April FTD CDs Released

The latest Follow That Dream releases "The Impossible Dream" and "Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis" are avaialable. Here you can see the lay out of the two new releases. The replacements for the "So High" CD were also shipped out for those who ordered the new releases.
Source: Essential Elvis / Updated: Apr 1, 2004 

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ep3577 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 10, 2004report abuse
ET don't know what your talking about, Memphis show blows away the origanal on my 5.1 system. Steam Roller is by far better mixed here than on platinum. The best show to date!
Thanks Ernist FTD. Keep up the graet work
E.T. (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 7, 2004report abuse
I had GREAT expectations for the new and complete release of "Live on Stage in Memphis". As many others I have the complete concert already, so I was really looking forward to improved sound quality rather than the "missing" songs or the packaging.
Many (not all) recent releases have blown me away as far as sound quality is concerned. So I really had my hopes up high for this one as it was anoounced that it would be remastered and remixed.
At a glance the release seems like a quality collectors edition complete with a litte booklet. At closer inspection one realises that the album cover art is taken from a UK release and not the original US version. I can forgive that, who cares. The booklet is also nice at a glance but the photos by Sean Shaver are in such a bad quality. They have obivously been scanned from his book and not from original photos. A shame, but not a disaster.
I think the music is the important issue here !
However, the mix of "Memphis" is a serious dissapointment. Sure there is some sonic improvement but overall it is nowhere nearly as good as the remixed as good as it could have been or as the remixed Aloha, which is even a few years old.
Try to compare the opening of "See See Rider" to that of the the regular CD release. Or, if you are not convinced compare "Steamroller", whit the mix available on the "Platinum Box Set" and you can heear how good it could have been. On the latter the sound is crisp and dynamic. On the FTD release the sound is hollow and it is difficult to place the instruments.
I understand that this is a fans-only product and there are limits to the budget also regarding the mastering. But I think that the concert containing Elvis only Grammy-winning live performance (How Great Thou Art" deserves better than a forgettable soundboard recording..
As it has been put out now on FTD, it will obviously not be released in improved quality/mix the next 10-15 years, if ever....? :-(
bajo (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 5, 2004report abuse
I have received the two live FTD's and my favourite coming on even stronger now than before is the new AS RECORDED LIVE ON STAGE IN MEMHIS! It has always been a favourite live album of mine, actually second to ON STAGE, the original album. Now we get the full treatment of this concert! And I think this show sums up the very best of Elvis, live on tour during the mid 70's! He's spirited, he's in good voice and the entire concert is an overall pleasant listening experience! He even bothered to breath some life into his own standards in here! As for the lack of professionally recorded concerts, this one really stands out IMO! For those who actually love the Elvis of the concert years, this release overshadows any soundboard release to date! Compare to the companion THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM and point is made! Still, I'm very happy to hear that Elvis could still deliver the goods in the late 71!
To me, the soundboards do not work for anything but consider if Elvis was ok or not! As listening experiences they don't work for me! Sorry!
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 4, 2004report abuse
Tomek, you can't please every one. A lot of fans were/ are looking forward for early 70's stuff. This might be the best available, and FTD can't keep bootlegs in mind (which they are doing any way, it seems overall). I am sure it will be one of my favourites. Leave it, if you don't want it.
Tomek (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2004report abuse
To be true FTD thi stime picked probably the worst show from 1971. The Opening Night would be much better, everybody knows that Dinner Shows were just like a warm up for a Midnight Show. The bonus tracks are already released on bootlegs (Snowbird - crashed sound), I'm realy amazed why they put Love Me as a bonus track, why ? Is it realy rare song ? The FTD CD's are very expensive, and we should get the possible best material and not just something to shut our mouth. And thi sCD is one of these. This is the first ever release of Elvis live from 1971, first EVER, and it's should be the best and this one is not. Sorry. Maybe next time (I hope).
eric66 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2004
Invisible because there were too many capitals in the text
Mathias (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2004report abuse
Hi, Elvis recorded live on Stage is by far the best soundig BMG Live Concert release up today! A big improvement and a step in the right direction. I give my regeards to Ernst! Imagine this release as a multichannel SACD, maybe someday when Sony finally take over the lead. The next Albums that deserve such a treatment are " Elvis as recorded live on Stage at Madision Square Garden", " Elvis in Concert" and "Elvis in Person"! Then we will have all original Live Albums in remixed and remastered sound. So keep them coming Ernst. I guess they are much more beloved as any of the Soundtracks.
J. (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 3, 2004report abuse
I hope FTD is going to release "The Alternate Aloha" with
the same great treatment as the Memphis FTD has got.
That would be a great release in the next time, it's a great concert, to me better than Aloha. The original release is bad IMO. The cuts and the overdubbs.. hmm.. well Ernst please let it be a idea for you :) Cheers
dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 2, 2004report abuse
Thanks so much, myelvis. I appreciate both your kindness and your advice.
Lawman (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 2, 2004report abuse
On my copy of "The impossible dream" there are drop-outs on "Snowbird" and "Can't help falling in love". The CD looks okay. Is this a deficiency in the tape or is my copy defective?
myelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 2, 2004report abuse
dismas, if you bought the cd called " so high", it's part of the elvis presley ftd collectors series. track 2 has a skip in it. E.P.E. said that they would replace the cd, with no problem, you have to call graceland and talk to the catalog order dept and give them your name address, city, state, and zip code and they will send you a free cd . they start shipping them out on the 15th of april.
dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 2, 2004report abuse
Sorry to harp on this, but I'm still totally baffled by the "So High" defective cd replacement situation. Can anybody out there shed some light on the return/replace procedure in a clear and concise manner?Thanks in advance.

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