Elvis is Back etc. No better way to listen to the King. However the Camden's are not real albums in that they were haphazardly thrown together with the sole purpose of making a buck. Songs from different decades. No flow whatsoever. Elvis didn't enter a recording studio to record these camden's as a cohesive album. RCA just took a bunch of songs & recycled them because they knew they would sell, NOT for any ARTISTIC NERIT whatsoever. I just don't get it . Fool me once it's your fault. Fool me twice it's mine. Just goes to show that some people get older but not wiser.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 19, 2007report abuse
Steve my everything will be ok comment wasnt aimed at you,i just meant people getting nasty with there comments,i agree that these albums do nothing for Elvis catalog,i dont think the catalog will ever be cleaned out so to speak,classic's such as Elvis is back are stuck on a collectors label that many people including some Elvis fans dont know about,i can imagine what it was like trying to buy Elvis albums back then,expecially with them bearing such albums covers as seperate ways, not too mention new songs and In burning love a smash hit buried on a album of inferior movie tracks,ii myself have purchased Elvis cd's and gotten the strange look!
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 19, 2007report abuse
Yes its just a cd mature thats true, but it was these type of releases that made Elvis so uncool to so many back in the 70's and his fans a laughing stock for buying anything the label threw at them. Also why he was never taken as seriously as say, The Beatles by many in the music industry. Burning Love was a great song and deserved being on an LP with songs at least recorded in the same decade! Even being on Elvis Now would have made more sense, but hits from his movies? I felt bad for Elvis when these came out and I feel bad that they are being released again. Explotation to its fullest as was much of Elvis' career. And you are right, it will be OK, cause no one cares anymore what the catalog looks like.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 19, 2007report abuse
Its just a cd people,even though i dont care anything about this release,some might,relax it will all be ok!
glennvis (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 19, 2007report abuse
Thanks JerryNodak for summing it up. Back in '75 the first two Elvis albums I bought with my own money were Golden Records and Burning Love. Burning Love was $1.99 at Two Guys Department Store. All the Camdens were $1.99. I bought 'em then and I'll buy 'em now. No regrets.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 18, 2007report abuse
I'll enlighten you, theoldscudder. What these albums have going for them first and foremost is nostalgia. You see many of us bought them on vinyl way back when. For many they might have been the first Elvis albums owned. And the CDs are still inexpensive like the vinyl was back in the good old days. Nostalgia is a powerful and good thing. Secondly, there's the collecting thing. Many of us who have the original album on vinyl want to have the same album on CD even if we have the songs elsewhere. Same tracks. Same running order. Thirdly, there's the listening thing. Lots of us actually enjoy listening to these albums even if they were just thrown together. It's great hearing Burning Love followed by Tender Feeling. It's partly that nostalgia thing again. I think that's enough enlightenment for one day.
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 18, 2007report abuse
I wonder who buys this junk. What do these releases have going for them? The songs are just thrown together with no thought given. Is that because the label feels that the suckers who would buy these can't think. The covers are terrible. Separate Ways is laughable! A pic of Elvis in a jump suit superimposed on a highway. How cheesy can you get. They shoud added a pic of Jerry Lee Lewis in a Caddy gunning for him. And I bet everyone that buys these has all the songs on other cd's anyway. Would someone please tell me if there is any redeaming quaility to these releases? Just WHAT do you get for your money? Someone enlighten me. Anyone.
Nashnet (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 18, 2007report abuse
I don't mind listening to anything by Elvis- but like most of us (or all of us?) on this board, I'm a hard core Elvis fan. My complaint is mostly that these CD's now, like the records albums then, don't present Elvis in a favorable light. Most of the covers look hokey and the song selections don't make sense. As a teenager in Detroit, when the Camden albums were first released, it was embarrasing to see them in the record bin while shopping for albums with my friends. I had one friend ask me about the 'Seperate Ways' cover. He said something like: "Is Elvis supposed to be a giant walking down a highway- sort of like Godzilla?" Nothing more need be said.
