8 DVD Box Set

An 8 DVD box set will be released in the UK on October 20th. The box set is a Paramount movies collection, the movies are: "King Creole", "G.I. Blues", "Blue Hawaii", "Girls! Girls! Girls", "Fun In Acapulco", "Roustabout", "Paradise Hawaiian Style" and "Easy Come, Easy Go".
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emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 21, 2003report abuse
Re Big Boss Man: 68 TV Special & Aloha are schedued for release 1st quarter of 2004. They are being marketing jointly by EPE & BMG, and need to fit into BMG's marketing and sales schedule. And there is always the problem of market saturation!! I know we always want it now, but if we get it all now, then there is nothing to look forward to. In the coming 4 months, we've got 4 new FTD releases, 2nd to None album etc.
Big Boss Man (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 21, 2003report abuse
Ok,ok, this is fine, but..., does anyone know when ths special versions of ALOHA and COMEBACK 68 are being released?Because the lack of news about it makes me feel that´s gonna be the same old story about delay or even cancelling!!!
I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 20, 2003report abuse
Nice to see a photo of the "new" 8DVD UK Paramount box set, but was this exact design not used on the previous Paramount DVD & video box sets?! Honestly...words fail me sometimes!
emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 19, 2003report abuse
Elvis' films are running into problems through copyright issues on songs. I guess the writers are getting greedy. One song from both Girl Happy & Kissin Cousins had to be cut when released on video a few years back. It Happened At The Worlds Fair now has full clearance and is scheduled for release in January 2004. Follow That Dream has run into the same problem, and has not yet been submitted by MGM for clearance until the copyright issues are cleared. JHR & Viva Las Vegas were meant to be released this August, but have not been submitted yet. Hope this helps.
Colin B (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 19, 2003report abuse
Already got DVD's of these. What about: Jailhouse Rock, Follow That Dream, It Happened at the Worlds Fair, Kissin Cousins, Viva Las Vegas, etc.

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