2nd To None Versions Released With Different Covers?

Yesterday we mentioned a possible new cover for the "Elvis 2nd To None" release. Ernst Jorgensen said that the "silver cover" would not be the cover used. The known black "half face - half 2" cover was also shown on the QVC pre-order program in the US. On the "Elvis 2nd To None" website a posting was made that the Canadian en U.K. editions of this album were supposed to be released with a different cover. On the Canadian website for the 2nd To None album the silver cover was used. On the site the following text is added: "Please note… in Canada, ELVIS - SECOND TO NONE will appear in stores with the cover shown above, which differs from the cover in the rest of the world. Every other aspect of the CD, including tracklisting, sequencing, liner notes, etc. is identical to the worldwide release." We have asked Ernst Jorgensen if there will be different versions. More information when we have it.
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: Sep 7, 2003 
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