Mystery Rider (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 18, 2007report abuse
We can improve on these my just selling blank disc's and blank covers
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 18, 2007report abuse
I have very fond memories of these albums. They were all I could afford at the time, and helped to add then-deleted material to my collection. I would agree that they could have had far better cover designs and track listings, but that is changing history. We could easily improve the track listing of his debut "Elvis Presley" LP, but the originals are stuck in time. As far as "Burning Love" not being in a movie, it was of course in "Elvis On Tour".
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 18, 2007report abuse
Nostalgic.Down memory lane.Yes sir I must have these albums added to my Camden Collection. Burning Love and Guadalajara are both so different, it's amazing Elvis and only Elvis can sing both songs.Who else can be so versatile. It's fun to have both songs on the same album. I prefer the British version of Seperate Way LP Album cover.
elvissims (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2007report abuse
Hi Mofoca22. The Elvis "Fool" album was re-released in the early-mid-90s. You can still find copies on eBay from time to time relatively cheap. I've not found a good place to download Elvis music, but since I already have so much of it on CD, I don't look too often. When I was a kid, Separate Ways was one of my favorite albums, but the problem with all the Camden re-releases is that I have all the songs on some compilation anyways, so I can do like Mofoca22 and make my own if I wanted to. I just wish they would release some quality stuff to the general public (that I don't already have) instead of having to pay FTD prices. Sometimes I wish I could get a job working for BMG or EPE so I could be in charge of that. I'll keep dreaming on, though. . .
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2007report abuse
lol i dont under stand the burning love and hits from his movies album. elvis didnt sing in it a movie. you cant call elvis on tour a movie truthfully its just plain insane back then it was a terrible move and now its a terrible move. i wont buy this cd the camden releases after you'll never walk alone all stink. i wouldnt mind seeing double dynamite on cd though i remeber listening it on my dads 8 track player lol. can anyone tell me where i can find padre to download? im trying to remake elvis's fool album i had a rough time finding the song love me, love the life i lead but i did find it. but padre i cant find :( thats a cd that should be re-released elvis-fool so all the power thats be if your reading this re-release that one and do it on a larger scale great songs on that cd that are totally overlooked because everyone wants to be stuck to "you aint nothing but a hound dog" and other 50's and 60's hits start exposing elvis artristry of the 70's he was a true arrtist from 1966-1976 his songs were actually personal starting with the how great thou art album right up to elvis prelsey boulevard. id say moody blue also but that was mainly filled with songs from concerts.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2007report abuse
Jerry - I'm coming to now. LOL! I despise these so much I even sold my vinyl copies(kept the bonus photos). Hard to believe a great song like Burning Love was belittled in this type of LP. The 1999 CD compliation was the album that should have come out in the 70's as Iron Man has stated. Would have boosted Elvis' credibility 10 fold. As for Sep Ways, worst cover I ever saw on an Elvis LP. Was probably designed by a 5 yr old!
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2007report abuse
reissues of albums which were poor marketed back then, still sell today. Best of luck, collectors.. surely more to come.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2007report abuse
How about putting the This Is Elvis soundtrack on cd while your at it,its never been put on cd and i love that soundtrack!
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2007report abuse
Nothing wrong with a little sentiment, Nashnet. But sentimentality aside, I actually enjoy listening to these albums. OMG!! I think Steve V just fainted. Somebody get the smelling salts.
Nashnet (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2007report abuse
I know those of us who bought the Camden releases in the 70's may have sentimental reasons buying these CD's, but other than that I can't think of any reason to purchase them.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2007report abuse
Thanks for more Camden releases, BMG. Can't wait to get these.
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2007report abuse
I always loved the Seperate Ways album cover. Great picture of my hero! I also consider this album of one the best in the Camden series. Burning Love is terrible. A great classic like Burning Love on a same disc as Guadalajara aaahh!!!!
Iron Man (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2007report abuse
The cover of Separate Ways looks terrible to me... We've already had a fine Burning Love compilation in 1999 if I am correct - an album which should have been - what's the point of releasing this again with THIS content?
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2007report abuse
These are terrible albums. I never considered them part of the catalog back in the 70's just a cheap way to exploit the singles. Many folks who bought these (esp Burning Love because of its chart succes) got turned off to Elvis and bought no further product. I know this for a fact. The song selections were picked by idiots. These albums served no artistic value at all, just the Colonels way to make a quick buck(as usual). Its a sad day for the CD catalog.

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